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  3. What we would have to give up would be too much. Any equivalent player creates a new hole of an equal amount. Any draft pick could be used to acquire (next season's 1st Rd pick) as good, or better, of a LT at a salary 1/10th to 1/5th the cost, control of that player for 8-10 years, and a player who will be in tune with Burrow for all of Burrow's best years.
  4. Oh please let Josh Jones fall to #33. Bookend tackles for the next decade would be a nice insurance policy for our new QB.
  5. The Rest of the offseason QB: I am hopeful that we just have a bit of a waiting game on Dalton. At this point doing right for Dalton and doing right for the Bengals is likely the same thing. Wait until someone get’s anxious around the draft when they don’t land their guy(Patriots, Jaguars and Chargers), or wait until camp/early season when a veteran on a contender falls to injury. I have a hard time believing he isn’t a better option than Jarret Stidham, Tyrod Taylor or Gardner Minshew. Once the chips fall on Dalton the team might just rest with what they have, a move I deem to be shortsighted. The backup QB market is still rich, and rich with guys who have ties to the team. Connections to Staff Matt Moore-KC 32 career starts including 2 last year. (Played for Taylor with Dolphins) Trevor Siemian-Jets 25 career starts (Played for Callahan with Broncos) Brandon Allen-Broncos 3 career starts (Played for Taylor with the Rams) Other group Josh McCown-Eagles 76 career starts Mike Glennon-Raiders 22 career starts Cody Kessler-Patriots 12 career starts Josh Johnson-XFL 8 career starts, played for Bengals in 2013 RB: They need more bodies at RB but they are most likely to come from the scrapheap later on in the offseason. Theo Riddick has ties to both Callahan and Golden and could be a great signing. Ty Montgomery is in a similar hybrid RB/WR mold. At this point we are just looking for depth and bargains. WR: The team is loaded here but it’s mostly short term guys. In a deep WR draft, there is little chance we get out of the draft without grabbing a guy so free agency doesn’t make much sense. I hope it’s just one and not in the first three rounds. There are too many needs along the OL and LB to give up a 2nd rounder for a WR. Especially when if things go well we want both AJ Green and John Ross for 2021. TE: Like QB, I think TE is a bit of a waiting game. The team invested a bunch in Drew Sample through the draft and paid a bunch to CJ Uzomah but could use a third guy to round out the group. Clive Walford is currently available and he played for Golden at University of Miami. More interesting are two guys with Ohio ties and upside. I assume that Cincinnati will be an intriguing spot for Free Agents because there isn’t a clear starter. Both Jeff Heuerman and Adam Shaheen are potential cuts with Ohio ties who were drafted early and still have some chance to blossom at a position where players tend to hit later in their careers. OL: Frustratingly I think they stand pat on the line but there is talent to be had to add depth. At Guard there are several veteran options that would immediately compete for time and provide depth. It would be hard to argue that adding Jason Peters and Michael Schofield for depth and their 13 and 16 starts just last year wouldn’t go a long way to making people feel more comfortable about the line next year. Schofield can play both RT and RG and Peters is a stud. LG Mike Iupati-Seahawks (15/129 60.3) 32 Ronald Leary-Denver (12/76 58.4) 30 RG Earl Watford-Bucs (4 starts in 2019, 25 career starts 64.9 PFF rating) 29 Micheal Schofield-Chargers (16/66 63.6, played for Callahan in Denver) 29 Kenny Wiggins-Lions (3/38 61.8, played for Golden in Detroit) 31 Micheal Person-49ers (14/48 61.8) 31 Patrick Omameh-Saints (1/57 58.5) 30 At tackle there are a bunch of veterans that could be solid depth as well. LT Jason Peters-Eagles (13/195 82.8) 37 Kelvin Beachum-Jets (13/99 67.1) 30 Donald Penn-Redskins (15/189 64.1) 36 RT Demar Dotson-Bucs (15/106 71) 34 Jared Veldheer-Packers (0/113 64.1) 32 Marshall Newhouse-Patriots (9/81 62.5) 31 DL: We could still use a pass rusher to go with our other 3 but there are still DTs to be had that could make an impact although we have depth there. At DT there are some very big names still available in Corey Liuget, Marcell Dareus, Damon Harrison and Mike Daniels. Anarumo also coached Jordan Jenkins in Miami and Golden coached Muhammed Wilkerson at Temple. My personal favorite would be Adam Gotsis who I think can be active and make an impact at end in a 3-4. At Edge there are two that are so obvious that I am surprised they are not already on the roster. Vinny Curry is from Cincinnati and played for Duffner in Tampa. He’s older but could be solid in a rotation. Anthony Chickilo has produced in spots and played lots of special teams. He played for Golden at University of Miami. LB Like OL, LB is a spot where they really should be signing more talent. And there is an obvious one at the top. Nigel Bradham would obviously be in our top 3 current LBs and he is coming off a 73.9 PFF coverage grade. I am always a big fan of Will Compton as well. He consistently gets asked to do more than what he is originally brought in for and can play special teams. There are a bunch of underperforming guys who would be worth an offseason flyer as well, Darron Lee, Alec Ogletree (played for Anarumo) and Mark Barron. Adding Bradham and then two of the guys off that list with the expectation that both won’t make the final roster and the position is greatly improved. S At safety there are three groups that we should look at. The first is a group that have ties to our coaches. Rontez Miles played for Jackson, Mike Thomas played for Anarumo in Miami and with the Jets, Walter Aikens played for Anarumo in Miami and Kurt Coleman played with Colt Anderson on the Eagles. The second group are a couple guys who could play the LB/S hybrid in Kehmal Ishmael and Ibreham Campbell. The third group and probably the least likely with the Bell signing, is long term starters in Eric Reid, Rashad Jones and Morgan Burnett. CB We signed 5 CBs in the offseason and I assume they stand pat there.
  6. Exactly....If Wilson is available at 33 I would be all over him. If not trade with Seattle for their 2 2nd round picks for the 33rd pick
  7. My asus 68u des about a year ago. Nw running a 86u with Merlin’s latest firmware and it’s had been solid. i realize this doesn’t help you one bit.
  8. so i rolled back the firmware on the 92u units, and im pulling 250-300mb ..... read somewhere in a forum tha asus dud an update and it made the 5ghz a backhaul for the network instead of a usable network so bot the 2.4 and 5 ghz were both really just 2.4ghz .. why the fuck would they do that?
  9. Wasn't injury, he decided not to play to avoid injury.
  10. No leader..no vision..mixed up minds.. Dems are lost right now..
  11. Yesterday
  12. bfine

