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    Yeah Simmons wasn't a HoFer but he was a pretty good LB here. About the clueless take I'd expect from some windowlicking Steeler troll but I'm not sure why we're tolerating those now?
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    You can take this post and switch Andy Dalton with Carson Palmer and have the exact same results. It was always fun watching Pick Six Palmer who blamed others for his failings besides himself. Hell even Willie Anderson called him out on it but please keep telling us how Andy Dalton who had a better career with the Bengals is worse than the guy in your sig.
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    It's what dickheads do.
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    Fans set arbitrary standards and then fail to remain consistent with them. If we want we can hate Boomer forever because he stunk up the field in the Super Bowl. Kenny Anderson must have been hot garbage; he threw two interceptions to the 49ers and let his team fall behind 20-0. The good things don't matter when you can't get over the bad things. It's a mindset for entitled little shits.
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    incorrect. At the end of that one you would have to put..and then he quit on the team like a bitch, so at least he's gone.
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    If I pay 300 bucks for a jersey it better come with a cheerleader inside of it.
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    New days , having a Bengal included in stuff like this:
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    I've posted some of my work on social media before, but bailed on my accounts in there because they're distraction hell! This is a concept I've been working on for a while through multiple iterations. At one point, I had the stripes up on top of the shoulders, but it didn't play as well as I hoped in a straight on view. So I made some changes. This is clearly a throwback inspired project, but as the Chargers have shown, you don't need to re-invent the wheel to make something sick. In fact, I think our jerseys are old looking now because they're from an era where design teams were trying to design motion into their work. That practice in and of itself is basically faded into the background, and clean, sharp, simple but powerful design is back in the fold. Look how many teams have abandoned their Nike designs for something more classic. I think we should follow suit. Here's the link to the entire set. https://www.behance.net/gallery/96655579/Cincinnati-Bengals-Uniform-Concepts?
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    People have strong negative opinions on Dalton, and I get it - we never won a playoff game with him. But you know what? He NEVER quit on this team or the city.
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    Bengals even thanked our boy for supporting the franchise https://twitter.com/ochocinco/status/1263191300700024833
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    ah shit. I got my scumbag stealer LB's mixed up.
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    You should have died from alcohol poisoning by now.
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    Carson had a devastating injury as we all know and was never the same after that, yea, he was able to play, but I really believe he would’ve helped us win a SB if that never occurred.
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    I don’t mean to inflame anything beyond where it is, however, statistically speaking, Dalton, in nine years, was either this franchise’s best quarterback or second best, depending on how you weigh metrics. He compiled some pretty gaudy numbers. Not having success in a number of specific games, well, given just how roundly, holistically the team shit the bed, I can’t bring myself firmly focus my ire on one, single guy.
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    so because he was a nice guy, we should have been elated to have a QB who couldnt get the job done for roughly a decade? Fans want to see their team succeed. i do not care what he did in the city, his life, his time, his money, if he helped people, awesome, has nothing to do with me. Whats most infuriating about dalton, is he actually has a big of an ego, and he really thinks he is a top QB. in his mic'd up playoff games, in his press conferences. you see real leader QB's in a press conference, like brady, rodgers, luck, even palmer did it, they could throw 4-5 TD,s lose 40-42, and come out and say "i need to play better, i need to make more plays" and andy would come out after throwing 1-2 picks and no scores in a playoff game and say "we need to play better" like dude the defense scored a TD, the defense held the texans to 19 total points. after the game he is told JJ watt called him the red rider bb gun, and in about as embarrassing of a comment as you can possibly make he said "thats uncalled for, there are kids watching" he is a walking talking butt fumble. that comment about jj watts comment, the multiple backfield screen pass interceptions, including breaking his own thumb making a tackle after one of them, the diving untouched fumble in the playoffs. there is nothing to have pride in with andy dalton. why would anyone want 9 years of average QB play? after repeated proof that he cannot win anything that matters? id like to think i am a pretty big bengals fan, i had season tickets for 13 years, several of which i as across the country, i had this place going for like 16 years now.. and andy drove me to not even watch FOOTBALL anymore. there was no reason to watch, there was no chance of winning a playoff game, and fans got tired of being in QB purgatory. good enough to not get cut, bad enough to never win. thats where us... "haters" are coming from. andy dalton made football not fun to even watch, and he thought he was king shit. he bitched publicl about being benched, as if if he was a top prospect someone wouldnt have worked out a deal for him in 1 day? if aaron rodgers got benched and the team gave him permission to seek a trade at 4pm with a 5pm deadline, the packers would be fielding 8 deals and one would have gone through. he is dlusional. he AGAIN blamed the bengals for his "late release" for not finding a team to start... his agent and his family needs to stop lyig to him, he is a starter on a terrible team, he is a backup at best otherwise.... 32 nfl teams agreed he isnt better than their current starter.. that list includes: GARDNER MINSHEW!!, 40 yr old phillip rivers, ryan tannehill, derek carr, tyrod tailer, trubisky, cousins, and so on... the OC who picked him in the draft who has gardner minshew, didnt offer him a deal...in favor fo gardner minshew.. and he is out there blaming the bengals... andy dalton can kiss my ass.... the bengals game him a job, paid him 83 million to be mediocre, gave him a ton of weapons, and got NOTHING in return... IMO...
