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The Official 2021 4th – 7th Rounds Draft Thread !!!

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Block-eating nose tackle with girth, power and leverage to play the role of tree stump against the run in an odd or even front. Shelvin can engage double teams with some effectiveness to allow linebackers to run free, but he doesn't display much range to make plays. He can be inconsistent in controlling and shedding single blocks in a timely fashion. He would benefit from better conditioning to improve both his stamina and quickness. He's unlikely to ever be much of a playmaker or pass rusher, which could limit his draft value, but his stout presence in the middle should carry value for teams looking to tighten up against the run.
  • Excellent power and hard worker in the weight room.
  • Legitimate space-saving size and toughness.
  • Early to capture space in neutral zone off the snap.
  • Quick recognition of pressure from down blocks.
  • Able to hold off guards with his flipper.
  • Good technique to corkscrew in and grow roots against double teams.
  • Eats up leverage battle and lives under center's pads.
  • Two-gapper with big pop and lift from his hips and hands.
  • Daunting roadblock near the goal line.
  • Ability to bludgeon smaller centers with his power rush.
  • * Conditioning has been an issue
  • * Carries excess weight and below-average body type. * Gasses out over second half of the rep. * Lacks range to make plays down the line. * Too slow in getting off blocks to make tackles. * Lacks lateral quickness to factor against stretch plays. * Seal blocks hold up against him. * Little rush production and unlikely to see the field on passing downs
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2 minutes ago, HavePityPlease said:

Good, need a legit backup (or multiple) to Reader.



100%, that's another position where depth gets tested.  Maybe if the LB's stay cleaner some of them will start making plays out there?



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D'Ante Smith


Smith has intriguing length and good feet, but his lack of size and strength is a concern. Determining whether or not he has the frame to consistently carry over 300 pounds will be critical, as his lack of natural strength and body control is already working against him. He might need to begin his pro career as a swing tackle while he puts in the necessary work to get ready for a bigger role. His Senior Bowl practices were a strong step in the right direction, but there is still plenty of work to be done.
  • Tremendously long.
  • Has 85-inch wingspan and 35-inch arms.
  • Punch is well-timed and has some snap on it.
  • Keeps scrambling in recoveries and will find wins.
  • Lateral foot quickness to make back-side/play-side reach blocks.
  • Good rhythm as a work-up blocker to second level.
  • Looks to get a strong finish once he takes the lead as run blocker.
  • Length helps with last second redirection blocks.
  • Narrow through waist, hips and chest.
  • Has struggled to keep enough weight on his frame.
  • Way too much lean and reach in his play.
  • Needs to trust his length and foot quickness more often.
  • Upper-body strength is way below par.
  • Struggles to press, extend and separate at point of attack.
  • Gets tossed around by powerful opponents.
  • Overreacts in pass pro, creating easy counter shots.
  • Doesn't have the body control or block sustain teams look for.
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7 minutes ago, I_C_Deadpeople said:

I would not mind seeing an OL taken with the next 2 picks. Have 3 DL already



For some reason you need a rotation on the DL but the OL they compete against are fine with 5 guys taking every snap and if not that's just bad luck or something.

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