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    Marvin said he expects him to be ready for opening day after the amputation heals.
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    Remember when Obama was all over Twitter on a daily basis whining about it? Oh that's right he's a mature adult that had more important things on his mind. I almost forgot what that's like for a second. Sad covfefe!
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    Fuck the stats. I have seen the Marvengals come out of the locker room after half time looking like the cast of extras from the Walking Dead. Give up on the running game that was working, try to sit on a two point lead for two quarters, and other Marvin chicken shit stuff.
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    Possible but I'd call it a longshot, more on account of the coaches than the roster. Neither of the OC's or the HC inspire much confidence.
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    Oh I agree that Griffin made her own bed and that Clinton cant take any responsibility for her loss. However the point of that meme was to suggest that had it been Clinton on the receiving end of Griffin's pic that the Republican's would be frothing at the mouths..... after all they were the ones that chanted "lock her up" at their convention.... ironically led by a guy that was compromised by the Russians...and himself should be locked up.
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    For 8 years every time there was some sort of attack we heard that "Moderate Muslims need to repudiate this" (as if they are responsible for idiots) .... then we get what happened in Portland and our President says nothing.... but as soon as another attack happens in London what is the first tweet this jackass sends out? .... A tweet about his ban. Is this is what makes America, white, err....I mean great again?
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    Seriously fuck your selective outrage.
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    I agree what she did was wrong, but let me know when Ted Nugent apologizes for this..... You see conservatives are REALLY good at being bullies and playing the victim when someone does something as ugly as they do.
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    If you do the same thing on the right you get invited to the white house.
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    Clicked on it because I thought he was worried about Kids that will never see a Bengals playoff victory
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    Alt-Right sounds too much like a keyboard shortcut. I'm sure that is intentional. I suggest we continue to call Nazis "Nazis". "Shit for brains" or "John Doe" are also acceptable.
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    TJ cleaning his cleats with a "Terrible Towel"
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    Why don't you quit your crying and go buy a "#6 in Come for Behind Victories" t shirt like the rest of us? I wear it when my "Playoffs: 5 Years in a Row, Bitches" shirt is in the wash.
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    Putting words in my mouth? I didn't say that. Quit trolling.
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    You fail at humor. I blame that omgdrdoom guy, he starts talking about "logic" all the time and now everyone's running around here in togas with this "if the subset of not x is defined by b where x" >= the height of my pile of bullshit"... We're talking about a practice field for a football team FFS. Nobody is being graded on it.
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    There is never hope, none. Never has been. This is the most jaded fan base this side of the Mets. Sorry...err..I mean realistic.
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    You started this dumbass thread. It screams "joke" and now you call people whiny ass crybabies? Who the F cares what they should be called?
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    The Republican Party’s Sickness of the Soul "There’s a sickness on the land. You know the facts: millions of Americans lives in poverty. The number of Americans in the workforce remains low. Wages are stagnating and inequality is growing. “Deaths of despair” from alcoholism, opioid overdose, and suicide are on the rise. But it’s not just the inequality, or the poverty, or the despair, that wounds us. It’s the fact that so many Republican leaders and voters find ways to justify living with these injustices, and are now making them worse. There’s no polite way to say it: they suffer from a sickness of the soul." I'd only add that the neoliberal, donor class Democrats aren't much better.
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    Yeah, I'm the one that's butthurt. Not a President who's coked out of his gourd at 4am tweeting nonsense every time some has-been comedian takes a shot at him. Tons of people saw that Nugent clip, it was all over the news the same way that lame-assed photo shoot is now. Just because you agreed with it or chose to ignore it doesn't make it obscure. Call me a "butthurt liberal" if it makes you feel better but nothing's going to change the fact that you fell in line behind a sleazebag reality TV con artist & let your fear and ignorance try to set the country back 100 years. The saddest part about it is that you think you somehow won something.
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    Nice to see things haven't changed with you Fred. Yes, Marvin has accomplished a lot more than me. Well at least from a financial perspective. He's been paid a sh*t ton of money to win a Super Bowl. With that being his main objective as a coach, you could argue that he hasn't accomplished sh*t. I served this country in our military for 20+ years and have fought in multiple wars. One might argue that I've accomplished quite a bit in my life to this point. So maybe he hasn't accomplished more than me ?? Either way, it's a piss poor comment to make to any poster here.
