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    Is less than 2 weeks away now. It will open for guesses the morning of April 13 and close around 9pm on the 21st. Since I have been doing this since 2005 I won't give you a "warning" on guess format.
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    We should be expanding Ross's role, not looking to replace him. He proved to be a good goal line option last year. We should make more use of him in the open field. Run him on a jet sweep once or twice a game while including a couple of fake sweeps a game to hold the defense. Put him on a side by himself and dare the defense to play bump and run or concede yards in off coverage or have to double team him. I expect Taylor to have more uses for him than Marvin had.
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    No, actually, it wasn't. 8th in the NFL in rush yards per carry and 12th in fewest sacks. It wasn't great, but the O-line was good enough.
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    Yeah, but when they go 6-10 this year, their tears taste like candy.
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    Wanting something and doing what is necessary to get what you want are not the same thing.
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    If we pass on Ed Oliver for Devin Bush I might need a new TV.
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    that's what he gets for liking the browns
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    I mean 5 years 374 receptions and 4994 yards while in Denver is pretty damn strong. Isn't a crying bitch either. Would have loved to have him next to AJ Green.
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    Who would be the next workout warrior WR or injured OT on the list? Take one of those.
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    I can live with the label ”Truth Assistant”. Certainly better than being, “Defender of Status Quo” for an organization that has consistently underachieved for over a quarter of a century. With all the LONG overdue changes in coaching ranks one thing hasn’t: The Bengals’ Front Office did next to nothing to improve the team in FA. At the end of the day a lot of things will have to go right for this team to be a Wild Card team at best. Status Quo.
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    He's probably a good half inch taller when not having to carry an entire team on his back
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    That may seem like a good move now, but we'll see how it looks when we're making all those impact picks at the bottom of the 6th round and they can't even afford injury settlements in 2037.
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    Some of the combine measurements for a few of the LBs that are usually talked about for the Bengals: Player Age School Height Wt 40YD Vertical BenchReps Broad Jump 3Cone Shuttle Devin White 21 LSU 6-0 237 4.42 39.5 22 118 7.07 4.17 Devin Bush 20 Michigan 5-11 234 4.43 40.5 21 124 6.93 4.23 David Long 20 West Virginia 5-11 227 4.45 39.5 15 120 Blake Cashman 22 Minnesota 6-1 237 4.5 37.5 18 124 6.95 4.12 Ben Burr-Kirven 21 Washington 6-0 230 4.56 34.5 21 121 6.85 4.09 Germaine Pratt 22 North Carolina St. 6-2 240 4.57 32.5 24 116 Just throwing the info out there since some people might not have paid much attention to their combine performances.
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    Playing devil's advocate, there are some who see Hart as a young player with enough raw talent to be a starter in the NFL. He has the size and athleticism teams look for and he has a ton of starts for being only 23 going on 24. Why the results haven't been there for Hart is the big question obviously. Whether you believe the stat geeks or just your own eyeballs, Hart was well below average last year. That's just a fact. It is highly unlikely he would have received significant interest on the open market. Why the front office seems to believe otherwise is mystifying. Talking about finding another Willie Anderson or not paying $17 million a year to Trent Brown is irrelevant to the deal they handed Hart. They overpriced his value and their defensiveness about the criticism they received tells me they probably realize it too.
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    Mike Brown wants to win...his way And that is the problem...
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    More like beating dead kids. I thought you only got on people that said bad things about the Bengals. Anyone that thinks the gun laws in this country are ok is just delusional.
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    If he's talking positive about a Bengals player, he's someone you don't like.
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    We cut the 3rd string RB so that is a priority in the draft. Our starting OL is Gimpy, Boling, Greenhorn, Spud, & Horsemeat with Think Happy Thoughts as back-up, so we're set there.
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    You can deflect all you want, when your priority in FA is to immediately sign a bad OT and think it was a good move you deserve scorn on a frequent basis. Remember, these are the same guys who were confident with Ced and Fisher when there was zero evidence to do so.
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    My sentimental favorite was the guy who bridged Cook and Anderson - Virgil Carter. Damn, I miss NFL Films highlights (especially the music). 😁
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    I don't really see a downside to adding Duffner to the staff. He's a veteran coach with coordinator experience and he's familiar with the organization. His specialty is coaching linebackers and he should be a good resource for the new LB coach. Fixing our problems at LB is the biggest issue facing the defense, IMO. It can't hurt to add a veteran like Duffner to help turn things around.

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