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  1. Id like him to waddle on the field for Bengals but not at 5.. Lil fella and not every munchkin is Tyreek Hill...
  2. His agent will try and over value him.. Im not biting unless hes cheap.. He could be a decent CB but he plays passive..We play in the AFCN and thats being a wuss.. Better he go out west..
  3. ..no im not.. Phillips plays a good corner...he can go slot or outside.. Hes only getting better...a playmaker.. Alexander is a wuss of a corner.. Hopefully they cut him ..
  4. If that scenario plays out fine.. Cant understand why they are waiting on trade for Havensein unless they are putting their eggs on Sewell being there or trading back and grabbing Darrishaw.. Chase may be a helluva receiver but like I stated hes not going to keep JBs knees safe.. Gimme Sewell trade back for Darrishaw and lastly draft Chase and hope they do due dilligence protecting their QB elsewhere.. If not its gonna be another bad season... Btw ...im not that giddy about Jenkins...
  5. Hopefully thats good for us!! Also...whats the deal on Havenstein?...
  6. Id like the Colts in our division as well. Move Baltimore to AFC east and Miami to AFC south.. Actually id like to redo the whole damn league some.. What say you?
  7. Good job as allways.. I dont see how they sign Alexander again.. Hes a huge liabilty in the run game ..he doesnt seem like he even tries to put effort into tackling.. Cut him . Daniels was bad..cut him Errickson and Thomas werent good either..cut them.. Lotta moves to be made imo..
  8. How about a trade with Carolina? The get 5th pick for their 8th pick and 38th pick in round 2 plus additional 4th rounder next year... We then draft Darrishaw plus 2 early 2nd rounders..
  9. No...at this stage hes not much better than Hart.. Hell hes ready to retire.. Moten...pay him!!
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