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AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

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They were set to go up 17 points—that’s 3 scores. Then goofball Dan lets them back in. 

Maybe SF comes back anyway…but at that juncture of the game, they had their foot on their neck. 

Slice it any way it slices: that was the end. 

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Perfect day for Bengals fans. 


LeVar Jackson sucks yet again.  Here is hoping this causes major issues in the off-season for the Rats.  Hopefully a crisis of confidence and a tailspin ending for his career. 


If the Chiefs win again, will Kelce retire? 


And the Lions history of losing has been missing any truly painful defeats.  Now they get one.  Hilarious.  I want nothing but more pain and misery for fellow Great Lake bottom feeders (Lions, Clowns, Bills) until the Bengals win a Super Bowl. 

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A Harbaugh could have perhaps gotten away with the 2 4th down gaffes…he has the defense to likely rescue at least one from opposing points. 

Campbells defense can’t be placed into those situations. They needed every point they could get. 


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