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    awesome, now that daltons been replaced and we've locked that thread due to petty name calling , the oline will start actually block, no more will our wifes or 4 year old children call out the plays before the snap. the linebackers will now magically appear in the same frame as the RB or TE when they catch the ball over the middle, the refs will begin calling fouls correctly , the nfl wont go to a commercial right before the bengals pick only to come back and be talking about the pick afterwards the sun will come out and it will finally stop raining in cincinnati. and all it took was for Andy Dalton to be released.
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    So the NFL is saying that they have these scenarios and plans in place but in reality they don't know nuttin.
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    No, but I can see him reading it silently to himself and his lips moving.
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    Didn't realize I was in JESUS & DRUMPF
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    That would only only give you six games,
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    for some reason, the "Dalton Released" thread was "closed to further replies". Well.....I have a further reply: You know, I don't really get the hatred for Andy Dalton. You can throw out all the " never won a playoff game, sucked at clutch time, interceptions and on and on and on. I know - I was there too - with everyone else. But here's the thing..... Andy didn't ask to play for the Bengals, we drafted him. He certainly isn't an elite quarterback - he is probably middle of the pack. What he did do is show up every day and played as well as he was capable for this team. You can't ask for more than that - give the best that you have. He was never a distraction or a complainer, even when he was benched or had to live through the rest of the crap that was this team - he stood tall and did the best that he could. He kept a great attitude and never bitched like so many player do. He isn't Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson but he doesn't have that. If you really have to blame someone - blame the front office for not finding a better replacement. I think it would be hard to find a classier and more generous person than Andy. That doesn't win playoff games - I get it - but Andy gave us the best that Andy had to give. For those of you who have to hate and will probably dribble all over this post - have at it - that's your issue. Best of luck Andy and thanks for all you gave this city!
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    The O-line will be a multi-year process. But we have a decent start. 1) The scheme change. It looked like it helped everyone. Jordan and Hart in particular played better in the second half. And Johnson looked decent. XSF is supposed to match the scheme well. 2) From Sieve to Strength Usually takes more than 1 year. Jordan (early), Hart (early), Price, Redmond, and Smith were sieves last year. Jerry was not much better. Check out our PFF grades for last year (GS/G): 1. C Hopkins (16/16) 62.4 2. RT Hart (16/16) 57.7 (better 2nd) 3. LG Jordan (9/13) 43.7 (70+ 2nd) 4. RG Su'a-Filo (4/11) 60.1 5. LT Williams (DNP) If the 2nd half improvements from Jordan (who was around 35 for the first half) and Hart hold, everyone should be over 60 for the year. If so, perhaps the line won't be a strength, but at least it won't be a weakness. Only 2 other Bengals lineman graded out over 60 last year: 6. LT Glenn (5/6) 68.4 (released) 7. T/G Johnson (1/6) 62.6 8. RG Miller (13/13) 58.6 (released) 9. G/T Jerry (5/11) 55.6 (gone) 10. T Smith (5/6) 51.0 (waived) 11. G Redmond (2/3) 50.6 12. G/C Price (8/16) 41.8 3) Glenn factor In addition to the scheme change, and the Jordan/Hart strides, the other major factor in the line not looking like total crap late last year was Cordy Glenn at LT. He was, by far, our highest graded lineman last year. But he is gone, which leads us to.. 4) Across the board starter improvement There is no way Jordan will be as bad to start the year as he was last year. Experience, the new scheme, and having a competent LT beside him should again see an uptick. That LT should be even better with Williams this year. If Williams is a stud and Jordan is better than the end of last year, the left side could be a real strength. The rest of the line is merely competent, at best. Hopkins was OK, and perhaps improves some in his 2nd year at C. XSF is a slight upgrade on Miller. Hart improved but most hope Johnson beats him out. 5) Poor depth Aside from Johnson, there is not much here to inspire confidence. Price was awful last year and his contract may be the only reason he is still here, along with his ability to play C. Hopefully injuries played a part. Redmond was better than Price, but still not very good. Adeniji is a versatile piece who is probably a year away from contributing. Prince & Dugas did not play last year. 6) Going forward If not this year, then hopefully next, we see at least 2 more additions to the line. A real plus player at C/G & T. Draft or FA. This bumps 1-2 of Hopkins, Hart/Johnson, and XSF to the bench (whomever does not play well this year), where they join Adeniji as perfectly fine backups. Redmond & Price walk. Now, if Hopkins, Johnson/Hart, and/or XSF knock it out of the park this year (or Price does), adjust accordingly.
