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    I just have to say: oldschooler, it is great having you back and keeping us informed. 🐯
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    Are you fucking kidding me...REALLY? How many years in a row have we sat and watched this team do absolutely nothing to address glaring problems and needs? Do you post this shit from a jail house and was the gang a bit rough on you last night? You should be doing back flips over this maneuver by an otherwise "never give a shit" front office. This not only solidifies our OLT needs with a stud quality player at a bargain price, it also maneuvers us down in the draft's sweet spot...where we can address a whole assortment of other needs in a BPA outlook. This is the best off season move this franchise has made in memory, yet you're crying like a little girl for some reason? Dude, get a grip on just how good this was. We were slated to start Ogbuehi next season, with the hopes that Pollack would sprinkle some sort of magic dust on him!
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    Whatcha doin? Aw nuthin... Chewin grass, trampling some tourists.. Just buffalo stuff yknow Y'all got any more of those free agents? Send nudes.
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    From Kat Terrell on Twitter: Someone just updated Jarvis Landry's Wikipedia page. It now says: Born: November 28, 1992 in Convent, Louisiana. Died: Friday, March 9 in Cleveland, Ohio
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    All I will say is, if you don't like what the Bengals have done this week then you want to be miserable. Have not fun.
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    Yes, but they went to different schools together.
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    Wait a minute...now we have two fucking guys who like to call themselves Swag?
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    6. Sell the team to someone that knows what they're doing.
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    So does everyone outside of Shitsburgh. Problem being everyone else gets suspended for doing that kind of thing.
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    The injury thing is being overblown. He played/started in 61 consecutive games prior to 2016 season where he missed 5. Sounds like the issue was fixed in January.
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    The Bengals have won 5 playoff games in their history, and 4 of those wins came in 1981 and 1988. We all know when their 5th and last playoff win was. We're constantly reminded of it. Yet, they think doing it the way they've always done it is the only way to go. So frustrating. Swing for the motherfucking fences every fucking once in awhile! Give fans some optimism and hope! COT TAM!!!
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    I'm betting Hobson started his wedding night by telling his bride "Honeymoon hits: Little Hobknob comes in undersized, speed and technique over size and endurance". Dude has a real gift for using 300 words to explain to you that you're going to be disappointed.
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    Since some have a problem with me adding more than just my thoughts to this thread. Here goes ... I hate when someone says "Laws won't stop this". Since when did we create laws to completely stop anything? Why is that the standard to some people when it comes to guns? Why is it an all or nothing with them? I have no problem with people having guns. I have a problem with how easy idiots can get guns. No law ends what ever you are making that law for. Murder has been illegal forever. Laws are put in to place to reduce the negative impact something has on our society. Just like speed limits, seat belts and DUIs didn't end all deaths from cars, but they were put in to place for the greater good of society. It greatly reduces deaths and the negative impact felt by us all. Watching kids get gunned down at school, people shot at concerts, at the movies, at churches and clubs is not OK. Doing nothing is not acceptable. The United States has 4.4% of the World's population and has over 48% of the World's guns. These mass shootings are a uniquely American problem. If more guns were the answer, then by just factoring in the number of guns in this country, we should already be the safest place on Earth. If you make the schools like compound or prisons, churches would be the next frequent targets. Make churches like compounds or prisons, then hospitals would be the next targets. Make those like compounds or prisons, other soft targets would be next. Instead of making everywhere you go like a prison, how about we look at the problem of how easily obtained weapons of war are? Because making everywhere we go like a prison doesn't sound much like the land of the free to me. As far as arming teachers, that's a horrible idea. They're educators, not policemen. There have been studies where trained professional police officers, who go to gun ranges on a consistent basis, when put under stressful situations only hit 18% of their targets. That means 8 out of every 10 bullets don't hit their target. That means they would likely hit an innocent person they are trying to protect. An AR-15 bullet travels over 2,000 mph (2,800 feet per second). When you factor in the fact they can have magazines that hold 30 bullets or more, more bullets flying through the air are just going to cause more carnage. A cop froze during this last shooting, he did nothing. But teachers are going to be the answer? Arming them makes it all better? It's an NRA stance to sell more guns. Because in case you haven't noticed, that is their stance on everything. The "Trump Slump" has resulted in a $100 million gun sales dip since last year. Arming 40% of American teachers would generate over $1 billion for the gun industry. Fuck the NRA. I'll add more when I have a moment.
