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Bates to Falcons .... Bell to Panthers

Bell & Bates  

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  1. 1. Do you wish the Bengals had resigned Bell or Bates ?

    • Just Bell
    • Just Bates
    • Both
    • Neither
  2. 2. Of these 3 players, which was the most important to keep ?

    • Pratt
    • Bell
    • Bates
  3. 3. If it came down to Pratt or Bell, which would you have wanted to keep?

    • Pratt, Bengals did right thing
    • Bell, he was bigger priority
  4. 4. Does this make S a major need now in the draft?

    • Yes, Rd 1 or 2
    • Not really. BPA
    • I prefer we go to free agency to fix the S issue

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On 3/13/2023 at 7:31 PM, Le Tigre said:

Yeah, BJ…didn’t need them anyway amirite? 

(Love how the “poll” conveniently favors Pratt over everyone—after he signed)


Be fully aware of these really bad losses—if the constant reminder of “good teams lose players” doesn’t work—when the historic Bengals inability in failure to cover TE’s and slot receivers in open space only gets worse without even “OK” safeties on the field. 

The expected responses of “Dax/Tycen/Draft/FA” are now just hopeful fixes for a problem that never needed to happen. Because of the pathological lust to make the QB “the highest paid player”

Bruh, you sure are whining a lot.  Do we need to send you a case of tissues?

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4 hours ago, PatternMaster said:


This is true because the Bengals don't have deep pockets like most NFL owners, they're not liquid enough to go around paying hundreds of millions of dollars upfront every season like the owners who were billionaires before they bought the team. 


The Bengals are unique because just about every team was/is owned by family that their money in either legitimate or illegitimate business. The Brown family didn't acquire majority ownership of the Bengals until the 2000's.


The Brown family has controlled the team since the 90s when they squeezed Dutch Knowlton's widow into selling. Knowlton's lawyer still owns 1 share of the team (out of about 586) and that's the only share the Brown family doesn't control. Their finances improved considerably with PBS. 


All NFL teams receive enough revenue sharing to cover their player contracts and have no problems with liquidity. If any team wanted to give Lamar Jackson a fully guaranteed 5 year deal, they would have no problem funding it with the escrow requirements. 

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On 3/14/2023 at 12:39 PM, Shebengal said:

I think he is already that player. He doesn't strike me as the type to need to be the highest paid QB. I think winning is more important to him. He's going to get paid and very handsomely (as he should be), but I think he also wants to keep his buddies together. 

10yr contract. Possible extension..

Will become stockholder in the team..


Becomes Bengals GM after retirement

Possible team President ..

Blackburn women will want him here permantently.


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