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    I was looking at some players that could be cut in the next few months that could be available to compete, replace, or add to the talent level at the offensive line; here are my top candidates in no particular order: -Kendall Lamm- Teaming him up with :Gaither-Davis could be good for the App St. star. With recent draft picks Lamm could be a cap casualty. - Nick Gates - The front office and fans love this guy but then they add 3 more players that are arguable better/drafted higher than him in the past 50 days. - David Quessenbarry - He's a smart player that can add value if he's healthy. The Titans drafted Wilson, signed Sambrailo in FA, and Kelly Dennis is very popular in Nash Vegas; leaving Danny in limbo. -Martinis Rankin - Could be the odd man out, if so he's definitely worth adding to this roster. The addition of Niang in the draft and Remmers in FA doesn't bode well for his future in KC. - Oli Udoh - He's young talent that could get cut in favor of a higher pick. Raw but has the tools to get better, physically he's gifted. He's going to have beat out more experienced guys to make the final roster. I believe guys like Douglas, Prince, and Redmond could be upgraded with these players.
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    Read where Hamilton was indicted on charges of beating his 14yr old daughter.. He was a natural hitter.. He could have been one of the greats. Drugs took him down to the depths many times.. He fought those demons but he couldnt sustain his will against them.. His cursed habit might have led to his daughter using..or worse.. Hes one of the tormented souls .. I wish him peace someday.
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    God damn... That was the day I became a Bengal fan. First time I have ever saw them on TV. I was 4 years old, and live in NorCal. My dad is a 49er fan. I had to go against him. That's what I did.. I was a Dodger fan, dad was a Giant fan, and my first time watching football was the Bengals against my dad's team the 49ers. Sure enough, when the Bengals lost I cried. Cried and cried and cried, but a new Bengal fan was born. 1989 was the same. Watched, and we ALMOST won, but in the end we lost and I remember being so pissed off that I didn't care about the "do not walk on grass sign" at school and walked on the new grass and had to go to the office. I was around too many cheering 49er fans so I showed them by walking on their new grass!!!!!!! It was hell living in Norcal and being in Junior High with all these rabid 49er fan kids and teachers who knew I was a Bengal fan. I did not hear the end of it ever. Anyway, that's how I became a Bengal fan. I have never even been to Cincinnati. The only reason I am a fan is because I love cats, and they were going against my dad's football team in the first football game I ever watched. Since then I have been a rabid fan, and have seen 90% of the games the Bengals have played in Oakland or SF since either with my uncle or dad.
