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  1. i had a work event in mexico city, so a long 5 days but i saw wu tang, immortal technique, and jedi mind tricks are red rocks thursday, got up and flew to mexico city friday, worked friday-sun, and flew back today, im in houston airport waiting to get back to denver tonight still. so it worked out, i would have missed the game anyway.
  2. so i need to use a vpn to watch Nuggets games, i bought league pass but am blacked out since im local, currently we can watch on an ipad and mirror to apple tv, this works PRETTY well, but not too smooth, the nba app on apple tv will allow it i just need to use my vpn to change my location. the apple tv doesnt allow a vpn app, so i must do it before the apple tv on the internet chain. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007B60SCG?pf_rd_p=183f5289-9dc0-416f-942e-e8f213ef368b&pf_rd_r=GT886PPQZCQNT74K5M9P i was looking at something like this, install vpn settings from pureVPN on this, plug into this when i want vpn, and plug straight into apple tv when i dont.. but i dont know if this works like that, like on my asus router i can install my purevon settings and its goo to go. is this device strictly from remote access or is this going to work like my router does as far as vpn location changing? im not super knowledgeable about vpn on hardware options.
  3. also to be clear, i dont expect finley to do much, if any better than andy really.. less batted balls and MAYBE less bad throws, but his scouting report iirc literally compared him to dalton.
  4. meh, andy never even had a 3000 yard passing season in college... even finley had 3. and andy was even in a spread shotgun offense. i have never seen a scouting report more dead on than andys, average arm, pinics when plays break down, pre snaps reads are great, post snap reads not as good, deep ball accuracy is an issue, etc...
  5. click GIF icon.. search at bottom... insert gif.
  6. wait, you guys are trying to win? for what? tank, draft, win later.
  7. the point i went from just thinking he sucked to absolutely hating him, was when he reacted to JJ watt calling him the red ryder bb gun saying "thats uncalled for, kids are watching" i hope he has a gambling problem and ends up broke, then he will have the money he earned.
  8. somehow finley is super fragile and cant take what dalton has took?!?!?
  9. Sources: The #Bengals are making a QB change after the bye. Andy Dalton goes to the bench. Rookie Ryan Finley expected to start. More right now on @nflnetwork
  10. the one thing about drafting a qb, is if you can give them some snaps, they have value, sorta like the pats showcased a few and got first rounders for them.. never have enough QBs i mo
  11. i am eager to go back... but not until andy is gone. soon.... soon...
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