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    Fuck stats. Dillon's attitude was part of what made him Dillon. I liked him then and still do now. Would love to see him be a part of the Bengal family again. He belongs here.
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    Deserved more IMHO... grow up or go away Jones.
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    Fuck the stats. I have seen the Marvengals come out of the locker room after half time looking like the cast of extras from the Walking Dead. Give up on the running game that was working, try to sit on a two point lead for two quarters, and other Marvin chicken shit stuff.
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    What's with the victim mentality? "Time heals all wounds"? WTF did this franchise or town ever do to him besides give him a chance? The lasting memories of him I have is telling his coach to fuck off when being motioned to the sidelines, and tossing his pads into the stands. I wish all I could remember about him were the on-field accomplishments of 1997 and 2000, considering the time period. But sure...if he sells a few tickets and says all the nice things, why not?
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    In honor of the Bengals 50th Anniversary, I decided to remix the traditional Bengal fight song. And as promised, here is the video. Please enjoy! Bengals Remix.mp3
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    Why don't you quit your crying and go buy a "#6 in Come for Behind Victories" t shirt like the rest of us? I wear it when my "Playoffs: 5 Years in a Row, Bitches" shirt is in the wash.
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    Putting words in my mouth? I didn't say that. Quit trolling.
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    Hopefully the one about choking in the postseason.
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    Full article: https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-teaching-tape-cincinnati-bengals-and-the-rpo Most relevant snippet: We charted 1,321 instances of run-pass options a season ago – over five a game. No team gained more yards on them though than the Bengals’ 444, even though they only had the third most RPO attempts. Cincinnati averaged 6.2 yards per play on RPOs! Remember, this is all an extension of the running game and completely removed from any traditional dropback passing concepts. Even on just their rushing attempts, Cincinnati’s yards per attempt went from 3.9 yards per carry without the option look, to 4.6 yards per carry with it. Maybe the biggest advantage of all is that these are not risky plays. On 648 RPO pass attempts last year, only five were intercepted (Cincinnati had none) – a 0.77 percent turnover rate. The league-wide fumble rate was over double that at 1.6 percent.
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    And please don't feed the animals. It not only encourages them but they senselessly counter your logic and insight with bullshit statistics that prove nothing.
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    Yeah it's hilarious to me how all these folks who like to consider themselves such die-hard patriots have no issue at all with a Russian former KGB agent meddling in our elections. Tell us more about the dire need for "Voter ID" laws, why don't you? Here we have some dude claiming that they weren't really discussing election tampering, they just used that as a pretense to discuss something totally harmless. Dude.. What are you smoking? Hey speaking of which, maybe we could meet up to discuss you selling me some of that crack rock BUT OH WHAT I REALLY MEAN IS I'D LIKE TO PURCHASE YOUR USED LAWNMOWER. I just said that stuff about the crack so nobody got suspicious about the totally legal thing we're really doing! LOL nothing to see here folks! Fucking listen to your bullshit for a moment and ask why anyone without Trump and/or Putin's balls on their chin would actually believe that. I mean I understand that y'all really identify with a self-absorbed megadouche and envy him because he's rich and can get away with saying the horribly ignorant shit you only dare to think, but are you really that committed to going down with his ship?
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    Since the Browns only sell 10 or so season tickets, total, not difficult for them to get them out early and quick.
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    Mike Brown wouldn't give Jonathan Joseph a free Gatorade and you want a hat? Good luck with that.
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    I got a different impression from the interview. Or I am misunderstanding you guys. I didn't get victim mentality at all. Seems to me he knows he had a bad attitude and wants to make amends. If you think that too and still think "F him", then I'm glad I don't know many of you guys.
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    Actually the claim that Marvin does not play rookies and young players is a myth. It is the usual case of people criticizing the Bengals for doing exactly what every other team in the league does. Here are the numbers to prove it. According to profootballreference over the last ten years there have been 227 different rookies who started at least 14 games. Since there are 32 teams that is an average of 7.1 per team. Over the last ten years the Bengals have 7 different rookies who have started at least 14 games. When we expand it beyond just rookie seasons it does not change very much. Looking at the first three seasons of every player's career over the last 10 years there were 785 who had at least one season with at least 14 starts in his first three years. That is an average of 24.5 per team, and the Bengals have had 24. 233 players had two seasons with at least 14 starts in their first 3 years. That is an average of 7.6 per team and the Bengals have had 7. Only 80 players started at least 14 games in each of their first three seasons. That is an average of 2.5 per team and the Bengals have had 3. My argument has always been that good teams play rookies less than bad teams. But by going back 10 years I cover times when the Bengals were bad good, bad, and rebuilding. So it should all average out.
