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  1. Like a smelly fart, this thread keeps rising to the top.
  2. DGAF what palmer is up to.
  3. I was thinking 2nd rounder? Maybe we should use that one on a punter, though.
  4. Yeah, we should use a high draft pick on a kicker.
  5. Can we get back to whining about Marvin Lewis instead of each other?
  6. AFC Northeast and Atlantic should switch members/names.
  7. Saw Passengers last night. Girlfriend said:
  8. half way there...
  9. Is it too late to abort a fetus in the 283rd trimester?
  10. I'm pretty sure it's back to AFC vs NFC this year. Still a shitshow of course.
  11. Rodgers is so unconcerned about the pass rush he didn't fasten his chin strap, lol.
  12. I thought Seattle were being dickbags during the victory formation.