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Burrow on Madden Cover?

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Just now, dex said:


I'd love it, he's had devastating injuries while NOT being on the cover. I think you alluded to this in a previous post but perhaps there would be a Madden "blessing" in Joe's case lol

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This just shows that Madden marketers don't realize the cultural cachet that Shiesty has with young people. He would have brought the entire TikTok world into Madden. 


Ah well ... After the Bengals win the Super Bowl this season they will beg him to be on the cover next year. 

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On 6/11/2024 at 11:05 AM, Griever said:


Uh. Joe Burrow..

The most charismatic player in the game right now.

If JB played for a NY or LA team he'd be on the cover for everything including Madden.

You know it...

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On 6/9/2024 at 11:18 AM, BlackJesus said:


To me that seems too quick, if you consider they need to program in the voice, shoot the shots, print all the materials in manufacturing etc.


I can't believe the info doesn't leak way in advance, as clearly some factory workers in China? have printed the inserts already. 


i worked with marketing materials for wireless and ive seen new artwork with people in it started, design, approved, printed and delivered to retail stores in 16 days (not business days) on a few occasions. and even if they were printing 700,000 physical copies still, which they arent, that can br produced in 2-3 business days, BMG was produsing 250,000 cd's retail packaged an hour at its peak, id imagine the process starts as soon as the superbowl ends, decided on in may, and red tape hanled through end of may and promo stuff happens in june, id bet the media we saw here was done live within 2 days prior to it hitting the internet. it could even have been same day.


all of the marketing for retail stores is just templates, the banner at every walmart is the same, so the second photos are done, they slide it in and hit save, they have that shit down to a science, and the retailers tell them what dimensions (like P&G has a team that just deals with walmarts bullshit requirements for getting on their shelves and marketing etc).



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