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Vikings at Bengals - Good, Bad, & Ugly

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My 38th Opening Day in attendance (would have been 39, but for last season). And better, because of sharing it with brother Amish--who has also been in on a whole lot of those 38 Opening Days with me. 




Nothing at all. Well other than an oddity with the concessions purchase. Bought one beer, and noticed a $.34 extra charge. Ask the beer guy what that was for. He said he thought it was a credit card charge! Can't pay with cash, you know. 




Me. After a sunlit 90 degree day and a two-mile walk on my aging carcass. 


Loved every minute of the experience, though.  

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4 hours ago, claptonrocks said:

I said it before but ill reiterate that Williams and Reiff are solid bookends..

Makes JB feel comfortable in doing his magic..





Once Hopkins gets his feet under him, I expect the sacks given up by the Oline to go down.

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10 hours ago, claptonrocks said:

Im assuming Trey Hill is Nowhere ready to get extended snaps let alone start..

Work in progress.. 

Gotta hope Hopkins improves quickly.. 



Plus you know, Hopkins is going to have to get the snaps sooner or later.

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