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Bengals Mandatory Minicamp - June 11 through June 13 -

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21 hours ago, T-Dub said:


Deep at QB and WR.  Maybe the DL if the last 2 drafts were worthwhile. RB is probably adequate. 


Not seeing this supposed depth either, at least in terms of "where would losing a starter not be likely to cost them games?"


I'm sure there will be spirited competition for backup positions before they are awarded based on drafting and salary. :ninja:


We have depth at QB, WR, RB, DE, and SS. Not much on O-line (apart from Mims), DT is probably ok but that assumes the rookies play well. LB is thin, CB is a jumble of bodies. 

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1 hour ago, Griever said:

Literally looks like he's blocking a child he's so massive


Yeah that's good to see. I was having visions of Cordy Glenn, Collins, hell Orlando ain't looked too good so far either.


At least this FA OT is suited up and working.

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40 minutes ago, Griever said:


Really like Goldsmith. Going down his list:


- Walters, Burrow and plenty of beat writers have said the same about Iosivas. He is better in every way that he was as a rookie. Not a "developmental WR" anymore.

- Andei's offseason workout buddy CBrown has also been drawing similar raves from everyone for a big jump over his rookie season. Bigger, stronger, faster.

- With Gesicki we get that "eye candy" phrase again. A guy who figures to be moved all over the board like a chess piece.

- Jones getting snaps as an outside WR? First I've heard of that, but if they're going "position-less" offense versatility is important. No pure slot WRs now.

- Mims biggest draft drawback is lack of college snaps. Pretty obvious that Mims will get tons of snaps in training camp and preseason games to accelerate his development.

- Glad that Cochran is looking good, but I'm worried more about IOL depth. Wish an unknown OG would start flashing.

- . 

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1 minute ago, dex said:

- Glad that Cochran is looking good, but I'm worried more about IOL depth. Wish an unknown OG would start flashing.


I love the idea of having Mims start at RT, kicking Trent inside to RG and moving Cappa to LG. Then you have Volson as your reserve IOL. 

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