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Given the absolute thieves the bengals have become trying to steal my tickets, games i cannot make, i will have for sale at face value or REALLY close, at minimum way cheaper than market value. So if you need a pair or two pairs, let me know, I am in section 111 and 106, behind the bengals sideline/bench. 


figured id post it so its on peoples minds when the season hits. Ill post week by week or as I know my travel plans as they arrive.

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56 minutes ago, mhfinks said:

Hey Go, message me with what’s available I’m down. Just retired from the Army and want to start coming home for games. It’s been a few years to long. 


Thank you for your service and congrats on retirement...just retired recently myself...still adjusting to my new life without work.

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Go:  of course I'll be happy to help you, as I'll likely be looking for tickets - our shared account did their draw and I'm only getting two of the games : Opener (NEP) and Closer (DEN).  Anything in between, especially WAS or BAL, would be great.


If it matters, 106 would be preferred so I can harass those sitting in my seats in 104.


Also, some of this is self-inflicted, as I've invited Isobel and her hubby down from Nova Scotia and have given her my BAL tickets.  You know her work, I figure it's about time she finally gets to a game.



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