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2015 Season Thread


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Every frickin time!


There goes that lead. 


3-3 middle of the 5th. 


Leake has 85 pitches. Almost half of them Balls. 



Going to bed. Hope they end up leading at the end ...


They did.

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Then pay him like a 2 hole hitter not an elite 3 hole. Small market team can't afford it



No it's more like the team can't find a 2 hole hitter....this makes so much sense to have him bat 2nd. the 2 hole hitter all of last year just seemed like an automatic out.


Now it's Hamilton gets on base and drives the pitcher nuts, and it makes votto that much more leathal of a pitcher. Even if vottoa draws a walk it now moves hamilton to 2nd base. He's 2 sac flys from a run, or a base hit from a run.


Theoretically we should be getting an automatic run a game in this situation, as we have 3 opportunities a game to do it.

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