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OT: Cincinnati playoff misery continues...

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2 minutes ago, Cricket said:

They certainly blew several chances to score today with both ineffective bats when needed and poor base running.



[It’s something in the Cincinnati water.]


Votto not scoring in the 13th - I guess he won't be running his stupid mouth any more?

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Before the playoffs started I stated in the Reds forum that this was the worst hitting team I can remember..

Hell in that little bandbox thet play in everyone could hit 25-35 homers..

Good pitching will tone down good hitting..

Good pitching will destroy bad hitting..

Reds are bad...


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The Reds are an awful team with great starting pitching.  The lack of fundamentals in baseball is endemic, but the Reds take the cake.   Can’t make contact, can’t run the bases, shaky defense, etc.  

First baseball game I’ve watched all season.  Awful.  Not the game I grew up with.  

Don’t blame Bell.  These clods can’t execute basic plays we taught 12 year olds to do.  Swing for the fences!   They suck. 

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That’s all hitters do now, swing for the fences. It’s all analytics just like the 15- 18 foot open jumper is the worst shot in basketball. 

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13 hours ago, I_C_Deadpeople said:

I have not followed baseball for years so I was a bit shocked to find the Reds in the playoffs - I thought they were annual losers these days



Because of the short season 16 teams made the playoffs. The Reds have been anywhere between 2-5 games back all season. They have been hot at the end of this season but their slow start made them the 7th seed in the NL.


The Braves are the best Offense in the NL, so shutting them down last night to the 1 run was impressive.


It's just sad that the 11th, 12th, and 13th innings we left guys stranded, just sad. The team has no small ball game.

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Every since the collapse against SF these guys have been a joke.  What's the one thing all those teams have in common?  The guy at first base is supposed to be their "leader."  The worse he plays, the more he talks.  Time for him to go.

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2 hours ago, saphead said:

Everyone likes to bang on the Bengals for their playoff win drought but the oh so beloved Redlegs are no that far behind. 1995. 


And I'm a Reds fan. 




Baseball is a bit different in that it doesn't have a salary cap. It's much harder for small market teams in the MLB than it is in the NFL.

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