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  2. The experts are listed in the attached article. There are experts on all sides of this. Pick your expert or the expert who tells you what you want to hear. It's worth noting the epidemiologists have been pretty spectacularly wrong about the course of the disease, both to the upside and downside. Epidemiology is a social science like economics or sociology, not a hard science like biology or virology. https://www.businessinsider.com/homemade-masks-do-they-work-doctors-health-experts-weigh-in-2020-4
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  4. Keeping up my end of the conversation... Earlier in the thread I said I did not get the original e's about possible options for going to the games with the COVID-19 stuff going on. I sent an e mail to the Bengals asking about this, not receiving an e like Ray and Amish posted on here (and tyvm) I got a reply from them (Alex Couch) that my e had somehow been flagged as not working. She sent me the original and said she would get back to me with answers to my specific questions I asked. They are covered in this e that I guess was just sent out or soon will be. One question was about not liking the idea of the possibility of having to change my seats. Whatever... I have decided that I will go and go along with the policies. I think being there for Athens Joe's first season is worth it. Dear High School Harry, Last week, we promised to provide you with A) more information and B) options for the 2020 season. Please carefully review the information below to make the best decision for your group. A) GUIDELINES FOR ATTENDING GAMES The Bengals place a premium on the health and safety of our fans, staff, and players in hosting football games this fall. To that end, we will implement guidelines consistent with applicable laws, regulations, and NFL rules that are responsive to fan safety concerns. As you consider attending games this year, please note the following safety measures will be in effect: All fans will be required to wear facial coverings at all times unless actively eating or drinking Fans will be required to socially distance when moving about the stadium, including while waiting in lines while entering and exiting the stadium, standing at concession areas, and so forth Tailgating in the parking lots will not be permitted Capacity at Paul Brown Stadium will be greatly reduced in order to provide each seating group physical distance between you and the next nearest seating group The first 8 rows of the lower level will be blocked off The last two bullet points make clear that seating locations will change this year & if we have approval to host fans at games, we will undergo a stadium-wide re-seating process for all Season Ticket Members. Please note that the above safety guidelines remain subject to change based on, among other things, any subsequent changes in applicable laws and regulations and NFL guidelines. B) YOUR OPTIONS FOR THE 2020 SEASON We understand everyone will have different levels of comfort with attending games given the above guidelines. While we absolutely want you to join us in The Jungle this fall, we understand this may not be the best option for you at this time. We have outlined 2 simple options below. Option 1 is for fans who want to attend games in person this fall, subject to our required re-seating plan. Option 2 is for fans who wish to opt out of 2020 tickets, but keep their seats for 2021. Count me in! If you'd like to join us this fall at Paul Brown Stadium and participate in the re-seating process (taking place in August), no action is needed at this time. If you have a remaining balance on your account, it will be due at the time of your seat selection. NOTE: you may still choose to opt-out of the 2020 season after reviewing your seating options and prior to the completion of the re-seating process. Please note that if you take no action, you will receive option 1. I'm watching the 2020 season from home (but I'll be back in The Jungle in 2021!). If you'd like to opt-out of the 2020 season but preserve your seats for 2021, please click the opt-out button below and submit the web form. I Want To Opt-Out Of The 2020 Season *By opting out of the 2020 season, you acknowledge and agree that you are forfeiting your rights to any seats for the 2020 season regardless of your Charter Ownership Agreement (COA) or Season Ticket Member status or priority & you are forfeiting any claims based on the COA or your Season Ticket Member status. You will retain all your COA and Season Ticket Member priorities, rights, and seat locations for the 2021 season. **If you opt-out and choose to receive a refund, you will be refunded using the payment method you used at the time of purchase. Refunds will be processed within 30 days of receiving your request. If your payment method is no longer valid, please reach out to your Account Manager. You may have questions so please reach out to our STM Services team by phone at (513) 455-8888 or email with any questions or concerns regarding your account. Stay safe & WHO DEY! Alex Couch Manager, Season Ticket Member Services
  5. Can't believe all the sheeple stopping for red lights on my way to work this morning SMH
  6. Presuming there is a season, I was looking at the betting odds yesterday for the total wins and other things. The Reds have better odds to win the NL pennant than the Nats do (+1000 vs +1400).
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  8. Apparently the Big Ten is going to announce they will only play conference games this season. Not sure if they will play 8, 10, or 12 games.
  9. Haha. I laughed hard at Steven Jackson's Rothchilds comment. I guess Mike Myers knew all along...
  10. Big 10 will play to empty stadiums if necessary. Anything to get that TV revenue. Their athletic budgets depend upon it.
  11. There is even more. The media here in NC keep talking about % of ICU beds that are full. While that is true, the three major medical centers in my area have tents either set up or ready to be set up to be COVID ICUs if needed. The capacity is there. Sure, some smaller hospitals may be getting close to full, but the large medical centers are ready. Traditional scare tactics by the media to keep you watching.
