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Thoughts on Orlando Brown Jr. Signing?

Thoughts on Orlando Brown Signing?   

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  1. 1. Grade the Orlando Brown Jr. Signing ?

    • A++++
    • A +++
    • A ++
    • A +
    • A
    • B or below (because I lick windows)
  2. 2. 4 year 64 million for Orlando Brown Jr.,, your thoughts?

    • Amazing deal. Cheap for a 4 time pro bowler. Duke does it again!
    • A fair deal. About what he is worth. Solid signing.
    • Overpaid. Should have used the money elsewhere. Is the Windex on that window lime?
  3. 3. What is closest to your first thought upon hearing the Orlando Brown Signing news?

    • WTF! Someone is trolling! This can't be true !!!
    • OMG! Runs to twitter to check, checks NFL.com, ESPN, still doesn't believe it. Sits in disbelief. Wonders if dreaming.
    • Instantly felt bad for talking all that shit about the front office the few days prior. Humbly ate crow with misty eyes and a wide grin.
    • Was kind of Eh. Because I am grumpy bitter fuck who cannot find any gratuitous enjoyment in life. Why am I even on this site.
    • Instantly ejaculated. Wasn't even embarrassed. In fact, I just kind of sat in it for awhile and thought of Shiesty having like 5 seconds to throw now and then did it again.

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11 hours ago, claptonrocks said:

Zeus Brown's blocking ability should allow JB to use the play action under center now.


That freezes dlines just enough for longer passes ..

They'll dial that up more often.


Another piece of weaponry in his arsenal...




It also lets Mixon run downhill instead of out of the shotgun 

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