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  2. My bad I was thinking Kyle Fuller.
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  4. Haskins looks to be comparable to Bledsow to me.
  5. But in both cases it seems he still nailed the position of the player he thought they would take.
  6. Last year. He called Ragnow. He also missed WJIII, picked Fuller. But usually if his guy is there, he’s right.
  7. Prediction: There will be at least 3 more draft threads started before the draft starts.
  8. Not really 14. 14 Super Bowls had a winning QB that was drafted #1. Aikman had 3, Eli had 2. Peyton 1, Elway had 2. Bradshaw had 4. That's 12, actually 5 QBs. Namath was AFL, so technically shouldn't count. So, at the most, there's 7 super bowl winning QBs. Plunkett makes 7. There's only about 20 first round picks that went to the Super Bowl.
  9. I think we trade back and still get Dillard and pick up an extra 3rd rounder in the process.
  10. I know it's a "New-Day" so Lapham may or may not have the same level of access he did when Marvin was here, but when was the last time Lapham got it wrong?
  11. akiliMVP

    2019 Draft Talk

    Probably the small school thing too. We tend to draft from the bigger schools early on.
  12. Yes, I think we would pass on Cutler, er, Lock.
  13. According to Joe Goodberry he doesn’t meet the Bengals historical cut offs for some traits. I don’t remember which one(s) exactly. That said, I’d be good with him too.
  14. akiliMVP

    2019 Draft Talk

    I like Tytus Howard in round 2 a lot
  15. I'm buying into the rumors that Lock is slipping down boards and we're not taking a QB 11
  16. You think we would pass on Drew Lock if he made it to us? Honest question. I am beginning to think we are going QB for two reasons. One is for Taylor to have his own guy and second is simply due to economics of the position. Looking at Wilson's and Big Jen's contract, Dalton is going to cost Cincy at least $25mil a year. Rosen was the 10th pick last year and got $17.6 over FOUR years with a 5th year option. It is simple math, if they can get a similar QB to Dalton at $4.5mil a year for a minimum 4 years they will probably do it. Taylor came from LA and understands that having a $4mil a year QB allows you to pay your pro bowl LT $11mil a year and your very good RT $7.5mil a year. It also allows you to pick up a Brandin Cooks for $16 mil a year instead of paying a second rate guy a few mil.
  17. PatternMaster

    2019 Draft Talk

    I would love this scenario, Bush and McGary would be instant upgrades and contributors to this team.
  18. 1. AZ - QB Kyler Murray 2. SF - DE Nick Bosa 3. WSH from NYJ (projected) - QB Dwayne Haskins 4. OAK - DT Quinnen Williams 5. TB - DT Ed Oliver 6. NYG - QB Daniel Jones 7. JAX - OT Jawaan Taylor 8. DET - DE Josh Allen 9. ATL from BUF (projected) - DT Christian Wilkins 10. DEN - LB Devin White 11. CIN - LB Devin Bush 12. GB - TE T.J. Hockenson 13. MIA - OT Jonah Williams 14. BUF f/ATL - OT Andre Dillard 15. NYJ f/WSH - DE Brian Burns
  19. SF2


  20. Finally! I want Haskins if he's there. Bengals are going to be bad this year and a LB or OL isnt going to change that. Get the best qb in the draft and let him sit behind Dalton for a year.
  21. oldschooler

    Draft picks you'd hate

    I hate the thought of it so much, I'm afraid to say it out loud ...
  22. Agree with Jason on the first round (kinda hoping for a trade back as I'm a greedy bastard) 2nd round will be whatever they didn't get in the first (unless someone drops a long way) DL in round 3 (if they trade down and get a 3rd they go TE) LB in 4th QB in five BPA rest of way
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