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  1. they should replay that clip in his cell for 4-5 years straight...
  2. * 4 months later * there are some sound safety settings, thats caps the max volume. and its pretty low as the "safe listening volume" is like 50%. i dont recall if its a phone or airpod setting but i remember turning it off
  3. oh man its in other posts too: "Ketchup Whisperer talked to Ol' Musty about it and they agreed that tapioca is the best pudding flavor and also draft this kid LOL" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. man you are a treasure
  4. man you just fucking suck i guess, which is it, do i see through orange colored bifocals or do i talk more shit about this team than anyone? im old now, youre reliving shit from my twenties, and i turn 40 tomorrow, bratkowski left when i was 29. my soap box? my pitty party maybe, how is everything has been shit for over a year a soap box? me pointing out you dont see to enjoy your posting and others obviously dont enjoy your posting, if thats the case maybe just dont....... somehow is me on a soap box? concern troll? the bitter fucking loser say
  5. dalton just sucked, he had everything, EVERYTHING, great defense most of his career, great weapons, as i mentioned a trillion times, and he proved a trillion times, he shit the bed when the lights were bright and the games mattered, so watching the same shit tv show of dalton dropping the ball got pretty old... so i moved on, didnt post here anymore, and didnt spend sundays watching the bengals. i literally took my own advice and did something else.
  6. i did notice his leap is a bit exaggerated...... how many teams play on real grass and have potential for bad weather often? * i looked * ..... looks like about half, which is surprising... https://www.thedenverchannel.com/sports/nfl-players-association-calls-on-teams-to-switch-all-playing-surfaces-to-natural-grass#:~:text="Agronomically%2C natural grass field surfaces,NFL stadiums use traditional grass. i find this surprising. especially since real grass fields turn to stone in below freezing weather, the slips in mud, etc.. not sure what to t
  7. jesus christ man, everyone family member i have except my sister and my uncle/his family are aall dead including 4 in the last 15 months, my depression and anxiety have me sleeping 19 hrs a day some days, my health is shit, and even i have a better outlook on life than you. its football man. "get blocked into pretzels by 180lb half backs". fucking drama queen. we added 4 new bodies, get back 5 healthy bodies, and replaced the coach who players and whose scheme and techniques were hated... somehow not trafting a first round OL is going to make 5-6 guys ge
  8. this thread is hilarious. how can anyone think Sewell was some magical slam dunk pick? our current best offensive lineman plays LT, so we draft Sewell for LT? then move Williams to RT? wait we just signed a RT, so move him to Guard? clearly offensive line musical chairs is the key to success, especially in a OL heavy heavy draft. its pretty clear the talent haul between Sewell and whatever WR was there in 2 is far far below Chase and the OL there in 2. and to think Tee and Boyd are good enough WR talent is completely insane.
  9. Kochs has them, if you wanna support cincy local, pro shop has them typically, and of course ebay.
  10. probably has something to do with the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in merchandise sales each year.
  11. the draft value chart slots that we could POSSIBLY move up 1 spot. with that 5th pick in the third. not to mention if a solid QB is left still, the picks ahead of us have a little extra value to some teams. potentially ours would as well
  12. IMO this is the equivilant of trading like a willie anderson(potential career) and a geno atkins(potential career) for a andrew whitworth(potential career). theres no doubt i want a andrew whitworth... but id rather have a willie anderson and a geno
  13. from what i recall the injury gave him two options: 1. get surgery in offseason and be out for sure through several weeks of the season 2. let it heel and play in season while rebuilding the strength he isnt at any further risk by playing. also as for production, like a qb without receivers, a rb without a line, a CB without a pass rush, a lone DT with virtually no talent around him isnt going to do much, especially at like 70-80% strength, you could be right, he may ahve lost a step and been hurt, but we wont know until next year i dont think. but if
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