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Keeping our enemies close 2022 season

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2 hours ago, BlackJesus said:

I still remember this back during his draft ... 



Not gonna happen but a weird thought that I would like to see us trade our 2023 first round pick for the Dolphins 2024 first round pick.

Our pick should not be that high (hopefully) and they will be desperate for more and better players plus that would give us two first

round picks in 2024, one probably pretty high, and extra money in 2023 for guys like Tee.  My thinking is we are going to go all out

to sign Joe and Ja'marr first, almost a given.

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At the end of the day the Browns went from a stumbling bumbling franchise with a lot of old time support to the most hated pro franchise in the US. 

Not only is most of the press against them, every owner hates them too for the ridiculous contract they gave Watson.  The idea you would pay a guy the largest guaranteed contract ever that QUIT on his team and has psychological issues to the point he hires 66 separate women off Snapchat to give him massages us mind numbing. 

By the way, the Brian Flores lawsuit is about to get very interesting based on yesterday’s fine to Miami. 

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6 minutes ago, I_C_Deadpeople said:

The Toronto Globe and Mail had a great headline to it's article on thisissue  - "NfL drops the inflatable hammer on Watson"

LOL, now that's funny...and sad.  :(

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