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Woo! All the third quarter Mixon runs came at my end zone. So beautiful.

we are gonna get it done this week.. I am betting a fortune on it.. like maybe even $20 

The NFL can't win.  People say "I don't want to hear politics, just play football," so the NFL takes the focus off the national anthem where you would see how some players kneel, some teams stay in th

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There is a stark difference in the play calling, basically every week. We have better receivers than just about any team out there and rarely do they run wide open like the defense let’s other teams. That is a scheme issue, and why I would be on board getting new coaching

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8 minutes ago, Jimmy D said:

Well Joe isn't getting clobbered and blown up like the first few games.  So thats nice.  

I was just going to say the same thing. Pass pro is much better today....knock on wood. 

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2 minutes ago, HavePityPlease said:

56 seconds.... is that exactly the time we've given every team to end the half so far?  And they scored, if I need to remind anyone...



a couple penalties and they are right there

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