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    Initial thoughts on the schedule - Geography: The farthest west the team travels is Houston. So I like that everything is kept close to home. - I like that the team plays Cleveland 2 of the first 7 games and has the Squeelers later in the season. In fact, the schedule games 1-8 doesn’t look that difficult. I think the team can easily surprise people and go 4-4 in that stretch at least. - Opening and closing at home is a nice surprise. - The Bye on week 9 right in the middle is ideal. - 3 of the last 4 at home is good if there is a playoff push. - The Bengals have the potential to be the first 2-0 team in the league following the Thurs night game and I think there is a good chance they could be. I’d say at least a 50/50 chance. - I love getting the Monday night game around Christmas in the Nati against the Squeelers. Plus it can’t be flexed out, so guaranteed. PBS should be rocking for that one and can be seen as the final knife in Big Jen’s coffin – send him into rape retirement with a big L. - I think if the Bengals surprise people they could be flexed into a Sunday night game later in the year. - If you think about the schedule in terms of opposing QBs rather than teams, it seems easier. Lots of potential young QBs on the schedule. - Since Indy week 6 is essentially a home game distance wise … weeks 6-9 are all in the Nati, since 7 and 8 at home and week 9 a bye. It’s good to have a month in mid-season close to home. - I hope Tua and Haskins both start weeks 11 and 13, with Daniel Jones week 12 in the middle, those are 3 winnable games if so in a row -- going into the Cowgirls and possibly Dalton accidentally throwing to the wrong team out of habit (if Dak injured or holding out by then).
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    Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in one game.
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    did you think we kept your boy Dalton or are you just a miserable _____ at all times? hope you are way off Lets go Joe
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    Those are also mine. That was the first version. Note the stripe on the pants carries through both versions I created. I consider my pants to be final. It was jersey mods I was doing.
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    Joe Burrow makes any uniform look good. #NoHomo
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    The biggest single step in improving the Bengals’ uniforms is getting rid of those damn white side panels.
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    I posted this in the other uniform thread, but they need to do this yesterday. Uniforms are very important to me, as I do, in fact, root for laundry (to quote Seinfeld). It's the only thing that separates one group of NFL players from another, when you think about it. Well, for those of you in Cincinnati, I guess it's the fact that they're based in the same town you live in or near. I just know that the last 17 seasons of looking at the costumes has been painful.
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    quitters don't win super bowls
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    I definitely will be attending the Texans game. Buying the closest available tickets on the Bengals side Friday morning
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    https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2020/05/04/nfl-reveal-schedule-thursday/3082703001/ The NFL will reveal the entire 2020 schedule on Thursday, May 7 at 8 p.m. ET, the league announced Monday. The Cincinnati Bengals know their home and away opponents, but on Thursday the NFL’s full game calendar will be released. Bengals' 2020 opponents Home Baltimore Ravens Cleveland Browns Dallas Cowboys Jacksonville Jaguars New York Giants Pittsburgh Stealers Tennessee Titans Los Angeles Chargers Away Baltimore Ravens Cleveland Browns Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Stealers Washington Redskins Miami Dolphins The NFL is considering contingency plans should the coronavirus pandemic continue. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Oops... did I post something about football in an Andy Dalton thread? My bad. Good a place as any. Have a nice day.
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    Like Dalton or Palmer or neither, name calling of each other and such is not going to be tolerated. Have a nice today.
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    Fuck that. Character counts.
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    This is the glory I needed to see, everyone else here mouth is full or red pubes right now, kill yallselfs if you were happy he happened to us
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    You'll never convince the Dullards!
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    Moreover, part of the reason why I am so excited about Burrow is that he isn't one of these "I just want to give all the glory to God" type of guys in the post-game interview. Tua and even Sunshine for Clemson reek of this and so did Dalton in his little post game ritual of praying with the opponents in the center of the field. But Burrow, realizes that God has nothing to do with it, he either wins the game or loses it based on preparation and skill and his "righteousness" has nothing to do with the final score. This worldview of Dalton's was part of the reason why he was never that upset when he threw an interception or fumbled at a key time. He would chalk it up to destiny or divine intervention (guess I wasn't meant to win). Burrow on the other hand has swagger. He exudes confidence and knows it's all on his shoulders, Jesus is not showing up in the fourth quarter to help him. I'd much rather have flawed characters with heart, than missionaries that are auditioning for a post-football career hawking their 'inspirational' memoirs in mega-churches.
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    No, a clueless Bengals fan would think an average NFL QB like Dalton can make a team with a TERRIBLE offensive line, injured WRs and a bad running game make a playoff run. It is utterly ridiculous. Dalton was an emergency pick due to the Quitter. The fact he managed to lead a 4-12 team to the playoffs the next year is pretty amazing. The cold hard fact is the Front office kept him around. They could have picked Mahomes but didn't, they chose Ross. If you want to blame anyone for Dalton being here 9 years its Mike Brown, Duke Tobin and Marvin Lewis. Why people continue to shit on Dalton bewilders me.
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