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  2. I truly think the interior oline will be at worst better than meh average. It's the 2 outside spots that are at the bottom of the meh threshold.
  3. let the Dolegala hype start here
  4. Just to give you an idea of how bush league everything about this franchise is, how could they let the first image of the lovely Marisa in that video look like that? It is 2019, my 23 year old social media consultant daughter was like, “What the fuck is that?” She went on to say it takes maybe a minute to find a good opening frame?
  5. When you are picking from a pile of MEH, it isn’t that easy. Hard to figure out which guy is the least MEH.
  6. Today
  7. I'd like to see them finally decide on a starting lineup for the oline.
  8. High School Harry

    Bengals 2019 Training Camp thread

    There was a video?
  9. Attendance last week at Washington was extremely poor
  10. Since when is being able to play the position a requirement around here?
  11. Honestly took me about 30 seconds into the video before I even noticed she was talking. If she could play LT, she'd be perfect.
  12. High School Harry

    Giants at Bengals Preseason game

    Maybe not but Fox 19 is the Chicken Little of the Weathergeeks: "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" First Alert Weather Day: More Storm Chances This Afternoon August 22, 2019 at 9:14 AM Frank Marzullo FOX19 NOW Meteorologist CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Today is a First Alert Weather Day, after earlier storms, we look at another around this afternoon. This is all part of a front we are waiting to push through, that will bring us dry and less humid air for the weekend. This afternoon and evening we could see some isolated stronger storms along with downpours especially east of the city. Some storms could still give us a few areas of gusty winds and lightning.
  13. You've gone soft. No wonder they kicked you out of The Maze.
  14. Jessie, that should be: "The expectation here is to win football games. That's what our fans would like to expect from us. Hopefully we can prove that to them and pack the stadium."
  15. I am thinking of going. Can get a good ticket for $20. Get some chow, watch the first half.
  16. Could be. Like I said, preseason is no barometer of regular season attendance projection. I haven't been to a preseason game in a decade at least.
  17. Again, please no injuries and we really really gotta resolve the penalty issue. The last thing this team needs is shooting ourselves in the foot with mental mistakes (here's looking at you Hart...Uzomah...)
  18. Yes yes i know, "Team Eeyore" but in all honesty i hope he can contribute in a positive way and that his personal issues have been resolved
  19. High School Harry

    Bengals 2019 Training Camp thread

    Oh ye of little faith. Our savior has arrived.,, The Cincinnati Bengals might have a surprise contender to make the final roster on their hands. Undrafted free agent O’Shea Dugas out of Louisiana Tech — if nothing else — has the attention of Pro Football Focus. According to PFF’s Connor Price, Dugas is a top-10-graded rookie in the NFL through two preseason games: Dugas has indeed looked good when he’s had the chance, though final 53 might still be a stretch. With Jonah Williams down and Cordy Glenn recovering from a concussion, new line coach Jim Turner has turned to veteran Andre Smith. Versatility might be the biggest mark against Dugas at this point. Almost everyone on Turner’s line has worked multiple spots. Dugas could still do so in the coming weeks, but the coach’s search for value via versatility while only rostering so many guys could come into play. That said, Dugas has made a mark. The 6’4″, 335-pound tackle at worst looks like a practice squad candidate, though other teams could always like what they see and try to nab him, too. Since it comes from PFF it HAS to be true. Unnecessary but , anyway.
  20. High School Harry

    Bengals 2019 Training Camp thread

    Looks like John Ross isn't the only big bust in Cincinnati.
  21. Nice weather, most starters playing some, 28,054.
  22. Never look at preseason games as a barometer--which are vastly under attended anyway--but a guess at the number in seats tonight? I'm seeing 20k or less
  23. People quote it and it sells. Accuracy? Integrity? Pffft! This is 2019. Who gives a shit about those things?
  24. The Apathy train has landed in Cincinnati.
  25. oldschooler

    Health Care in America

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