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Bengals @ Titans - Gameday thread

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6 minutes ago, High School Harry said:

WOW.  Butt Bud.  I hope using the words "Hayden Hurst" an "extension" is prophetic.

And I agree with those saying it is not impossible and will be friendly to both parties.



Maybe we just offer him Brienne of Tarth in his contract?




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there are certain players this fanbase goes out of there way to praise like they are great when they just dont have a terrible game. apple played solid, but he isnt too good, he is the reason we draft a 2nd round CB this past draft. 


i like his attitude and shit talking, but he is a journeyman 1 year deal after 1 year deal borderline starter for a reason.


i know he went to OSU and all but lets take it easy. he is a 48 rated pass coverage corner on the season. and has 4 games under 33 coverage rating. and is giving up a 96 passer rating to opposing QBs.



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9 hours ago, esjbh2 said:


Just adds fuel to my fire regarding the NO-FINES on the f-ing Stealers.  That Pickens BS on Boyd was 100x worse than this Simmons infraction.

Still whizzes me off that Hendrickson was flagged for roughing the passer when a very similar hit on Joe was ignored.

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