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  3. How short we talkin'? T-Rex Short? Can't reach his junk to tap short? Don't go all the way down to his hands short?
  4. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/high-school/ohio-high-school/2019/04/24/mount-healthys-david-montgomery-leaves-iowa-state-early-nfl-draft/3538547002/
  5. T-Dub

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    "Center for Immigration Studies" is a moderate-sounding name for what is actually a pretty hardcore nativist/nationalist policy group. So, when quoted that way, it sounds much more reasonable and well-considered than the much more accurate "Racist Dipshit Lobbyists Pander to Rabid White Nationalist President"
  6. T-Dub

    Trump/Russia Investigation

    Their use of paid trolls on social media platforms has been incredibly effective. Getting this buffoon elected to the presidency has to be one of the greatest foreign intelligence coups in history. The truly amazing part, though, is that when it was exposed all these self-proclaimed die hard commie-hating patriots are totally fine with it. It's hard to believe that the President is Putin's bitch and that's ok with everyone.
  7. oldschooler

    2019 Draft Talk

    42 KalebMcGary Tackle Washington, redshirt senior GMS14 STRTS14 SK ALL2 HEIGHT/WEIGHT6'7'', 317 AGE24 MAIN SELLING POINTToughness and physicality Reliable right tackle who brings tenacity to the ground game and athleticism to pass protection. SHADES OF: Ricky Wagner SCOUTING REPORT McGary is a tall, physical right tackle with a well-proportioned, muscular frame. In pass protection, he lacks top-end foot quickness but showed an ability to stick with rushers and run them past the pocket. He displays the strength to stymie bull rush attempts and anchor on the edge. There are times he gets outside too quickly on his pass-set, allowing pressure back inside. He plays with an enforcer’s mentality, and his competitiveness stood out at the Senior Bowl. In the ground game, the former Husky moves well and packs plenty of lower-half explosion out of his stance (as evidenced by his 33.5-inch vertical jump at the combine). He can generate push at the point of attack, and does a great job of running his feet to get defenders on their heels. He’s a bulldozer on down blocks. McGary was lackadaisical at times on the backside of runs, allowing his opponent to tackle the running back on a cutback, and got caught leaning and lunging on a few reps. Overall, though, he is a physical finisher who helped set the tone for the entire Washington line. WHY HE COULD RISE McGary is a throwback run blocker who brings intensity and grit on every play; he has the size and temperament to play on the inside as well. WHY HE COULD FALL With average foot quickness and a lack of arm length (just 32 and 7/8 inches), some teams could see him as a guard only.
  8. oldschooler

    2019 Draft Talk

    A site worth checking out DevinBush Linebacker Michigan, junior TKLS79 TFL9 SACKS5 HEIGHT/WEIGHT5'11, 234 AGE20 MAIN SELLING POINTCoverage chops Super-athletic off-ball linebacker with a hard-nosed demeanor and sought-after playmaking instincts in coverage. SHADES OF: Jayon Brown, Lavonte David SCOUTING REPORT Bush has a dense, rocked-up frame with powerful legs and a thick upper half. He’s an explosive blitzer with nitrous oxide boosters in his feet, racking up 10 sacks in the past two seasons. The team captain and AP second-team All-American is comfortable dropping back into space, can easily carry running backs into the flat, and has the speed and physicality to cover tight ends up the seams. He has the tendency to grab ahold of pass catchers at the top of their stem, so he’ll need to learn to be more subtle. In the run game, Bush embodies his alma mater’s Wolverine mascot, flying downhill to deliver ferocious hits and separate the ball from the carrier. He sifts through the trash to meet the runner in the hole. He’s capable of flying from sideline to sideline to chase down runners. Bush needs to clean up his pursuit angles and can get engulfed by offensive linemen moving downfield. He false-steps at times and can get lured away from the action by misdirection. WHY HE COULD RISE Bush has all the tools—elite athleticism, instincts, range, and quick-twitch reaction speed—to emerge as an impact defender in coverage early in his career, and as a tone-setter in the run game. WHY HE COULD FALL He lacks length and can get bullied by offensive linemen moving downfield. May fit best as a run-and-chase weakside linebacker.
  9. oldschooler


    I remember when this happened and ChicagoBengal I think it was said, "Well she has 1st round tits!" That was definitely a Hall of Fame moment
  10. Yesterday
  11. I state this only because the Bengals historically suck in drafting a QB in the first. In regards to all teams in the NFL if one was to throw out the Tom Brady anomaly and repeat performances of Joe Montana, that would almost dictate a 1st round QB is statistically necessary to win the Super Bowl. However, we can't get over our own selves to draft a QB in the 1st (with few minor exceptions and ZERO post season success, and don't argue Jack Thompson just because he made appearances in two post season games and had a grand total of one pass attempt with a completion for 14 yards). I did an article back in 2013 and here is some info from that article. Round, appearances in Super Bowl, percentage assigned to round QB drafted out of 62 QB's appearing in Super Bowl 1. 34 54.83% 2. 5 8.06% 3. 7 11.29% 4. 2 3.23% 5. 1 1.61% 6. 8 12.9% 7. 0 0% 8. 0 0% 9. 1 1.61% Undrafted: 4 6.45% Total= 62 QB's appeared in the Super Bowl between 1984 - 2013 Not much difference on rounds 2-6. Note 1: 14 of the Super Bowl winning QBs were drafted 1st overall.
  12. kennethmw

    2019 Draft Talk

    Well, your vertical is 6.
  13. Good, now lets work on a long term extension.
  14. MichaelWeston

    2019 Draft Talk

    This should help for following he draft in general. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14m1fkLKzZxhzgoSus6RuVkrIYqHz21wbLhoZ4T_WCi8/edit?usp=sharing
  15. The Bengals have exercised their fifth-year option on cornerback William Jackson, according to a team announcement. The additional year keeps him under control through 2020, though it is guaranteed for injury only. Chosen with the No. 24 overall pick in 2016, Jackson missed his entire rookie year due to injury. In his re-do year, he mostly served as a backup. However, he started in all 16 of the Bengals’ games last year and tallied 41 tackles. For his work, Pro Football Focus ranked him as the 26th best cornerback in the entire NFL, despite the fact that he did not record a single interception. Jackson is just the latest 2016 first-round pick to have his fifth-year option exercised.
  16. Don't let this guy near a corpse with a saw.
  17. Wow! Did you get arrested there or something? Wake up in a Motel 6 nekkid next to a guy named Earl unable to remember the previous night? Get shot at after cow tipping?
  18. Yeah and most of the teams that passed on him and picked a D tackle regret that move. His issue isn't the same regardless.
  19. spicoli

    2019 Draft Talk

    That's what everyone thought about Maurice Hurst at this time last year as well..
  20. Elyria might be the shittiest shitburg mcshitstain in all of the greater northeast shitapolis region.
  21. Can hardly blame him for not remembering that considering the NFL and sports media forgot about it, too.
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