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1. I hate corporate sponsorships of stadiums with a passion. And I will personally never use any sponsor name if a historical name exists. 


2. But I understand why the Bengals had to do this to cover the guaranteed bonuses of Burrow, Higgins, and Chase. Pay our core! 


3. If you gave me the options of keeping the Paul Brown name but losing Burrow or Higgins as a result, I wouldn't take it.


4. The name could have been worse. The Squeelers got Acrisure, which sounds like a hemorrhoid cream. Paycor at least rolls off the tongue and has its HQ in Cincy. Though I would have preferred P&G. 


5. The team should at least build a statue of Paul Brown outside the stadium to soften the blow. 


6. A 16 year lease means the team can't relocate during that time I'd imagine. So that's a plus.


7. It will always be Paul Brown Stadium to me. 

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