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    2 concealed-carry holders nearly shot each other during the Giffords assassination attempt. The "good guy with a gun" narrative is macho fantasy bullshit only meant to sell more guns. Elite special forces ninja operators sometimes shoot the wrong person so I have little faith in the average schmuck. I've been around guns my entire life & still prefer not to be around armed strangers. I think those neckbeards carrying their rifle into Chipotle are the worst kind of twitchy asshole.
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    https://agingmillennialengineer.com/2018/02/15/fuck-you-i-like-guns-2/ My Step-Brother (20+ years in the military) posted a link to the the other day and I thought it was a good read. **Sorry if this was posted elsewhere...didn't go back through the thread.
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    Written after Newtown, but still relevant: From "Operation Wetback" To Newtown: Tracing The Hick Fascism Of The NRA
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    Hobknob had already declared the Bengals done spending after they re-signed Eifert. They then proceeded to sign two more UFA that will count against their precious comp picks. Goes to show how well he can read the tea leaves. I don't think it's very difficult to understand. It was widely reported that the Bengals had ample cap space as well as money rolled over from last season. Not to mention the savings from declining Pacman's option. The money was there if they were willing to spend it.
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    Mike Brown seems like the type of guy who won't spring for sprinkles when he takes his kids to DQ for the monthly ice cream cone. All of this complaining about spending money on talent is ridiculous, especially when you consider the NFL gives the owners hundreds of millions of dollars to pay the players. Maybe if Brown spent money on quality players he would make more money on ticket sales, merchandise, licensing fees, etc..
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    100% agree, I remember when me Oldschooler used to go at it. I had a different handle, I used to post here under Bengal_Smoov. He's one of the original members of this board, ever since John Thornton closed his board and Go started this place. Two cheers for Oldschooler, hip hip hooray!!! Hip hip hooray!!!!
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    If Eifert had managed to stay healthy for 16 games even with pedestrian stat line, he would have been a $9-10 Mil player to sign. Complaining about him getting $5 Mil is silly. We could easily go back a year and show all of the "Have to save money for Eifert's big deal" posts. This isn't 2001, and the cap isn't $80 Mil. It's a good deal for the Bengals. The only thing silly about this is the insistence that a team with almost $40 Mil to spend in FA is all tapped out after trading for a LT that's rather affordable and a TE that costs less than several of the league's backups. But that's the Bengal way of doing business.
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    Ced shouldn't be in the NFL, he can't play at this level. The only reason why he is on an NFL roster is that he was first round pick, if he was a 7th round pick he would be out of the league by now.
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    OK, moment's over, good feelings gone. I guess we'll just have to find some other ridiculously talented TE to limp, drool, play shuffleboard on cruise ships and sell advertising time on 700 WLW then. Maybe we can have Burfict hit Kroft in the head a few times until he "gets it".
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    Signed: Preston Brown Matt Barkley Lost: Andre Smith Katherine Webb Chris Smith Jeremy Hill
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    Class act. Glad he's back and a Bengal.
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    He is the reason they make sand paper dildos. Just needs to be butt hurt about something.
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    Patriots finally make a signing: BREAKING: Patriots Sign NFL Referee Carl Paganelli To 3-Year Deal Worth $12 Million http://dailysnark.com/breaking-patriots-sign-nfl-referee-paul-goldstein-3-year-deal-worth-12-million/
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    He's 28. At a position where players do well into their mid-30s or even later. The price tag he carries is slightly less than what Whit went for at age 35. And while the injury thing is a gamble, he's had the surgery and is supposed to be field ready by May. So, I guess I see no good reason to just shit on this? Other than to keep being that guy who shits on everything? I miss the old t-dub, I guess.
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    This shit is so fucking old.
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    Isn't a 4-3 DE with the most QB hits and batted passes in the last 5 years scarce too though? Also, only JJ Watt has him beat among ALL NFL DEs in QB hits, not just the 4-3 guys. I honestly think Carlos Dunlap is one of the most underrated players in the NFL even by Bengals fans. He's an 8 or so sacks, couple forced fumbles, always in the QBs face kind of guy year in and year out. Dude deserves more respect than he gets. I really think we need both here for a few more seasons. The defense is immediately much worse without either of them.
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    They bought his story! What a bunch of maroons.
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    Geoff Hobson just crunched the number using the new cap info and they have $2.34 to spend in free agency after accounting for all the implications supposed dumbasses like us don't understand.
