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  1. Tells me more and more bets were going Bengals way even at 6.5 Its not Big Rotten thats turning it.. Its the present Bengal defense.. Theyre really good (sans Apple)...
  2. Hell NO.. He pulls this shit every year.. Big Ben plays thru his injury for the fans and media even though hes well enough to go..
  3. Thats alleays been the case. I think we have a better defense than them now especially with Watt out. Both offenses are still up in the air now.. Edge Bengals imo..
  4. If Higgins is limited will they use Auden Tate this week? Maybe Zach goes with Irwin... Does ZT have a personal gripe with Tate or Phillips?? I dont know how much more these two players have to do to see more action especially with injuries mounting..
  5. Taylor should start Phillps.. I just dont get it.. Why Apple over Phillips???? I dont think Higgins will see much action either.. Praying that Coach Pollack has done just enough for Carman to play decent.. XSF has a 50pff.. At the very least Carman should bolster the run game..
  6. True.. How do they find that consistency though? Not sure...
  7. Why do you think we'd blow anyone out? Are you referring to the Jags??
  8. Well it may take him time to find the opening.. I mean it looks like its a slight wedge to get thru hence his yrds after hit average.. I want Coach Pollack to get the cohesiveness together.. Its only 2 games so it mat still happen but in the meantime its hurting JB snd Mixon tremendously..
  9. 2.57 league average I believe.. Our oline struggles with that time . Another priblem Im having is opening gaps for Mixon.. Theyre few and far between..
  10. Thats it.. Until this oline is consistent they'll struggle .. Right now theyre consistently lettting JB get hit.and hit..and hit.. JB HAS to realize hes not getting 3 seconds to scan and pass...
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