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2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-camp items/news etc

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6 minutes ago, Griever said:

Yeah man. This is gonna make me sound like a total homer, but I feel like you can visibly see more zip on a lot of his passes.

The receivers have confirmed it - would guess they would know. It's great fucking news. 

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1 hour ago, membengal said:


Dear Media, 


Please stop asking Bengals’ players about winning (or even playing in) the Super Bowl.  Actually, don’t even ask them about playing in the post season.  Their focus needs to be on Week 1 and Minnesota.







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1 minute ago, membengal said:

Correct. It was Price w/ the torn pec (during the combine). 

And to make matters worse, he suffered some sort of foot injury soon after he actually started playing. Rough start. not excusing his play by any means though 

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44 minutes ago, I_C_Deadpeople said:

Jonah’s comments on Pollack are quite telling: “He works technique over and over”

Just crazy that statement is such a breath of fresh air. I mean, that's basically a Chris Rock bit - "that's your job, you want a cookie"? - but here we are. Glad to have simple competence back at o-line coach. Glad that Jonah, who himself values technique, finally has a coach to help him take that to another level. Glad for all of it. 

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2 hours ago, Jason said:

If he was trying to hit the cooler to was a great throw.  If he was trying to hit the receiver, not so much.  :lol: 

I noticed the same thing.  Plus, it’s not 60 yards...more like 55.


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