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  2. What exactly did you expect him to write? That a team that went 6-10 and had the worst defense in the league was going to win the division? Keep in mind, the club added one possible new starter to the defensive unit. A team who hasn’t added a single new player (one that will play this year) to a bad offensive line will somehow play far better? That Andy Dalton, who was 5-6 last year behind this awesome line will somehow dramatically raise his game? That would be hard considering he played well last year. That the new HC,OC and DC who have almost zero time in any of those roles will turn the club around with a subpar roster? The offense might be a little better at first but it will take only one injury to a key player to stop that. We don’t even have a backup QB or any passable backups on the o-line.
  3. Who the hell is Doug Farrar...and should his monotonous media bleating be taken any more seriously than any other media squawking head's bleating?
  4. Do totally agree with the reduced work time in TC--which always has been a useless injury producing meat grinder.
  5. I was not real impressed with the coaching search and the filling of the staff, but really got to liking the draft and some of the reports from OTAs/mini camp. I just started to let myself begin to feel some optimism and then Williams goes down. That pretty much gutted me and I haven't really been able to bring myself to visit the site or even read much about the team until now. Starting to check the site more often, but my enthusiasm for/confidence in this coming season is virtually non-existent.
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  7. I don't think there is very much to argue with. Between not being very good last year and a new coaching staff this year what do you expect? I still harbored some hope before the Oline imploded but now? Meh, just try not to get Andy killed. Maybe the D can channel the 2000 Ravens? Hmmmmm
  8. Power rankings haven’t been kind to the Cincinanti Bengals this offseason. Granted, last year was a lost season for a variety of seasons. The optimism from the fanbase in the greater Cincinnati area after a long-awaited change at head coach wasn’t going to spread nationally though — power rankings are a reflection of on-field results more than anything, not hypotheticals. As such, it isn’t too surprising to see the Bengals land 27th in new power rankings from Touchdown Wire’s Doug Farrar: RELATED Bengals rookies who could end up surprising at training camp The offensive line up front should terrify Bengals fans no matter how positive things seem with a new era underway. Not only is the first-round offensive tackle lost for the season, the team’s best lineman, Clint Boling, just retired. All this in the foreground overshadows the fact Billy Price struggled at center last year when healthy and the new coaching staff is adamant it can somehow revive the career of Bobby Hart on the right edge. Maybe that comes off as a little too negative, but the league’s worst offensive line from a season ago mostly returns due to unfortunate circumstances and odd choices. Meaning, Zac Taylor’s scheme is going to have to do some incredible work to compensate. If it can, the Bengals won’t hang near the cellar of power rankings for long.
  9. oldschooler

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    Protect and Serve only the people that look and think like me something, something
  10. Reassuring as far as him turning into an NFL LT, not so much for the Bengals FO. Not sure which is worse; not knowing or knowing and still rolling the dice on an injured OT.. At the top of the first round.. Again. No, the second one is definitely worse. For a franchise accused of being cheap they sure do seem to enjoy paying people's medical bills. I know a few that could use that & I'm sure they could follow along in meetings when they're not in the Jacuzzi.
  11. The Bengals were 29th sacks and 30th in yards allowed per play at the line of scrimmage. I saw way too many games where our d line couldn’t get any push. They are not horrible but no way is it a top 10 unit.
  12. Williams likely injured his labrum in college and played through it with a strap/harness. Shame on the team for not catching it or thinking he could continue to play with the injury. Labrum surgery is fairly common and there's no reason he shouldn't be fully recovered next year.
  13. man Carl Pickens was just an absolute BEAST! loved watching that dude play!
  14. "Here's a number we pulled out of our ass. Please notice us!"
  15. Close....but would have to rank the game winner against Cleveland his rookie season as the tops. Very small sample size to choose from.
  16. Exactly my point. The fact is you need a 1 and a 2. AJ nor Chad would be the 2 to each other.
  17. the best play of Akili's career?
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