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    You shut it. Shut your dirty, whore mouth.
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    Raise your hand if you want a free copy of "NFL Coaching for Dummies"
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    Andy is and always has been a Marvin quarterback. Mediocre and not able to win the big one. He has peaked, leveled out and not going to get any better. The only way for him is down. When things break right and he has protection from the Offensive Line (forget that this season), he is decent enough. If A.J. Green and Eifert (when healthy) were not on this team, Andy would be a backup somewhere else. In our first Super Bowl year, Ken Anderson was abominable during the first game vs. Seattle. Down by 21 points (more than the Ravens scored all day). Forrest Greg (my all time favorite Bengal coach), sat Kenny and put in Turk Schonert who pulled out a come from behind victory. Kenny went in the next week and played all the way to the Super Bowl. Marvin does not have the wherewithal or balls to sit Andy if even for a little while. He continues to try to pound a square peg into a round hole. Marv might as well buy a ticket and sit in the stands for all he does on the field. Even then he would probably not be able to find his seat again after taking a whiz in the women's rest room by mistake.
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    I read that Marvin considered taking over play calling but then he realized he would have to stay awake for the whole game so he declined
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    HOLY SHIT it's a miracle! So excited for Hobson!! Bengals are LAZOR Focused. Maybe they will bring back Brat and we can all enjoy the halfback pitch!!
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    I think it's all a misunderstanding; the Bengals want him to come in to sing the National Anthem.
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    I've become Comfortably Numb to this team's ineptitude and ongoing disappointment of the fanbase. I used to get all worked about a loss like yesterday. Now, I am just numb to it. My wife walked in during the late stages of the game and said, "OH NO! They are getting killed. Why are you so calm?" I said, "It's just a game, dear" and she laughed. There are two main reasons why the Bengals got destroyed yesterday. The first and foremost is the coaching staff. Lewis and Zampese specifically are terrible. The turnstile approach that Zampese used with the RBs (Hill, then Mixon, then Bernard, then Hill, then...) was idiotic. It was like watching pre-season. As someone else noted, how do you target Eifert once when you are in that game? How do you not help Ogbuehi? The second reason is the management and their decision to allow that fucking joke of an offensive line to come in to this season as a unit. Andy Dalton sucked yesterday and admitted to doing so but, nobody is going to thrive behind that assbox of a line. Nobody will need to worry about them giving McCarron a shot this season as Andy Dalton will not survive the year. You will see McCarron and likely even Driskel before it's all over. The sad part is, this team has talent. Quite a bit of it in fact. More than many teams who will make the playoffs this year. Unfortunately, the failure of a few will see this whole team fail. I'm prepared for a long year.
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    He's better than average... Which is pretty damn good. He's also been very durable, which is a sadly overlooked quality. It wasn't that long ago when people wanted to trade him for Kaepernick, because Kaepernick won playoff games. Now Kaepernick sucks. Andrew Luck is still "elite" because he was a first round draft pick. And so on... I recall a rtime when the Pats were doomed because Drew Bledsoe was hurt and he was an Elite QB. Carson Palmer was right up there with Manning. LOL. See, THIS is a narrative. Nevermind the fact that Dalton has had to lead his team in the playoffs with Rex Burkehead as his #2 receiver. That he's had to work with a sub-par running game. Because we all remember Dalton fumbling with 22 seconds to go, right? It's his fault that JJ Watt beat Andre Smith like Kuntakinte two years straight. It's his fault that Marvin's a conservative pussy who would rather kneel out a half and has clock management that The Mad Hatter would find appalling. In 2015, he had a 106.3 passer rating. In 2016, he played behind the 31st ranked line in the NFL and the running game was averaging 3.6 YPC. Slingin' Sammy Baugh couldn't have been successful in that team makeup. And it's a team game. If you really don't like Dalton - We can always go back to the Kitna/Frerotte/Akili years... Hell, we all remember Jeff Blake's playoff appearances. I bet you that Cleveland would be thrilled to have Dalton, as would 10-16 other teams in the NFL right now. Don't be all "5/10, wouldn't bang" and appreciate that he's been solid and steady after taking over a team that was expected to be the worst in the league by a long way after Captain "Elite" Pick-6 bolted on us. How did he do again in Oakland?
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    stfu....goof ball..don't you have Andy Dalton stats to research so you can defend him this week. Your shoulders should be sore from carrying so much water for Dalton and the Bengals.
