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  2. I don't think we have to want to tank, and I also don't think the team is trying to tank. I think they are that bad.
  3. Not the players - but definitely the front office is absolutely doing that on purpose.
  4. He may not have bad relations with them, but it's clear he doesn't trust them anymore. The line also sucked last year with Glenn and Boling which is why they drafted Jonah Williams. And according to ZT, they tried to move up in the 2nd round to get another olineman. Yet, somehow, Mixon was able to lead the AFC in rushing last year. This year, he will be the worst. To me, it appears to be a major coaching issue.
  5. Outstanding post. Especially 1, and 6. Don't forget they also cut Pharoh Cooper, who came back the very next week and killed us with the Cardinals.
  6. Yep, I did too Jupiter. That was exactly what I was looking for. It just didn't start until about 1-2 hours post game.
  7. I like Andy, always have. But it is now painfully obvious he has a real case of The Yips. On a post game show I heard it called the Jon Kitna Disease where he can be counted on to make a game killing mistake at just the right time. For those locals interested, Andy us at Belterra Casino (old River Downs) every Thursday from 6:00 to 8:00 for some un or under publicized radio show and just fields soft ball questions from a couple of the talking heads. Questions from the audience are discouraged but they will take one if intelligent and appropriate. I plan to be there (close to home) to see if he shows up if nothing else. Would not blame him if he doesn't. As far as Zac, big decision time and time to see if he can put on the big boy pants. Andy Dalton: To Bench or Not To Bench. Maybe let him start the game in London, pull him at halftime if he is a train wreck. Put in Findley and use the Bye Week to evaluate and decide about the rest of the season.
  8. I can't argue with this. It's absolutely pathetic. I don't understand why this team refuses to address some of its needs in FA? Why it refuses to trade some of it's aging stars for picks? I think we end up with the #1 pick. The questions is...will they blow that too?
  9. All true. My point was that there have been no indications whatsoever AD has now, or has had, any bad relations with his line. That they might "perk up" and block better for any other QB, is subjective at best. They simply cannot block--playcalling or ability--no other reasoning.
  10. Based on what I saw yesterday, Jim Turner is simply a horrible offensive line coach. There simply can't be 3 guys in the backfield giving Mixon hugs as soon as he touches the ball. The other thing that is obvious is Dalton is not allowed to change the plays or the plays themselves leave little room for change. When 8 guys are stacking the line of scrimmage you don't hand the ball off to your RB hoping for a Moses vs the Red Sea miracle. That is when you audible to either a quick pass to a TE (we have plenty of them) or throw a screen pass.
  11. I would say he's worse, atleast has developed some good players. Whitworth, Levi Jones, Willie Anderson, Richie Braham, etc.. Turner has this job because he and Taylor have a great relationship with Mike Sherman. Sherman is Taylor's father-in-law and got him his first coaching job as a grad assistant. Turner was the oline coach when started coaching and he hired him to be the RB coach when Taylor was the OC at UC. Here is an interesting excerpt from an article about Taylor hiring Turner: "I think everyone gets caught in some situations sometimes that they wish they would do differently," said Taylor. "I know those situations inside and out and I feel very comfortable bringing Jim in here and all the other guys we're bringing in. "You'll be hard-pressed to find anybody who has played for Jimmy Turner or coached with Jimmy Turner that will have a bad thing to say about him." This isn't the first time Taylor has hired Turner. After Turner was out of coaching in 2014 and 2015, Taylor hired him as running back coach at the University of Cincinnati in 2016 when Taylor was the offensive coordinator. Turner left UC after only a couple of weeks when Sumlin hired him as offensive line coach at Texas A&M. "I shouldn’t have hired him because he left me at UC after like a week and a half, so he should’ve been dead to me, but he’s not, because I know what he’s about, and the people in the community will understand that," said Taylor. "He was out for two years and I hired him at UC. That was my decision, and so I felt very comfortable standing up here in front of whoever I need to stand in front of and explain the reasoning behind it." Taylor said he had a number of potential candidates he was considering to be his offensive line coach, but that Turner was clearly his top choice. "There were certainly a number of people I felt comfortable with and Jimmy was No. 1," said Taylor. "On the surface sometimes things look a certain way. I anticipated something like this (his past coming to light) and felt very comfortable. Maybe if I didn’t know someone who had been through those situations, but I know it, and I know him, and I know what he’s all about and I feel very comfortable. I know that this is the right decision." http://local12.com/sports/bengals/bengals-head-coach-defends-decision-to-hire-offensive-line-coach-with-questionable-past-zac-taylor-jim-turner-miami-dolphins-wells-report-nfl-texas-am
  12. I disagree a little. These guys are all professional football players. It is ridiculous to think that a professional NFL line can't block well enough to get more than 0 yards on 16 carriers. The real issue is formations and play calling. Don't mistake this for me thinking the line is ok, it isn't. The reality is the play calling and personnel used is horrific. I can predict almost every play based on down and lineup and I am just some fat guy sitting on my sofa in Springboro. Here comes Gio, gonna be a pass and he will roll out into the flat. The crazy thing is they finally roll Mixon out into coverage and he catches a TD pass. Drew Sample in, no worries he has 5 catches this season. CJ Uzomah, the guy the gave $6.25 mil to last year? They don't throw to him much anymore either.
