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What I like 

- Opening and closing at home

- 5 prime time games (maximum)

- Week 10 bye (ideal)

- Playing the Chiefs, Bucs, and Bills late in year after week 13

- Jets and Dolphins back to back weaker games week 3 & 4

- That week 17 matchup with Buffalo on Mon night could be the AFC championship preview for homefield advantage 

- Playing the Patriots on Christmas Eve (Saturday game)

- 5 weaker teams in the first 7, could easily be 6-1 or 5-2 at worst


What I don't like 

- 3 of the 5 primetime game not at PBS (deserved the majority of 3 at home)

- Not playing KC, Bucs, or Saints in late night prime time (missed opportunities)

- Wasting 3 of our prime time games with AFC north rivals at their stadiums (it's like rewarding them for our success last year). 

- Why do we always play Miami on Thurs nights? 

- I wanted to play Dallas on Thanksgiving 

- No international game in Germany

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36 minutes ago, BlackJesus said:

I really feel like the NFL missed a big opportunity to put the Saints game on Mon night.


Likely because they didn't want to see more Burrow and Chase jerseys in New Orleans than crab leg thief Winston. 

I just don't think the Burrow/Chase connection means much to anyone outside of Louisiana tbh, Just another game to most NFL fans I would believe.

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