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Are ticket scalpers still a thing in Cincy?

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Haven't been to a game since before the smart phone stuff really took off.  I know most or lots of people do their tickets on the phone now but are there still ticket scalpers outside that sell tickets?   I ask because Im headed up today with not tickets to the Reds game. This is how I used to always go to Bengals games. I'd never have a ticket and just buy one from a scalper. Always got great seats way under face price.     Anyway if not I'll just get a ticket at the window if that is still a thing as well.  Hopefully I can get a killer seat that includes the buffet from a scalper for cheap.

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yes from what i heard( on a radio interview)

was since they went digital they wouldnt accept a picture on your phone at the gate,   now fair warning, i havent been to a reds game in 6 years, i was driving at the time they said it on the raido and i did not sleep at a holiday inn express last night, so your milage may vary....


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Dudes. It is digital only and it is a giant scam.  Really chapped my ass ill tell ya that. It cost me $53 to buy 2 $14 tickets because of a fee they charge in order to buy the tickets.  I was so butthurt about it just because in my head I'm thinking 2 tickets for $14 and $30 in gas to get there. But no. $53 just for us to get in. You can't buy a ticket at the window for baseball but 75ft away at the arena people were buying tickets to the hockey game at the window.  I saw people coming into the Reds game with regular old paper tickets and I really wanted to ask how they got them but I'm too shy.      


All in all it was a good time but I probably won't ever go back unless I can actually get the tickets for what they actually cost and not more.



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yea this whole events world is digital, many of the larger events like big concerts at red rocks where i live offer commemorative physical tickets, which are huge and foil and neat, but they get shipped like a month later. i havent touched a printed ticket in years.. you cant forget them at home, you cant lose them, you cant get them stolen, i know some older folks dont have smart phones, but man its a dream.


i have nuggets season tickets, and bengals season tickets, whole seasons tickets get laoded into ticketmaster app at once, can send them to someone, sell them, etc. and if i have my phone or watch i am all good. now losing your phone right before going in would suck, but honestly log in on a friends phone, and boom tickets are there. The nuggets arena now has Clear, the airport security thing, so i can go in that entrance and avoid lines and pat downs, my kid and i have made it from our car to our seats in 6 minutes before with the digital access and security clearance. digital has made events so so much more efficient and tickets safer. but for your situation is sucks. and the fees are outragious because they literally dont want you to use a ticket window at all. and day of game prices are higher to pay the staff, you probably coulda got those tickets on ticketmaster marketplace for like $10 after fees. it does suck, but it makes sense why they do it.


my kids have the app on their phones, so they can go if i cant, etc. even parking passes are digital and loaded on the phone. 

i understand the want to avoid the digital tickets, but its only hurting you at this point, as someone mentioned the gametime app, its one of the best... i just looked at reds cards series.. ticket start at $5, all fees included youre at $13/each, and you can sit behind the dugout for $40 fees included.




if you dont use a smart phone for regular daily use, you can get a cheap one for the digital events world only incredibly cheap, with little to no monthly fee. 



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Correct me if I'm wrong but the guys on the streets selling and buying tickets are some sort of licensed third agent ticket brokers

selling unsold seats from ???.  They wear ID badges around their necks, etc.

Once in awhile you sill see a guy holding up two hard copy tix and not saying anything.

I think those guys are selling their own tix they can use and it is OK because no third party is involved.

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