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Lets talk about Jackson Carman

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12 minutes ago, Kingspoint said:

it's more likely his shortcomings are hidden with talent around him.  That's why you pay Centers and Tackles more than Guards.  Get quality at those two positions and you can have average at Guard.


a great point. this is very true.


i just wish we had an average guard.

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1 hour ago, GoBengals said:


and its pretty commonly spoken of linemen often take a ear or two to adapt to the game, the 100% complete opposite of what SF2 stated, but also only 30% of first and second round OL picks pan out so its a crap shoot still.



Maybe I didn’t make myself clear.  Almost every position in the NFL takes time for a rookie to adjust to.  Players like Ja’mar Chase are exceptionally rare. 

Oline is the second hardest position to learn in the NFL so any rookie is going to make mistakes.  Making mistakes is not the same as being physically unable to play the position or not showing any improvement mentally over a year. Carman has looked bad since day one,  that hasn’t changed.

Good players show up day 1 ready to get on with it.  Carman did not. 

There is a reason first rounders like Josh Rosen and Alex Leatherwood only lasted a year with their draft teams, they sucked. 

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8 hours ago, GoBengals said:





IMO, we dont actually know anything about Carman, aside from maybe he is a lazy dumbass, which i agree may be enough.


but talent wise, he hasnt had a fair chance to do absolutely anything in the nfl. come in, not ony changes sides but position, with a new scheme and oline coach new player in the system thats new to his right, bad player to his left, then like 4-5 players end up rotating new him  all season, he is also injured.


comes back in shape and working, practices with 1s all camp, plays game likely with covid since he popped 2 days later, with all new players around him, not who he has been practicing when, dinged his elbow and caught covid, out for 5 more days, seems he had symptoms, considering he couldnt go the day after the game before he popped positive, i didnt pop pisitive until 2 days into shitty symptoms for mine and i was vaxxed. So he sits all week, misses game, them is splitting time with both units and back at it after not being able to work for a week, and plays and entire game, against with shitty guys around him, and did better than Volson in that game than volson did in his full game by like 5%, both mind you, were terrible.


so we know this:


isnt a genius mega star who can be thrown into anything and succeed, and he was a dumbass as a rookie and came in fat.


had they had real camp his rookie year and he been in shape, and played his LG spot they planned him for, and didnt ahve to play musical linemen, maybe his career trajectory takes a different angle... maybe it goes worse somehow..


but to say he isnt talented is like saying burrow sucked his rookie year... poor guy never had a chance.


now none of that matters, i know, the talent Volson faced at uh... *checks glasses* james madison univeristy, and indiana state, is gonna keep my up at night with the future HOF talents he is gonna face week 1.


I wil lsay, i assume the team is smart enough to be sending help to him on every play, TE on that side blocking down, RB chipping, etc..


I am dying to have something to hang a hat on that Volson isnt going to be terrible, because as much as everyone is pretending, he was a trashcan in the preseason. 


And unless they Cut carman, after getting the new guy, its pretty clear the team doesnt think there is a huge gap between Volson and Carman either. 


If they do cut carman, i have a feeling we may be counting our days before the claimed guy gets a shot in there.


if they cut carman im 1000% fine with that, he fucked up, then we fucked him over, then bad luck hit him, none of which means we owe him another second on the roster of course.




That is one big list of excuses for Carman.  He's been a liability every time  he has stepped on the field.  At this point I don't care why.  He's been given every opportunity and screwed them up.  In no way did the Bengals F him over other than taking him way earlier than he should have been picked in the draft thus raising expectations. 

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45 minutes ago, I_C_Deadpeople said:

Cartman's story sounds a lot like Michael Jordan's. Very Meh in year one then supposdly worked very hard in the offseason and now 'gets it', only to still suck or possbily be worse. 



Similar, but Carman had some signs of talent, so far at least it looks like he has regressed. Hopefully Go is right and it was Covid related

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At the end of the day he was a 2nd round pick which is hit or miss when it comes to linemen.  

He certainly has the size one would think.  If he were to become at least a serviceable backup or useable on short yardage situations it would be a small victory. 

Nothing wrong with small victories in the NFL. 

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On 8/31/2022 at 6:51 PM, I_C_Deadpeople said:

Raiders eat the Leatherhead contract. He starts anew with any team. The Kechup Whisperer was on Sirius talking about why he never liked Leatherhead as a pro but I missed it. 

Because the Bears claimed Leatherwood, they assume the rest of his contract and it will save the Raiders $5.9 million in dead salary-cap room. But the Raiders still have a big chunk of dead money on this deal and will, in the end, pay close to 60 percent of Leatherwood’s deal.


in short , signing bonus stays with the raiders, contracted salary goes with the player.

 when you claim a player off waivers, you get the contract (minus any signing bonuses already paid) 

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On 9/1/2022 at 12:39 AM, SF2 said:

Maybe I didn’t make myself clear.  Almost every position in the NFL takes time for a rookie to adjust to.  Players like Ja’mar Chase are exceptionally rare. 



Even Chase is likely to improve over the next couple of seasons.. Strength, technique, reading NFL coverages.. Experience in general..  Crazy to think about but he hasn't hit his ceiling yet.

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