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XFL Rosters dropped

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6 minutes ago, MichaelWeston said:

Ive watched part of every game. It's fun. Play seems slower. Not too many break away plays. 


The fans in this game at DC in the end zone are nuts. Its great. Like a soccer feel. 

The crowds at both games today have been impressive. Thinking the fans in St. Louis are gonna come out strong as well when they have a home game

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Former Cincinnati QB AJ McCarron rallies St. Louis Battlehawks to XFL win

Former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback A.J. McCarron's XFL debut Sunday was a memorable one, as he rallied the St. Louis Battlehawks to a fourth-quarter comeback against the San Antonio Brahmas.

The Battlehawks selected McCarron last November. St. Louis' offensive coordinator is Bruce Gradkowski, (who?)also a former Bengals QB.




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18 hours ago, MichaelWeston said:

The fans in this game at DC in the end zone are nuts. Its great. Like a soccer feel. 


#1 - They invented the XFL's version of the Beer Snake there,  That was pre-Covid, which as soon as the Virus of Unkown Origin hit seemed like a very very bad idea.




#2 - The fans probably think it's a soccer match, jumping up and down, waiving their Catalunian flags and stuff. 

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Some more XFL guys

QB-Plitt got benched I think? Sloter, DiNucci and Coan have all looked good


-Abram Smith has looked good. He played LB in college. Could be a great special teamer/depth piece

-Kallen Ballege runs hard

-Max Borghi could be interesting as depth. Hasn't returned punts but wouldn't surprise me if he could

WR-Looking for this years Kavontae Turpin

-Jahcour Pearson looks great

-Jeff Badet has made a ton of plays

-Jontre Kirklin was buried on Burrows LSU teams. He has had some big plays

-D'Erik King is playing QB but could be a practice squad slot option


Sal Canella-Would be solid depth he is undersized but a playmaker

Hakeem Butler is showing well


Marquette King-remember him? He had a 70 yard punt today




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I am all in on Jontre Kirklin

1. He was on the same team as Chase and Burrow at LSU. 

2. He played CB his first two years and then WR the last three. AND QB in HS and QB for one game in 2021. He can play special teams for sure. 

3. Good size 6-0 184

4. Probably great athleticism if you believe tape and pro day. 42 inch vertical, 138 Broad jump, 4.53 40, 



5. Was a UDFA for Arizona last year. Caught a TD vs us in preseason last year. 3 catches, 25 yards 2 tds last year in preseason. Added to PS but cut in September


6. Personality would fit team well. 

7. XFL stats through 4 weeks

Game 1: 5-71-14.2-1td(10)

Game 2: 2-56-28-0

Game 3: 6-77-12.8-2td(7,13)

Game 4: 2-49-24.5-1td(42); 1-1 49 yards 1td passing (Double forward pass)


This is the type of guy who could blow up a bit. HS career played QB. First 2 years of college at CB. 3 years at WR buried behind incredible WR groups. Now blowing up when he is getting a chance. Still decently young and you'd have his rights for 3-4 years. 

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10 hours ago, Griever said:

30,000(!) expected today at the former Edward Jones Dome for St. Louis' home opener today. Why'd they wait so long to give the Battlehawks a home game, damn!

“More than 38,000 people were inside watching the game at the Dome. It broke not only the XFL attendance record, but also set a record for professional spring football leagues.”



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Grabbed three seats, front row, Club Level, Sec 348 for Saturday's game between the BattleHawks and the Defenders at the Trans World Edward Jones Dome at America's Center Dome Dome.


Turns out, a BattleBro sitting in the same section posted this photo during today's game:




Here's a shot of those seats from the opposite side:




They packed 38,310 in there today, totally selling out 100% of the sections they made tickets available in.  I expect they'll open a few more sections on Saturday.


Go BattleHawks.  KaKaw!

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Hakeem Butler and Sal Calenella would be a great fit as move TEs

Jahcour Pearson and Jontre Kirklin would be great as slot backups---Kirklin played with Burrow and Chase

Abram Smith and Max Borghi most interesting at RB

There were a bunch of good punters but they drafted a guy

3 good QBs but we are good there

Defensively solid guys but tough to see. Sack leader already has rookie camp tryouts set up. 

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On 3/6/2023 at 9:33 PM, MichaelWeston said:

He was like a Diva punter. Would dance after every punt

I don’t think a punter like that would even survive his first game against the stealers.  

No 🥷

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7 minutes ago, Cricket said:

I don’t think a punter like that would even survive his first game against the stealers.  

No 🥷


He could play for the Stealers. Collinsworth would gush about a classy, classy youcanaskanybody organization doing things the Right Way while a kook punter gets jiggy with it on the jumbotron. Nothing says class like stomping on logos (lol take that, inanimate paint on turf!) and referring to your players as "goons" after all.

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Perhaps the guys who fits us best...or even the 2 guys that fit us best....Abram Smith and Max Borghi have not been touched. 


These guys still can't sign until 5-15 when the season ends but can attend rookie camps, ours starts 5-12. 


Smith is in the Championship game. 

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