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    Any Lottery amount over Superbowl. Now I know my memory is shit, but I can't remember who are the current champions, let alone who won it last year, or the one before. The moment the draft rolls around whoever won the Superbowl becomes meaningless history. Whereas I've spent 18 years being stupidly poor, unable to provide for my family. Any amount of money, 10K upwards, would make a massive difference to my quality of life. Fucking hell 20K would get me out of debt and let me carpet the bedroom floor. You think I'd trade that for a football game?
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    Personally, I don't give a shit what Peko says or thinks. He is gone and the Bengals are better for it. Bottom line, he was a member (actually team captain) on multiple teams that didn't get it done. He shares equally in that failure.
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    The word your looking for is, Lexiphanicism: The use of pretentious words or language. The student's lexiphanicismis an obvious attempt to appear smart but really only serves to make him look pompous. Ironically, the very word lexiphanicism is an example in it of itself LOL.
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    And Mixon hit a woman. And Mike Brown is cheap. Therefore everyone Dre knows is a drugged out criminal because every black guy who makes a rap video is a total piece of shit.
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    Only 3 less than the NFL's Sons of Light, Western PA Edition. Think what they could be if they had the League's assistance?
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    It amazes me the short term memory you conservatives have, once it's your guys in power. The 2nd Amendment Solutions - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/16/sharron-angle-floated-2nd_n_614003.html OR 'The point isnt about guns, it's about the suggestion of using them on folks you disagree with when you dont get your way That was a hallmark threat of the right these past few years So when folks suggest this is a left issue.... I say again .... shuuuuuuut the fuck up
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    I voted if the line steps up...but this is honestly how I feel.. I don't have any faith in Ole Marv anymore.
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    Yeah I wonder.. I suspect it's better for everyone that the man is such a complete jackass, though. If he had any sort of self-restraint or cunning he might be truly dangerous. OTOH the difference between a toddler playing with matches and a dedicated arsonist is largely an academic one if you're on fire.
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    Maybe it did. Welfare programs should be reserved for people who are truly deserving, the most vulnerable of our citizens, like the Board of Directors at Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley.
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    Well you see, the problem there is that if Dur Nooge started apologizing for all the shitty things he's said or done we'd never hear the end of it. That inbred sack of hammer-smashed assholes has done more harm to the reputation of hunters and gun owners than Charlton Heston and that lion-hunting dentist combined.
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    Oh and while were at it, fuck Trump's selective outrage too
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    All of it. You're the fucking president, it goes with the territory. If he can't put on his big-boy pants and deal with that maybe he should go back to snorting coke off the plastic ass of his latest trophy wife. It's hilarious that a guy whose followers are so quick to call people snowflakes and whiners and joke about "safe spaces" can't handle some hack comedian. Like most bullies they can dish it out but can't take it themselves. Did you have your head in the sand for the last 8 years or is this just a case of selective memory alternative facts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy8RIiTyhMI That's not even comedy, that's some inbred dickwipe talking about shooting him while brandishing rifles in both hands. Off limits, you say?
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    Isn't he the guy that moved to Montana and became a Dental Floss tycoon?
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    Sturm Ruger & Company Inc NYSE: RGR - May 26, 4:47 PM EDT 63.30USD0.80 (1.28%)
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    Uh no. I never made that assumption at all. But I know enough about the NFL to know that spending more money ion free agency does not guarantee anything.
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    Glad you and spouse made it to Prague safely, my friend. Best to you both. it just tipped 100 degrees the other day...followed by a day with 40 mph wind gusts. But I made $25 on video 21, after a round of golf! Viva Las Vegas!
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    {Looks for guillotine manufacturers in which to invest} Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
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    I agree with the pick in regards to what it does for our offense. Taking him over other players available is arguable for sure. However, I don't think stats are going to be the real indicator in judging his success. His speed alone opens things up for other players. Are you going to go one on one with AJ or are you going to double him and chance that speed ?? Accounting for that speed also will be a thought in whether or not an opposing defense wants to try to stack the box. If they don't, that opens things up for our RB's. Also can't forget Eifert running down the middle of the field. There are many weapons and maybe Ross doesn't see the massive stats, but his speed will in fact make things easier for other who may.
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    Do you have kids? Any family at all? I don't know. I just think it's extremely selfish for even $5k, at least in my personal situation. I'm firmly in the middle class with a wife and 2 kids so to me it would be absurdly irresponsible to forego almost any amount of cash over a somewhat useless football game.
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    Lotto!!!!!!!!! I love the Bengals...But come on man... Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com