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Calling all Andy Dalton lovers (or at least not haters)

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8 hours ago, Shebengal said:

My nephew is selling an authentic Andy Dalton autographed jersey. 


Any takers? Not sure on the price. 

What size is it? (Asking for Go-Bengals/Ryan)

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I have a #14 available as well. It is not the authentic make, and it’s not autographed (but I’ll put my signature on it if one likes). It is also free. 

While I’m at it, I also have two AJ Green jerseys—one home, one away for giveaway. Also no cost. 

Sizes are XL and 2XL (can’t recall which for which ones, as all are in storage). 

Feel free to PM if interested in all, or a combo.


Paring down my inventory. Keeping my 1983-purchased Tim Krumrie, my 1998 Flying Tiger, my 2010 vintage one, and my Koch Sporting Goods made to original specs 1969 Bill Bergey

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14 hours ago, High School Harry said:

How about a Trenton Irwin?  Got one of those?

Asking for a friend.  Of sorts.

Was hoping to not see Trenton Irwins name again until the guy actually proved something...But this is hilarious and made me lol, thanks :)

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