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Keeping our enemies close 2022 season

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3 minutes ago, BengalBuck said:

Man, the Bengals messed with some guys heads last playoffs. Tannehill had to go into therapy and Mahomes can't stop making excuses....



People can't wrap their heads around that this isnt the same old Bengals, thus the excuses and thearpy

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2 hours ago, SF2 said:

It helps when Joey B is throwing you the ball.  


... Also when you have the best trio of WRs in the NFL taking all the attention and leaving you wide open.


CJ will do nothing in New York. He traded becoming a Cincy icon and SB champ for being a Jets backup. Plus his real value was in his off the field energy and fire, even more than his play. But he doesn't have that earned trust there to lead locker room chants.

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