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    Does she smoke weed? Is she knock-kneed? Is she on crack? Does she take her coffee black? Is she on blow? Does she dance the disco? Is she on heroin? Is she in to chicks or men? Is she on angel dust? Will she fill my loins with lust? I do not like the franchise tag I do not like it Kat you hag! ~Dr SF2uess
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    I bet she loves it doggy style. She's kinda hot in a Detective Benson sort of way. Also note the western themed / Longmire guitar in the background. Whoa, she means business! And how DARE these people use free speech to change things! What exactly DOES the flag represent? Keeping the Messcans on their side of the line? The colord's on their side of the tracks? What exactly are 'our' values?
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    If the NFL, media, Pittsburgh franchise, anyone...was serious about player safety, they would lead every one of these press releases/stories with "Shazier, who injured himself by using the same spearing technique he employed throughout his career, is..."
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    My first response to this thread was almost 4 years ago. All of it still holds true and I still care. And if you don't care you're still just some douche with a gun and part of the problem.
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    Yoo shouldn't lead with yer helmet; leading with yer helmet's bad, mmmkay?
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    Very good read on the subject.... Cincinnati Bengals top NFL in draft pick accumulation, but does it matter?
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    Fixed it for you.
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    What we said: We need common sense legislation to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. What you heard: We are confiscating all guns, melting them down and making a statue of Colin Kaepernick kneeling
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    And you saw my reply and had nothing to say for almost a year. The first thing you said to this thread, after this latest mass shooting, without my prompting was this ... You tell me "it's time to choose sides" in a message. Next time I see you say anything, it is that. Yet, I spew rhetoric that backs you in to a corner? This is the post I made about morality... I posted that in general, yet you took it that I directed it straight at you. That's my fault? Also, I don't know why you keep missing what I am saying. I don't have a problem with people owning guns. I have a problem with idiots owning guns. That is my stance. How you continually turn that into I want to take away your right to defend your family, is beyond me. If you see kids getting killed at school, people getting killed at concerts, at movie theaters, clubs, churches and you don't see a problem, want to fix it and only care about your guns, then what do you call that? Lack of empathy? Morality? What? This has to be hyperbole. Well I didn't vote for Trump. I'm looking forward to his impeachment. The dude isn't even a good human being. And he is without the worst President in the history of this country. I can't wrap my head around the Hillary is evil shit. She had a great resume, but she was a horrible candidate. I wish Bernie had won. Why was Obama so bad in your eyes? Was it the saving the economy, shit? Wanting to make healthcare better? The fact he didn't have a scandal? Didn't grab pussies? Didn't get rich off the backs of others? Wasn't a narcissistic, lying asshole? Didn't try to make the rich richer and poor poorer? Didn't try and fuck up the environment? Didn't kiss Putin's ass? Wasn't bought and paid for by the NRA? I haven't insulted you at all.
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    Why mandate training, licensing, and insurance to drive a motor vehicle? Why mandate licensure and training for medical professionals? Hey, I think I'm capable of driving a fully loaded 18-wheeler, give me a crack at it! We do so to ensure that people with certain responsibilities are capable of performing those tasks in a manner that is safe for the general public. Look, you're the type of guy I want owning weapons; you're smart, you're even keel, and you're well trained, but there is no way to paint you as the typical gun owner because you're certainly not. You ask why we would burden the "Overwhelming majority of law-abiding Americans" with requirements I listed above. You can talk about citizens being "law-abiding" all you want, it doesn't mean that they aren't dipshits with impulse control problems that have no business owning a firearm. I think it's common sense to root those people out and exclude them. As for the criminal aspect: I have no answer, but I did touch on it in my response to T-Dub's comment, and when you speak out against criminality, you're really speaking out against violence. I do believe that the source of that violence is rooted in institutional racism, poverty, and income disparity, but again I have no solution aside from a good plague. We have crime here, but it's mainly pick-pockets and petty theft. Violent crime is very rare, murders are extremely rare (and I live in the capital city). That's a cultural difference. The Czechs are decidedly non-confrontational, which is a cultural mark, just like violence and oppression are hallmarks of the American culture, starting with eradicating the native inhabitants on the continent, to shipping in other human beings from across the globe as chattel for economic gain, to the storied violence of the "Wild West" (though they did have gun control then, just FYI). Does that mean every American is a murderous douchebag? Of course not, but violence has been a running thread since the founding of the country, and I've no delusions of it ever changing. That said, I'm not even sure why I continue to discuss this topic, aside from the fact that you're a good egg and I value your opinion. I do not believe that anything will ever change in my lifetime, and I'm just glad that we didn't procreate...
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    My God she's so cute, I just wanna wear matching pajamas and spoon with her on the couch while binge watching Greys Anatomy.

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