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  4. Yep. Just take a look at The Skins record for the past twenty years and see what overspending did for them: 5 playoff appearances and 1 bloody playoff win. And the years Was did make the playoffs the Skins didn't splurge during that offseason. Not a coincidence.
  5. Failing thermostat? Sent from my iPhone using
  6. Car: 2004 Honda Accord Miles: 190,000 Single Owner, Not retarded. Never a single issue prior to May 6th. Ok, so a few weeks ago, roughly May 6th. I took my kids to the sports card shop, its a 20 mile drive about 30-35 minutes. No problems at all. We were inside about 40 minutes, come out to the car, everyone opened their boxes of cards, it was about 88 degrees sunny as hell, was hot. so sat in car probably 30 minutes with AC blasting. Son got a great card, (1/1 1 of a kind Iverson, Shaq, Kobe, Mutumbo, with piece of game worn tag from jersey in card) so we went back in to get him a case, card probably worth $600. so car got turned off for 5-10 minutes, then back to car, sat for 5-10 more minutes with car on and AC blasting again. Finally go to leave once we decided what we were doing next. car wasnt accelerating super well, drove to end of parking lot, sat at light twice as assholes blocked intersection, finally got chance to go, acceleration was hsit, looked down card temp gauge was on full HOT. So i flipped on the heat full blast, temp gauge dropped, pulled back into the parking lot. Parked, popped hood, let everything cool down with car off, etc. The coolant tank i finally noticed was almost empty, was below the minimum fill line. So i grabbed some coolant at the gas station, topped it off to the full line. started car, it pumped a TINY TINY bit, into the radiator, so the tank went down maybe a half inch.. pretty minimal amount. but i thought hmm maybe somehow that was it.. turned AC on.. sat.. nothing heating up.. drove around parking lot, no issues, so i decided to drive home. no issues at all. Fast forward to Monday, the 23rd, driving home from work, traffic sucks, AC on, its like 77 out, nothing crazy.. but sun beating down.. im getting poor acceleration, look down and BOOM temp gauge almost all the way to hot.. so i roll down windows and kick on the heat full blast.. temp drops. get home, pop hood, cant see anything wrong thats obvious, coolant tank about same level, im not leaking oil or any other fluid anywhere. Since then.. no issues. Completely random, only POSSIBLE factors are hot-ish day, running AC full blast, and sitting stop and go in traffic or sitting in traffic. Any thoughts? tests? ideas?
  7. Uh no. I never made that assumption at all. But I know enough about the NFL to know that spending more money ion free agency does not guarantee anything.
  8. Glad you and spouse made it to Prague safely, my friend. Best to you both. it just tipped 100 degrees the other day...followed by a day with 40 mph wind gusts. But I made $25 on video 21, after a round of golf! Viva Las Vegas!
  9. Their owner is apoplectic...bordering on psychotic. And "loyal fan base"? Have you happened to see the ocean of seats-imitating-people in their building over the recent years?
  10. This. This goes to a lack of being prepared. Lewis has been there many times and his team has been generally ill-prepared for the situation. In a couple of games where they were competitive they imploded when faced with adversity. All goes back to the HC. This is main reason Lewis should be replaced.
  11. {Looks for guillotine manufacturers in which to invest} Sent from my iPhone using
  12. I lived in Las Vegas for nearly 20 years, and the most I ever gambled was putting $3 into MegaBucks every other month. Never caught the bug, and pretty happy about that... Sent from my iPhone using
  13. I lived in Las Vegas for nearly 20 years, and the most I ever gambled was putting $3 into MegaBucks every other month. Never caught the bug, and pretty happy about that... Sent from my iPhone using
  14. Finally done and it's great!!
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  16. Last picture until it's done. Wrap in foil, add some mop sauce and jack up the temperature.
  17. I watch a friend of mine lose his house and wife betting on college and pro football. That would probably be me if I started.
  18. Arroyo has a 6.75 ERA but if I'm reading this correctly, has also pitched the most innings. Despite that they're only 2 games back and 1 under .500
  19. I think we're invested heavily in the DL if I'm not mistaken? Totally agree about the OL seeming like an afterthought, but I'm not sure if it's that or the influence of Assistant HC Paul Alexander. Probably a bit of both. As far as having one more FA to get over the postseason hump: Sure, but every roster is going to have holes somewhere, particularly that late in the season. The one consistent theme in the losses IMO has been the lack of focus. Dropped balls, brain-fart penalties, random-ass play calls, poor decisions with the football & just a general absence of poise or leadership or whatever you want to call it. Unfortunately that's not something you can easily hire or fire your way out of with any sort of reliability. Much as I'd like to see a coaching change, I am skeptical of anyone's ability to correct that on their own. More to the point, I'm not sure the new coach or coaches would be given the freedom to make the necessary changes. I know I keep bringing up the Chris Henry thing with Marvin vs MB, but in hindsight I think that set a tone that Marvin couldn't be expected to work around or overcome.
  20. Yeah they sound kinda good but I think they'd get too smoky for a side dish
  21. Thanks. No, I prefer cole slaw with my pork. I add the drippings to my BBQ sauce.
  22. You doing drip beans? Great color
  23. Not only that, but what's stopping a defense from dropping everyone into coverage? Our nonexistent run game? Mixon? Gio is (or at least was) an incredibly elusive RB but he still needs at least a crease, if not a proper running lane. I expect the offense to put up good numbers at times against the weaker schedule but continue struggling vs any above-average D.
  24. At the end of the day the pick will force teams to keep a safety up top to stop the long ball but the reality is our online still has to be able to defend against a 4 man rush. We shall see.
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