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    I wouldn't sign ML to squat. He has had a lot of talent and generally underachieved. His limitations as a game day coach are staggering. He would need to overachieve this season for me to want to keep him. I think the Bengals are an 8-8 team with their personnel issues on the O-line. If they were to win 9 or 10 games and make the playoffs with this squad I would be impressed. If not, I think it's time to look for a sharp coach that deserves an opportunity. If you can't find one bring Lewis back for as short a term as possible.
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    The Russians did not interfere in the elections. The sun will set at Noon tomorrow. No player in the NBA has ever traveled. TMZ is a legitimate news site. The sun revolves around the earth.
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    You guys just like boobies.
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    Don't forget about speaking with their fist, both guys will smack a woman if she gets too mouthy
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    Spicy is out and Herr Trump appoints another Goldman Sachs plutocrat. Millions of Trump faithful throughout the Midwest struggle to find new ways to identify themselves with a petulant NYC billionaire.
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    Remembering games from the 60's and upward, part of the playing through pain came from guys having to do so to earn a paycheck. It wasn't like today, where the rookies average salary for 2017 is expected to be around $365,000. In 1970 (after a brief lockout) the average total salary for NFL players was $23,000. Supposedly that equates to $115,000 in today's money, but I question that. They wouldn't have had to work real jobs in the off-season to pay their bills if that were true. I think that was a huge reason for them playing hurt. You didn't even hear of guys taking off a game or even a practice for a strain or muscle pull. They just played through it, albeit not at their normal speed. I am one of those people that DO think the previous generations were WAY tougher... physically, mentally, and emotionally because they didn't have the conveniences that are available today. Best example I can give for that is I spent 20 years in the USN. The living and working conditions I saw when I started were drastically different than when I retired. We did more with less than the kids starting 20 years later, and the same goes for the squids who started 20 years ahead of me. Good input all around and I definitely don't mind learning or changing my viewpoint. I appreciate being able to talk like adults with those capable of doing so.
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    Trivia that I am sure you know but special teams players were/are referred to as the "taxi squad". From St. Paul Brown and his early days with Cleveland before they moved to Baltimore. He would get the non-starterd jobs driving cabs in the off season and probably during the season, too, to supplement their income. Thus the taxi squad.
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    Got the season tickets today, pretty nice with some of the old players on them. Also got a 50th flag with them, don't know if this is only for Club tickets or not.
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    Fred: You and omg are attempting to prove points on issues that are not being questioned, but then are attempting to cornerstone these in the other areas--rendering all of it rhetorical at best. Concession of the obvious--that NFL players are of different sizes and speeds now compared to 50-60 years ago--is not the alpha/omega point. Your buddy keeps wanting to play this make-believe subjective game of placing JJ Watt against Chuck Bednarik, and demanding that everyone believe JJ would simply dominate. I would still laugh in his face. What is a point of more believability--albeit rhetorical in its own right (I at least see rhetorical and subjective content as opposed to absolutes based on rhetoric and subjectivity)--is exactly what USN and I have been saying: the game was more real back then, because there were no oppressive regulatory burdens to interfere with the game. And His Highness can bloviate all he wishes about how this isn't so at all--but all one has to do is watch film of games back then, and compare to the present circus side-shows, in order to see reality.
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    I don't agree that Parrish was a better player. He was a great kick returner and a good CB. Riley was totally underappreciated as a CB. He was named all pro in 1983, his final year, at age 36! Do you think he suddenly got better? Nope. 65 interceptions. 5th all time. Should be in HoF, but was a quiet guy and played on more than a few terrible teams. Definitely #3. I agree about Trumpy and Dillon.
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    I don't think I want to relive anything from 1994-2002.
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    If you really don't see the problem there is no explaining it to you.
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    That is hands down the most inane post I have seen on here and there's been plenty to choose from. Anything you post from now on will be associated with this stupidity.
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    I still say that Burfict's greatest crime in the eyes of the NFL is daring to play by the same rules as the Stealers. In case current events in general haven't already convinced you that self-awareness is at an all time low.
