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Round 1 Discussion: 2024 NFL Draft

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Great pick, though.  Cousins' time is numbered, and he's probably tradeable a year or two considering how much a Starting QB gets.


I also know that it takes 2 QB's to get through a 21-game season if you expect to win the Super Bowl.  And, shouldn't the Super Bowl be the goal?  Penix also gives them a chance to resign London and Pitts and this RB who is pretty good before having to resign Penix.

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Just now, BlackJesus said:

Why give Cousins 100 million guaranteed if you are drafting a QB with the 8th pick?  🤔 

 It’s a legit question.   I mean you gotta think Cousins has 3 years of good ball left.  So why waste a high pick?  Rodgers had a couple of meh seasons before Green Bay picked Love but he was picked 26th. 

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My Rd 1 board in no order


Olu Fashanu-Penn St (1) LT
Troy Fautanu-Wash (1) (LT)
Taliese Fuaga-Oregon St (1) RT C
Amarius Mims-Georgia (1) (RT)
Byron Murphy-Texas (1)
Johny Newton-Illinois (1)
Terrion Arnold-Alabama (1)
Quinyon Mitchell-Toledo (1)
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4 minutes ago, JC said:

Love this by the Bears. Could be a quick turnaround.

I bet Justin Fields is like WTF?   I had future Sunglass Hut employees as a rookie. 

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