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Bengals announce new WHITE HELMET !

Your thoughts on White Bengal ...  

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  1. 1. Are you happy with this decision?

    • Yes, will look badass !
    • No, I wanted a retro Bengals helmet
    • No, I wanted an inverted stripes helmet

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The Bengals are going back to their old color rush jerseys as well, rather than creating a new one (missed opportunity).


Plus, I think the white helmet looks better with their current white jerseys than their old color rush ones. Shoulder stripes are better on the new ones (but nfl won't let them use the current white jerseys with this).


And only doing it for 1 game after all this hype!


Sad to say they kind of flubbed this after batting 1.000 prior 

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4 hours ago, Griever said:

Story time it appears...



2:17 in my brother and I are in the stands in our Covid seat location. Brother in white 33 me in black 64. :049:

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20 minutes ago, BlackJesus said:

Mock up ... 



I like the tiger logo more than the striped "B" but I do like how the front helmet bumper matches the front of the jersey. Provides a nice little splash of the traditional orange along with the Nike swooshes.

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On 7/31/2022 at 5:36 AM, High School Harry said:

Like it a lot.

Big let down that it can only be worn once this year.


Love to see a black with orange stripes added to the wardrobe

to wear with the all black unit.


well it could be worn 3 times, but theyd have to ditch the 2 orange uniforms or wear it with those which would be silly. just has to be with throwback or alternate jersey would have loved to see it more as well though.


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