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  1. I do not disagree that the "shield" is tainted. But here is my issue with that game.... Burfict talked the week before about him and Pacman both being "marked" players and IIRC Pacman mentioned it also. They both knew they had targets on their back. With the game on the line, a smart, disciplined player who knows he is being watched, unfairly or not, does not put himself in the position they did. The ball was over Brown's head...he was on his way to the ground..Flop or not Burfict had no business coming in with his head down. He gave the ref's the opportunity to call that foul. He didn't have to do that. Shit call or not it's on him. It's no different than a basketball game. Time is running out and you have a 1 point lead. You play good defense but you do not body up or reach in to the player with the ball. You do not put the game in the ref's hand. Pacman's was the same way. He was a marked man. With the game on the line he walked into the scrum....he put himself in the position to have a foul called. A disciplined player does not do that. Right or wrong...deserved or not...Burfict and Jones gave the ref's the chance to influence the outcome of that game. It was on them.
  2. Yeah, I remember Rick too......but I didnt know about the golf cart thing.
  3. All, Thanks for the updates. Although I have never been a big poster this is the place I call Bengal home. I occasionally visit the other board that has a lot of news stories posted for convenience sake and while I contemplated joining there at times I believe my contrarian thinking would not be welcome. So, I guess this place is where i belong?
  4. Schotzee was pretty active here and one of the "good guys" I haven't noticed him around for a good while. I hope everything is OK.
  5. I don't know...maybe it is just a small sample size. But when we talk about the ineptness of our coaching staff I wonder what they really see in players. I am sure that Rex is not going to be a HOF RB. But when our running game was struggling the last couple of years why did he not even get the chance to show what he could do? Sometimes, I think that Marvin and Company pencil in guy at a certain spot and there he is for the entire career.
  6. Rex was probably thinking what the hell is going on. Hill was good 1/2 season out of 3 seasons and Rex cant break into the starting lineup. So he left.
  7. Are u trying to tell us something...........
  8. Someone has been pissy ever since he had to help pick up the trash off Carson's front yard.
  9. The true battle for Whitworth was fought back in 2015. If you remember in early 2015 before the draft and thru the summer Whit fought for a multiyear extension and it never happened. The Bengals drafted 2 OL that spring....Ooogie and Fisher. Everyone knew they were supposed to be Whit's and Smith's eventual replacement. After haggling all year and only after it was clear that Ooogie was might not be ready in 2015 and maybe 2016, Whit got a 1 year extension. My feeling is Whit decided right then and there that any future negotiations would be multiyear or else. They let Smith walk and I am sure Whit felt as soon as they were content with his replacement he was gone. He didn't waste anytime with the new offer and he was gone. Besides Whit knows how the Bengals operate....in a year or two when they still kind find his replacement they will overpay him to come back.
  10. MB gets it. The Brown Family Trust were able to build a family fortune with relative little of their own money utilizing NFL handouts and the general public's love for an Ohio football legend. It's never been about winning.
  11. I try to think positively. I am retiring and wanted to buy season tickets. PSL's should be dirt cheap next year.
  12. So, for the Bengals crappy offensive line, they are trying to resign their 35 y/o LT, hoping their LG returns from shoulder surgery, praying their average Center improves, letting their pretty good RG walk in free agency, and don't have a clue who the RT is going to be....they believe the fix is drafting a RB at 9.
  13. I am not sure if Jim Brown would have been very good with this Oline.
  14. Rumor has it the Bengals are trying to bring back Dennis "tackle eligible" Roland. They can bolster the offensive line and add another receiver at the same time.
  15. I am an out of towner so the stadium deal doesnt effect me......but while it seemed to be getting harder to get public money for NFL stadiums the "build it or we will move to LA" threat still worked. Thanks to Kroenke the 'build it or we will become the San Antonio Armadillos" does not have the same tone to it.