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    I am 66.....my idea of a nooner is taking a nap and dreaming about knocking one off.....or maybe it is the tool sale at Lowe's....I can't remember.
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    IDK how you watch the game last week and come away thinking we have an advantage over anyone left on the schedule. This is at best an even match-up. Plus, it's TNF, which is a shit-tier product in itself that provides nothing beyond yet another cash infusion for the bloated NFL carcass. If they actually had a shred of this much-talked-about integrity they would simply flip a coin and save everyone the trouble. My prediction: Getting a good night's rest before an early work day on Friday, where I can read the postmortem during the ol' morning constitutional.
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    For me it's not just that he's too conservative, it's that he's too inflexible. He's a great defensive coordinator, and his stick to the plan style does work often. Just never in the playoffs or even most big regular season games. Last year the team blew first half leads three times (Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Houston) out of nine losses. That doesn't tell the story to me though. Our defense wasn't as good as 2015 when all indicators early on were that Cincy was the team to beat. There weren't leads to blow, the system wasn't working as well. Things were firing on all cylinders 2015 though. Second best defense in the entire league. Then the wheels started falling off. 8-0 first half of season. 4-4 second half of season. Three of the four losses are blown first half leads. Still, the story isn't the stats to me. Mike Mitchell says on social media that he's going to intentionally injure Bengal players, then he brutally spears Eifert in the head. Tyler gone with a serious concussion. Marvin claps encouragement on the sideline and accepts 15 yards in exchange for our star tight end. No amount of flipping out would've been too much for Lewis at this point. Even an ejection would've been good because the attention would've also been on why you were ejected (Mitchell's dirty hit). To your point that his aggression has cost us games, again I think it's his inflexibility. No way Hill should have been screaming into the Steeler secondary alone with the football in the wild card game. That's the play they call with 1st and 10 at that field position. Probably too aggressive when a turnover is the only way you can lose the game though.
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    Adults? Seriously? We ask these guys to be Maximus against Claudius and when they fail, we bitch. When they succeed, we bitch. What sport are you watching? Because if it isn't the evolution of Roman Gladiators for the bread and circuses of the masses then I'm not sure what you're watching. No, it's not our fault they are suspended, but you know what is? Us, and our expectations of good Christian values. Burfict is our best player, hands down, love him or leave him.
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    The start of another NFL season brings out unsavory characters lol
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    He was realizing his potential, as was the team, when he broke his thumb on that terrible play against Pittsburgh. Went from having a great season, actually being picked up by fantasy football players, about to score on the dreaded Stealers, to season over in an instant. That's football of course, but there is an element of being snake bit to the Bengals. If fate doesn't bestow it on us, then we do it to ourselves (wild card game). I've seen Dalton play in person and I was very impressed. He really does have the talent, but will the team ever focus and fight mercilessly (and more importantly) intelligently for that extra inch? That extra inch Al Pacino refers to in, On Any Given Sunday. I won't belabor Mike Brown or Marv, honestly I'm exhausted, but it's gonna require team cohesion to see what Andy's capable of.
