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Insider offers theory on Joe Burrow extension delay (And other Joe related Contract posts)

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That part is easy. The team puts an option in the contract which requires a bonus to be exercised.  And also a corresponding termination fee if the option isn't exercised.


So he'd have an option bonus of X in say March 2024 with a buyout payment of X on the same date. It's effectively a guarantee but until the decision is made the team doesn't owe the money so no need to escrow it. 

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2 hours ago, UncleEarl said:

Bosa signs for $170M.  $122.5 guaranteed.  72% guaranteed.  Just a bit higher % than Watt.


Factor in CA (and maybe Santa Clara) income taxes plus other drainage (agent, etc), and the net may be a lot less than Watt—although PA state taxes aren’t super low. 

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