  13. What will it take for them to move on from Taylor? Back to back years of 0-16?
  14. Today
  15. The Sample pick was absolutely atrocious based on how he has been utilized. He has averaged about 20% of offensive snaps and plays on 45% of team's snaps. That is the participation line for a 4th rounder, not the 52nd overall pick of a team needing players almost everywhere. He has caught 5 passes for 30 yards in 7 games and frankly sucks at blocking. Then you have 3rd round pick Germaine Pratt at linebacker. He has mustered only 16% of the defensive team snaps this year and only 27% of the special teams snaps. Yesterday, he finally played more than 20% of the ST snaps playing 68% but it took until game 7 to do something with him? The math works out like this: For a team in desperate need of players, the first 4 picks in this year's draft have averaged 9.25% of the snaps for their unit. That includes the utterly useless pick of Ryan Finley to the team in the 4th round. I highly doubt there was any plan for him other than being the backup to Dalton just in case Andy went down during our playoff push.
  16. I think it's both, Talyor hasn't shown any level of competency in game planning & management, play calling, or being able to win games. Taylor didn't deserve the job based on his experience or by merit, he got it because he's friends with an overrated coach.
  17. The team isn't tanking it is just bad. What is clear is the offensive line is TERRIBLE and I think it is more the fault of the O line coach than the players. No, we don't have superstars on the o line right now but they are professional football players and the fact that the running backs rushed 16 times for 0 yards against the 21st ranked rush defense is CRIMINAL. There simply is no excuse for what I saw in the run game yesterday.
  18. Your post is spot on, but we're not getting a GM. Sample in the 2nd round does not smell like a MB pick to me. I think these coaches have more say in the draft process than most of us think. I could've swore I saw Atkins at DE a couple of times...WTF? He needs to stay on the inside. I've said it many times, this team regresses every week. That's on the coaches.
  19. Going back to the post above: it is illogical to think even Miami is "doing this on purpose". What player or coach is going to hang his present or future employment considerations--to be openly admitting being quitters--simply so their bosses might get a draft pick? That defies any reasoning.
  20. AD isn't Jay Cutler or some other obnoxious shit who has called out his line for the bad plays. On the contrary, he has been steadfastly supportive of whatever line is put in front of him. This is the next version of "Who's to Blame?" This present line is trash, even if they "felt like blocking more", they simply do not have the ability to do it.
  21. I agree with this. I think that 98% of the the fanbase and the Bengals "brain" trust knows Dalton is not the future of this team. His replacement is getting drafted in 2020. But, let's see what happens when someone else is behind center.
  22. They have done well with their last 3 top 5 picks. To the original question, there is no way they make the playoffs at this point, so get the best pick possible.
  23. It sorta dawned on me what I think Turner really likes about Hart. It's in that quote "I just like what he brought to the table as far as energy is concerned". I had never really noticed until this year that Hart is a big-time "rah rah" guy. Every time there's a TD he's running over and doing the in-your-face scream-fest with the scorer, the dance, the whatever. I think Turner sees himself (as a sort of rah-rah guy... the kind that jokes about your mom and probably your grandma too) in Hart. The guy who eats up the screaming and the hard-ass bit. All that says to me is Turner is as bad as "Ketchup Einstein" when it comes to assessing players, and with similar ego-based reasoning.
  24. I agree because I dont think Miami wins one game this year.
  25. I am sure the Bengals will win 1 more game than Miami or whatever team gets the first pick.
  26. Jim Turner's comments about Bobby Hart told me all I need to know... I thought he did a great job,” new Bengals offensive line coach Jim Turner said earlier this offseason, via the Cincinnati Enquirer. “I thought he was phenomenal. I know he gave up some sacks and pressures and all this other business, but if you really watch him play, he played with passion and I thought he played well. I just like what he brought to the table as far as energy is concerned. I think he’s an athlete and I think he’s a good player, a good, solid player.” The offensive line is GARBAGE but this guy is clearly an idiot.
  27. Miami is still on the schedule. I'm not convinced we win any other game though.
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