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    I am probably in the minority, but I still have love for Dillon. He was a rare bright spot during the darkest period in team history, along with Willie and Takeo. Sure, he left town on a sour note and he said plenty of things that put himself in a bad light. I think alot of it had to do with the emergence of Rudi Johnson as a fan favorite in 2003 seemingly from nowhere when Dillon got hurt. I was happy that he won a Super Bowl after he was traded, especially when he scored the clinching TD in the AFC championship against the stealers. At the end of the day, Dillon is one of the best players in franchise history. I wish his career had resulted in more victories and it's good that he wants to make peace. Personally, I will always remember his record setting performances against the Oilers and Broncos among the greatest Bengals games I have ever watched.
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    I am not.. that team was a cluster fuck when he was here.. One of the best players in the NFL then.. I am with you that you pretty much always have the best avi though....
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    Oh no complaints from me about the post. To be honest I'd really like to see this place get more activity so I don't care if it's the millionth thread or post about Marv being mediocre or not. Just pointing out that I didn't quite find "fresh" to be the most suitable word for this topic haha On the topic - I disagree with Freddie's premise that Pro Bowl/AP voting and the NFL Top 100 players list should be used to define roster quality. Sure it's nice to have All Pro players and whatnot, but you can have a very good roster without multiple AP players. For example, I'd take the roster full of pretty good starters and backups over the roster of 2 elite players, lots of mediocre starters, and poor quality backups. The Bengals roster has been very good over the past few years, I'd put our 53 in the top 10 almost every year since 2013. There's a reason we won so many regular season games in that time frame. We were the more talented team in at least a few of our playoff matchups. Even if we weren't, I've seen lesser talented teams win playoff games plenty of times against powerhouses in either conference. It's just crazy that Marvin has found a way to go 0-7. I don't think he deserves 100% of the blame for the playoff drought, but he surely has to be held accountable for some of the problems as that's how it works when it comes to the head coach of a professional sports team.
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    I compiled a bunch of stats in another thread a while back showing the Bengals defense vs. types of receivers over the years compared to NFL averages. Our problem clearly isn't our starting outside CBs, we have some good ones. We rank at league average or better almost every year against #1/2 WRs in terms of how often they're thrown to and yardage. Top WRs just don't get open a lot against us compared to the rest of the NFL. I won't argue the semantics of Adam being top 10 or not, but our problems in pass defense are vs. TEs, RBs, and sometimes #3-5 WRs.
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    Lmao! Stop buying it at the theatre!
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    My favorite Corey Dillon stat. The '00 Bengals had one of the worst passing games in NFL history. Including sacks that passing offense generated 1946 yards in 506 plays for an average of 3.8 yards per play. With every defense knowing that Dillon was our onnly weapon he still finished 5th in the league in rushing yards (1435) and 7th in yards per carry (4.6). So Dillon's average yards per carry was almost a full yard more than our passing yards per play.
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    June 17, 2017 ..... age 63 An inspiration to a generation... "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son." Dean Vernon Wormer
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    Speaking of, why aren't they defending her right to free speech & complaining about out-of-control PC thought policing? Gosh, it's almost as if they're really more concerned with defending Nazis and not being able to hurl racial slurs at will.
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    The day Shaelynn found out Carson impregnated another woman with a love child.
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    But Hill again fumbled when met by air, so there is improvement"
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    I'm afraid I can't. How does anything Chris Henry or Odell Thurman did compare to Greg Hardy? Dude beat the shit out of his gf, turned in an arsenal to police, then got arrested for cocaine possession. Remind me what our '05 team did exactly because other than Henry's weird brandishing incident outside of some club all I remember are DWI's or drunk & disorderly-type piss-ant stuff. None of them killed a teammate driving drunk, I remember that much. I'd also point out that '05 was more than ten years ago. Look at Denver's arrest numbers since then. I had no idea their team had been in so much trouble. If the Bengals somehow deserve the "thug" label so does the entire NFL. This shit's kinda crazy to me, honestly; I thought after Goodell's inept handling of the Ray Rice situation the fans had had enough of his double standards. Guess not?
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    Tommy Casanova is another Hm.
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    If I wear any Bengals gear I usually just get a sad look and sometimes a free bowl of soup!
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    It is the dead part of the offseason. The haters have to work extra hard to find something to squeal about.
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    26 soon to be 27 year is a little more than a jinx, its almost impossible. Considering 37.5% of the NFL makes the playoffs every year, not winning a playoff game in 26 years has very long odds. In fact, the odds, if all things are equal is 0.452%. Obviously, not all things are equal since different franchises are run better than others. Odds of losing 7 straight playoff games? 0.78%.