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  2. I was at both of those too...no doubt the volume was way up there. That intro was played on the scoreboard. Between "Cincinnati, are you ready for some football??", and Hank, Jr., that place was totally berserk. What a night.
  3. Statistically speaking, every time you see Hill get three yards, Mixon would've got 2.5 I'm of the opinion that the only thing wrong with Hill is that he's not the new shiny thing. I think Hill is by far the better between-the-tackles, pure power RB. Mixon may be more "dynamic" or whatever, better hands, and I do think he can be a good back. Maybe even a better all-around RB than Hill. In the meantime he's usually taken down by first contact and could definitely benefit from a year of NFL-level strength training. For now, this idea that Hill is some plodder getting in the way of Mixon taking over games simply doesn't match the facts. Neither of them have been that remarkable, and Hill is getting more YPC.
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  5. Bengal History week 7

    2005 and 2015 Stealers playoff games were Defintely loader
  6. Bengal History week 7

    Yeh, my sister's husband went to it as well and was sitting near where your seats are now and he said the same thing......never heard the place that loud before or since.
  7. Whichever scenario unveils Sunday...I thankfully will not be watching. Golf in the morning, followed by outdoor chores later on, ending with a cookout with non-sports involved friends. Perfect day. I declared after the Playoff Circus Sideshow, I would not ever view the Bengals play them--live or on the TV--again. I have kept to that promise.
  8. 2004 was also the first MNF game for the franchise in like... I was there. It was arguably the loudest game I had attended up to that point. The entire building shook.
  9. yeah, that's what I call an idiot, but hey, you're from there.....
  10. Watch him sit and their backup is the next Ronnie Lott.
  11. I take that all back. I forgot about the habits of Marvelous Marvin Lewis when leading at the half. Make zero adjustments, sit on the lead while making zero effort to put more points on the board, and apply zero pressure to the opposing team's quarterback while he picks us apart until we are on the wrong side of the scoreboard. Heck I'd feel better down 3 or tied at the half. Marv is the worst at making halftime adjustments. Wasn't it just last year we had these clowns in the bag and blew it late?
  12. Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary

    As I have watched this documentary slowly but surely.... I agree and wonder if we will ever learn the lesson that we aren’t always right as a nation... I just watched episodes 7 and 8 and two things struck me... 1. White soldiers in Vietnam waving the confederate flag and what it meant to African American soldiers.... and how some people in our current few middle aged and younger generations think this is just a distraction issue and at the very least dismiss it. When African American soldiers go and fight American wars but are subjected to disrespect like this to me is unconscionable... 2. I never realized how completely fucked the Kent St. and subsequent Jackson St. shootings were... the fact that the Ohio national guard threatened to shoot again if the students didn’t disperse after they just killed 4 students is simply disgusting to me. Also the fact that 56 % of Americans thought the shooting was justified is just insanity. I worry that Vietnam has a direct correlation between then and our politics today... seeing so many people blindly support things that will either hurt them directly or hurt other Americans. Have we lost our sense of humanity as a nation... and if so... when did it happen and can we fix it?
  13. I guarantee he plays Sunday. I think we should put #55 at fullback and put in an ISO play on the FS and just watch that dirtbag bitch disappear.
  14. Continuing series in honor of Bengals 50th season. 1979....Bengals come into game winless (0-6). Defending Super Bowl Champion Stealers are 5-1. Pittsburgh opens the scoring with a FG. Bengals respond by scoring 34 straight points in one of the most unlikely upsets in team history. Bradshaw throws 2 interceptions to LB Reggie Williams, and the Stealers fumble 9 times (losing 7). Bengals only win 3 more games that year while Stealers win their second Super Bowl in a row. 1980...Bengals record one of only 3 shutout victories against a playoff team in their history with a 14-0 victory against the Minnesota Vikings. Bengals dominate in every phase of the game rolling up 432 yards and 25 first downs on offense compared to the Vikings 168 and 10. Ken Anderson completes 75% of his passes (21-28) and hits Don Bass (7 rec 110 yds) for a 55 yard td. Pete Johnson scores the other td on a 2 yard run and gains 153 yards from scrimmage (115 rush, 38 rec) 2004...Bengals had not played on Monday Night Football in TWELVE YEARS when Denver came to town in week 7. Despite playing on the road the 5-1 Broncos were a big favorite over the 1-4 Bengals. Carson Palmer started the scoring with a 50 yard strike to Chad Johnson (7 rec 149 yds), and the Bengals never trailed on the way to a shocking 23-10 victory. Rudi Johnson (119 rush yds) score the other Bengal td on a 36 yard run in the 3rd quarter.
  15. The last trip I made to Cincinnati we decided to take one of the shit rags down to the parking lot before the game and give it the treatment it deserves. The worst part was going into a store and having to buy one of these.
  16. It is one of the reasons much of the NFL is unwatchable. Too many teams run the play clock down to 5 seconds on every play regardless of the situation. Rookie QBs, backups, new coaches etc I guess. Add in the penalties, replays and commercials and the games last too long and there are long breaks between each play and series. Add in half the teams have adopted the New England Dink and Dunk and many games are simply unwatchable. I used to love when Boomer and the boys played the hurry up. Exciting as hell and fun to watch. At least Dalton throws the ball a lot and down field since we cant run it.
  17. Trade possibilities and pipe dreams

    I agree with all you said. Bengals simply do not make mid season trades but I think this would be a prime time to do it to, indeed, build for the future. Mike Brown did not trade Carson Palmer until mid season because he was waiting for the right offer from a desperate team. I think the time might be right now with teams like Green Bay, Denver, etc. I would really like to move McCarron if a first round pick is offered... even more so if its a first plus another lower pick. Hill is expendable and only in the way of Mixon's development. Every time I see him get three yards, I think Mixon could have gotten six or more out of the same play. I would lose Cody Core if anyone was stupid enough to take him. I've seen enough of him. We have Josh Malone on the practice squad and he could not be worse. Yes, I would trade Minter if the price was right. We got him for virtually nothing and I think there is enough young talent there that he would not be missed. That said, ain't nothing going to happen.
  18. Trade possibilities and pipe dreams

    I know midseason trades still aren’t the most popular thing in the NFL, but one would have to think we should at least be shopping one of Hill or McCarron, or both. It’s still very much up in the air if this team can compete at all this season. I’m not getting too caught up in our two victories. I’d say a lot hinges on the next game: if we somehow eek out a win (which I feel less confident about now that I saw the Stealers manhandle the Chiefs in Arrowhead) or even play them to a close loss, we might be encouraged at our prospects. If we’re blown out, consider that we might still need a mini rebuild. But, for fuck sakes, make it mini. We don’t have many of our star’s best years in front of them for much longer.
  19. Plus (and Lapham noted) Lazor has had the offense pick up the tempo of the game which I have been complaining about for years. It used to take for-freakin'-ever to get a play off and now not uncommon to get to the line and BOOM. I like that a lot.
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