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13 minutes ago, Jamie_B said:


huh? What are you even talking about? Like in the literal sense, I have no idea what this post means.


It's what happens when you let this guy do the thinking for you





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34 minutes ago, claptonrocks said:

Our next POTUS..


Like he mble pie do you,?


You seem to prefer the taste of old man gooch with a spraytan glaze.


Do you have a target picked out if he loses again or are you just going for the nearest shopping center?

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25 minutes ago, claptonrocks said:

Articulated by Bannon..

Seems he's been cut from the party.

Wonder why?

Anything to try and downgrade our future POTUS .

An attempt to no avail..


If he was downgraded any more he'd be spare parts


Bannon is cut off because anyone that faces consequences they feed to the wolves in order to distance themselves from the never ending list of crimes they're committing. Expect Giuliani to follow now that he's been disbarred.

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48 minutes ago, Homer_Rice said:

"When someone starts telling you that remembering the lyrics to pop songs is not just impressive but uncanny, implying such an ability may be counted as among someone’s qualifications to serve as National Security Advisor, you have entered the ideological world of the Democratic Party."


Bidenism Abroad




"why keep throwing money at an unwinnable war when it could be spent on  infrastructure or green industry at home massacring Palestinians instead?"



The missiles we send to Ukraine can't be fired at Russia proper, but the IDF can do whatever the hell they want with theirs. Never mind that Ukraine has no intent to target Russian civilians whereas Israel doesn't even recognize that distinction.  Palestinians don't have nukes, so fuck 'em I guess?


Some foreign policy we've got there.  Reading this shit I just see more candy-coated imperialism with the rest of the world outside of UK/EU as something to be exploited.  Once again this fundamental disconnect within the DNC where their opponent being comically evil and stupid doesn't actually make them good and smart by default.

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