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Bringing back an oldie but a goodie.

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Wouldn't it be great for them to announce the contract extension a few hours before the Chiefs kickoff tomorrow?  Biggest NFL contract ever...sucking some attention from the game...announcers spending half the broadcast talking about how Burrow is now the highest paid and that Mahomes is 4th (5th?)?


I think there is enough of that gamesmanship in Burrow where he would want to fuck with them a bit...

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2 hours ago, Jason said:

Today is the day. 

Yesterday wasn't.


In High School Harry's Perfect Bengals World, Joe is perhaps exerting some leverage and

waiting for Tee to sign before he does.

Then it would be cool as hell to have Kay Adams (although I would prefer Kelsey Conway:wub:... or

the new redhead...wow!) in the pregame show Sunday.



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12 hours ago, High School Harry said:

If today, tomorrow or Friday aren't the day

I don't think Joe Burrow should step on the

field Sunday.

Too much at stake and too much risk for him financially

with those cheap shot bitches.

All is well Harry..😊

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