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    This is pure nonsense. I DGAF what he did in college & neither should you. I will grant you that he had a problem playing within the rules earlier in his career. Unlike many players, who are never even criticized for it, let alone suspended for multiple games, he cleaned it up. Unlike James Harrison, he didn't piss and moan about it and start threatening to take out people's knees. He never stomped on a guy's face like Haynesworth. Burfict sometimes hit people late. I don't like seeing him twist ankles but if that's a problem you probably shouldn't watch football. Every time a player gets tackled they are likely to get their ankle twisted, or have one player hold them up so another can get a hit in, or have an elbow dug into their ribs and on and on. That's the game. It's violent, the NFL and ESPN and FOX Sports and the rest WANT a violent game. The fans, god help us, want a violent game. The ex-players enjoyed playing a violent game, but now their brains are mush so they're going after the league. That's all this is about; not player safety or any of this other mealy-mouthed bullshit from Goodell. They are running scared from a massive class-action lawsuit, period. Burfict had ONE unnecessary roughness penalty last season. One. He was not called for any other personal foul all year. What does that tell you? He hit an eligible receiver, squared up, with his shoulder, within 5 yards of the LOS. I DGAF if it was a PRESEASON game & neither should you. He was on a football field, playing football. If they're supposed to patty-cake their way through the preseason then let them do it in shorts like any other 1/2 speed practice. The NFL made yet another rule change to let receivers catch the ball without being touched. I'd never heard of this rule change before the suspension & neither had anyone else apparently. They needed to get everyone's attention and Goodell likes to wave his shriveled old dick around, so we get a 5 game suspension to make a point that had very little if anything to do with Burfict. 5 fucking games, for a hit that wasn't even flagged. He hit Antonio Brown a fraction of a second late, with his shoulder, 2 SEASONS AGO, KNOWING that if he catches it the Bengals probably lose. In the Playoffs. Again. That entire game, even while Stealers OL were diving at his knees after the whistle, the announcers were going on and on and on about that nasty, dirty, probably-a-communist Burfict. It was a fucking smear job from the start. Also, Antonio Brown fucking flopped like Pau Gisol. The Stealers were laughing with him about it on the sideline. That same sideline where one of their coaches PULLED A MAN'S HAIR. What happened to his fine? Poof, gone, thanks to Goodell. If he were a Stealer, Raven, or Patriot, he wouldn't be suspended. You can look at far worse players on any of those teams and see that plain as day. ONE MORE TIME: Vontaze Burfict is Goodell's whipping boy. They don't really want the NFL to change, but they need to put on a show for the lawyers and the courts. The reason is obvious.
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    In a move akin to your house guest shitting on the rug and then lighting some incense for you
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    Bottom line: there was no way the NFL was going to let one of its flagship franchises, one of its marquee QB's and its national game... lose to the Milwaukee Bucks. The calls/non-calls were in full NFL glory. I had this one called from the second quarter on. I was not surprised in the slightest. An eternal pox on this farce of a sport.
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    Almost every NFL QB ever to stride the gridiron has worse performances when his surrounding casts suck. This is why the few that do well under those circumstances stand out beyond the others. Dalton is not one of those men, and neither are most of the NFL QB's that have ever played. What's your point (and now I see you are suspended so I feel stupid for even asking but maybe the peanut gallery will chime in). Andy, like most NFL QB's not named Brady or Manning, suck without weapons. I'm here. This may be true. How much longer can the window be open for guys like AJ Green before they bail? Or become too expensive for Mike Brown? Geno Atkins is the best DT in the league. What games were you watching? Or maybe just the first halves of them. The saddest thing of this is that the Bengals had the cap room to resign BOTH of those guys, and failed to do so. Facepalm. But they continue to devise ways to NOT spend near the cap despite the newly invoked cap floor rules. We have lots of money floating around, we SHOULD have resigned Whitworth. Um...yes? Yes it is. Look, we are all Bengals fans, but the existence of an NFL team IS to win the Superbowl. We haven't even won a SINGLE playoff game under Marvin. It's stale, it's old, he needs fired, we need to make changes. I am SO sick of this shit. Sorry if I'm emotionally invested, it's called being a fan, which is shorthand for "fanatic". Why does Brady's postseason percentage matter when he clearly wins games, regardless of his talent or that of whomever fills the roster when he takes a snap? Like Barry Sanders behind a shitty oline, he just gets shit done. I realize that he's a generational talent and that Dalton will never be him or even close to it, but why the ratings? They are meaningless to winning games. What was the Rapists QBR in the first SB he won? A rapey 2.5 or something? Let's end with this: intangibles. Brady replaced Bledsoe, whom was a first round pick and much loved for his TANGIBLES. 6'5", could throw the ball around the yard, etc. A prototype QB (very much like Carson Palmer). Destiny, history and injury have a funny way of granting blessings to an unknown and unproven rookie from Bitchagain. Brady lacked ALL THE THINGS Bledsoe had. Yet...he marshalled his troops to victory, and continues to do so. Dalton LACKS that innate ability to slide step and stay in the pocket. He takes off running, sometimes for success, sometimes not. The ultimate point here is that yes, Dalton isn't elite, and it has nothing to do with stats. It has to do with cool-headedness under pressure, the ability to look off receivers, not lock in on first reads, and find the open man. Brady is a MASTER of that, as much as I hate him, and that's despite an all-star roster. Dalton doesn't have that ability, hence, our outcome.
