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  1. A person that spits when he talks like Pacman rarely has anyone standing in front of him.....just saying.
  2. From when Pacman arrived in 2009 thru 2015 he was paid a total of $10 million. I am sure the true love felt by Mike Brown was because he was able to pay a pro bowl quality DB peanuts to play here.
  3. I am kind of wondering how much they are going to pay Whitworth to come back next year.
  4. I wonder how much of that knob slobbing will come from the Bengals head coach?
  5. I have several quotes now and learning a lot also. It's funny how you pick up little tidbits of info from the various vendors. I am considering a hybrid system which is a fancy word for using a heat pump outside and gas furnace inside. The heat pump cools at warm temps and heats to around 30 degrees. Then my gas furnace would kick on when temps fall from there. I was set on getting a 95% efficient furnace but finding out the more complex systems can come with higher unit cost, higher installation cost and higher service costs I am trying to do a little more calculating. Living here in southern Indiana with the heat pump providing about all the heating except for those days or nights of the 3-4 winter months that the temps drop 30ish and below, I am wanting to figure what is the real payback. I know the 95% saves 15% on the heat bill vs the 80% when running but with $1500-$2000 higher upfront costs we are talking about several years before breaking even. If I was 40 or 50 I wouldn't even think about it but at age 66 calculating payback and breaking even prices is occurring more frequently.
  6. If Chad would get arrested a few times he would probably still be on the roster.
  7. Since I am retiring sometime next year I am going thru and replacing things around the house. My Heil hvac system is pushing 15 years and I have decided to replace it now. I have a 80% gas furnace with central air. Looking at energy star rated 95% furnace. I want more efficient CA (16 SEER) or might go with a Heat Pump this time around. I know the installer is probably as important as the equipment but wonder what brands folks out there have or what they bought and why or one they stay from. Around my area we have Trane, American Standard, Lennox and Bryant from long time family businesses that have good reps. We also have Rheem, Heil and Tempstar from newer businesses that I really dont have a feel for. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
  8. If the Brown family trust sells the team the new owners might move them away but I don't see Mikey getting any better deal somewhere else than he gets here. Him and the other Brown family members get paid a healthy salary plus millions as the owners with very little spending of their own money. It is hard for me to imagine that Mike and family would be willing to pay hundreds of millions of their own money for their own stadium and considering his reputation of being cheap and not interested in putting a winner on the field I am not sure any general public would be interested in funding a Mike Brown team without him giving up a large portion of control. And how likely is that to happen?
  9. See what?
  10. It doesn't matter. MB won't pay him $7 million and let him sit on the bench.
  11. T is right and for me it goes even farther. I look at Adam Jones and I see a selfish individual. Yeah, I am sure he is an ok dude most of the time, probably does some charity things and that is great. But, he is paid by the Bengals for one thing and one thing only. For a few months each year he is paid millions to be ready to go out and play the best football he can for his team, teammates and family. Yet, every year he puts himself into a position where he could be jailed, fined, suspended and even terminated from his employment for his behavior. If he can't play is he truly caring for his team? or his teammates? or even his family? Everyone makes mistakes and I am a firm believer in second chances but Adam has exhibited this same behavior since he has been in the league. I believe if Mike and Marvin really want to help Adams Jones the best thing they can do is hold him accountable for his actions.
  12. So I guess the message that Mike and Marvin is sending all the young Bengals coming onto the team is that it's Ok to act like an idiot in public and continuously get arrested for dumb shit behavior as long as you give some kids in the neighborhood a few bicycles at Christmas time.
  13. What Mikey is really saying "I paid this dumbass a $2 million signing bonus last year and I don't give money away for nothing"