    POTUS 2020

    I had my money there about a year ago. The Dems screwed this up badly.
  13. bfine

    POTUS 2020

    So the party that shakes their fist the old white guy picked a guy that is older and whiter than what we currently have. ,
  14. Amazing.. What else is there to say but Cincinnati is blessed this year to get him.. For Gods sake get him protection to dissect defenses ....
  15. The article that those tweets are from is the tits: https://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/analysis/joe-burrow-nfl-draft-first-down-patrick-mahomes/
  16. If im bettin my money is on orange..
  17. Dont want to be redundant but this is why Miami wants to give up so much for him... The media keeps on about trading him.. Why? They dont want to cover Cincinnat primetime but theyll have to.. I love it!!!
  18. Never mind on Wilson, he isn't playing.
  19. ESPNU is airing the sugar bowl right now, which has 2 guys we might take at 33, Mims and Wilson.
  20. Two olinemen that really interest me at this point .. Josh Jones probalbly wont be there but he'd be my pick.. Next is Isaiah and Ezra Cleveland.. We know the mannish boy is a road grader vbut not quick footed due to his massive size but was eatching his kickout move and uts like watching a tree trunk coming out..youd damn near have to jump over it!. I love this kid as a RT and have no problems drafting him at two... Ezra Cleveland is a bit light in the ass at 6'6" 311lbs but he has quck feet and can be valuable in a zone scheme..i see them adding 10 more lbs to his frame.. Either would be a good addition.. Its just who would fit best no?
  21. I believe he was going to expand it to two or three rounds if all goes well in round one.. Aside from that Im game..
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