  12. Several schools in NC have dropped programs as well. The hit to the budget of just not putting butts in the stadium will be enough to lead to this. Title 9 plays a role as well. Can't cut much on the women's side as they have to make up for the 85 football scholarships. Frankly, I'm not sure why lower level D1 schools don't dump football in general. I would say it costs them far more than the money it brings in.
  13. Business Insider? Not where I usually go for medical advice, but sure...I'll play. Who are these "experts?" If they aren't public health experts, infectious disease experts, or an epidemiology expert, they aren't an expert. I see ER docs and other docs shown as experts on COVID transmission. They aren't. The ER docs are on the front lines of treating COVID, but know little more than us about its transmission. They probably had some lectures about epidemiology in med school and a few maybe even did a rotation on the subject, but that isn't close to being an expert on the subject. It would be like asking your dermatologist about your knee injury. They may have some rudimentary knowledge, but you don't want to make important decisions based on their input.
  14. Big 10 just announced cancellation of all out of conference football games. People are delusional if they think they will have crowds at games in the fall. It's just ignorant thinking at this point. NFL should hope to have games. If that.
  15. As to JJ's comments, all over the place as to opinions: "NCAA chief medical officer Brian Hainline recently told The Athletic that “every single person on that sideline should be wearing a mask or a face shield.” Dr. Scott Frank, an associate professor in Case Western Reserve University’s school of medicine, agrees. However, he does not share the concerns of the Big Ten coaches and athletic trainers referenced by Kratochvil. He instead cited long distance runner Galen Rupp, a two-time Olympic medalist who has worn a mask during races to help combat allergies. Frank said it would be “tragic” if the NCAA does not universally require masks and face shields this fall. “Anyone who believes you can’t compete while wearing a mask doesn’t want to wear a mask,” Frank said. “There is no question masks can be designed that would be protective to football players and not in the intrusive way surgical masks would be.” Frank also offered as evidence countless videos from NFL Films and elsewhere of players’ ice breath cutting through face coverings pulled up over their noses during games" ---------------------------------- Duane Carlisle says it’s not that easy. Currently the fitness coach for NFL officials, Carlisle previously served as head strength and conditioning coach with the San Francisco 49ers and Director of Sports Performance at Purdue. He said players often do not keep those coverings over their nose and mouth while actually in games during cold weather. Those are also worn on a voluntary basis by players who have complete discretion as to their usage. Carlisle is concerned about what wearing masks during a 90-yard drive means for the biggest players on both sides of the ball. “It restricts your air flow,” Carlisle said of the currently available masks. “Any time your air flow is restricted, given the game’s intensity level, your body’s going to demand more oxygen. If you’ve got a mask on that restriction could be problematic, particularly when you have large bodies — offensive linemen and defensive linemen.” Problem is, those linemen — the ones who engage in constant face-to-face battle throughout a game — need those face coverings most of all. Kratochvil remains optimistic that solutions to this and other obstacles can be found. “There’s a lot we’re learning each and every day,” Kratochvil said. “A month from now we’ll know a tremendous amount more than we know at this time.” https://www.cleveland.com/osu/2020/07/do-ohio-state-and-other-college-football-teams-need-masks-to-practice-and-play-during-covid-19.html
  16. Washington Redskins name change: 'Warriors' leading contender for new name ahead of 2020, per report https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/washington-redskins-name-change-warriors-leading-contender-for-new-name-ahead-of-2020-per-report/
  17. JJ Watt said if the NFL requires face shields he won't play this season. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/texans-star-j-j-watt-says-he-likely-wont-play-this-season-if-nfl-puts-one-certain-rule-into-place/
  18. Stanford announced they are dropping 11 sports after the upcoming school year. Wrestling and Field Hockey were listed on ESPN, not sure what the others are.
  19. For what it's worth, there is disagreement among the experts on mask wearing. Business Insider surveyed 15 experts and 11 recommended mask wearing, 3 said it didn't matter, and 1 said it was counterproductive, endangering the wearer.
  20. I did read the whole thread which is why I'm confident the guy is an idiot. The large majority of the increase in cases is due to increased testing (which other things equal will find more positive results). The increase in hospitalizations is driven by hospitals trying to maximize their occupancy numbers. They also test everyone admitted and if that person tests positive for covid, it's considered a covid hospitalization, even if they are there for something else. We're not close to having hospitals overrun. The army will set up field hospitals again before that happens. See this piece from some hospital CEOs in Houston as to why things aren't nearly as bad as the media is portraying. https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/texas-government-counting-every-covid-positive-hospital-case
  21. Would like to use this as an informational thread. Op-eds can be found elsewhere.
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