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    I always want the Bengals to win, but it you put a gun to my head and say my life depends on the most accurate prediction, here it is. Marvin leaves Andy in and sticks to his guns across the board. The team plays much better and has a chance to win. They blow a few key plays, a couple borderline calls go against them, Marvin makes a couple questionable at best moves, and they find a way to lose. I hope I'm wrong. Also, someone will post how they're number 6 in completion percentage when playing above 44 degrees latitude. Number 4 when the moon is in a waxing crescent phase.
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    More likely we are the most "who gives a shit" team in the league.
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    It's like Chris Perry, Ben Utecht & Derrick Rose had an orgy and created a super baby.
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    Hahahahaha.... The Oline blocked someone? Surely you jest....
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    IMO he should have been fired after the San Diego playoff game. So if he's not back, it would be too late in moving on. But I wouldn't be surprised if he does return since the Browns don't really demand accountability from their employees.
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    Before it becomes a shit show? Would that not require time travel?
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    Well been given a 12 hour ban on twitter. Guess telling godell to suck my cook for his bullshit product wasn't a good idea. I'll bash the cunt tomorrow
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    Is football supposed to be depressing?
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    Well..he didn't miss a kick this week...
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    Well "conspiracy" implies that they are trying to hide it, not sure that fits at this point.. But we'll save you a seat. Help yourself to the beer & nachos but it's BYO foil hats.
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    I fully expect Ben to get an 8 game suspension out of that.
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    I generally hate Stephen A Smith but this is one rant I can continually get behind:
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    We just moved to Fort Lauderdale three weeks ago, split town two days ago for a family home in Sarasota, left yesterday and are now in Orlando. Irma's a deliberate yet waffling bitch.
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    I'm here - thanks Harry for checking on me. I thought Actium had moved away from Houston - but I'm not sure?
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    It's nice that y'all believe there is no corruptness in a billion dollar business. God bless you all.
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    Mike Nugent cut by the Giants. On the way out of camp, his car reportedly drifted wide left, hit the gate post and bounced back into the parking lot.
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    Maybe we should have a "Drama Queen of the Month" award... and then we'll also create an "Asshat of the Month" award. There is a standing nomination for that one...
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    I seriously cannot even believe they gave him 5 games for this shit. It feels like the NFL fucks the Bengals so bad... then time passes and I convince myself that I am just a fan that is programmed to feel that my team is singled out. Then it happens again. And again. And again. It makes it difficult to care. It makes it difficult not to wish bad things on certain mother fuckers. The only justice that can possibly happen on this is for there to be a complete reversal and no suspension at all. Anything else is utter bullshit.
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    Let it out, newprodigy, this is a safe space. If you can't come here and call Roger Goodell a smarmy, duplicitous goat-fucking misbegotten son of a filthy 5 dollar whore that would gladly suck the shit out of a roadkill possum if it got his name in the press, then.. Wait, what was the question?
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    Lol, SF2. And then you doubled down in your edit, adding everything after the bit I quoted above. Here's the deal. This whole "warrior-hero" bullshit is completely out of control. It's sick and bad for our society. I'd suggest that we rather focus on the concept of the "citizen-soldier."
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    That's a wild assumption on your part. Again I will say that this nationalist stuff where everyone that you disagree with is somehow a lesser patriot than you is dangerous shit. That path ends in mass graves. While I understand the military doesn't make these decisions, so no blame there from me.. But is that honestly what you think we were doing invading Iraq? Protecting our freedom? If you want to support the troops how about we start by not putting them in harm's way over some bullshit.
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    jesus fucking christ boycott games for people doing what AMERICA allows them to do. BOYCOTT PEOPLE TRYING TO GET BLACK PEOPLE NOT SHOT FOR NO REASON!!! AMERICA!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!??! i could not POSSIBLY support these players and this cause anymore! this is LITERALLY what america is SUPPOSED to be about. THIS is what freedom was faught for. if youre offended, thats on YOU. decent sized groups of people, sworm to serve and protect the citizens(not just the white ones) who many wear a flag on their uniforms, are killing unarmed black people by the dozens, and so multiple people with a platform are silently and peacefully, protecting these actions... and THATS what you want to boycott? jesus fuck.
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    LOL, Ya the Cleveland plan for QB's is the one we should follow. Get a grip man........
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    https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/907972245414453249 This made me laugh this morning.
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    Cue a week of "ARE DA PAYTREETS HURFDABLURGH BLER?!" from the sports media like they aren't going to be a #2 seed at worst by December
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    if huber would have kicked it or ran for the first after that behind the back move.... instant god!!!!

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