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Keeping our enemies close: 2024

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1 hour ago, claptonrocks said:

  Bengals will choose the Carolina model .

Why wouldn't they?


The devil is always in the details:


The plan calls for $650 million paid by hospitality tax revenue, which can only be spent on a limited number of tourism-related projects. The projects, per the city, can only include “maintenance for the Convention Center, venues that seat 60,000 people or more and amateur sports facilities.”

The terms approved Monday include a 20-year non-relocation agreement for both teams, but they could leave as early as 15 years as long as Tepper Sports pays remaining city debt associated with the renovation deal. The remaining five years are considered a “soft tether.”


Many community members expressed concerns coming into Monday. Some criticized the city’s lack of transparency about the process and claimed the city’s efforts to receive public input wasn’t a priority. Others expressed concern about committing such a sum to Tepper — an owner worth $20.6 billion who has a well-documented history of backing out of huge construction deals, none more messy than the Rock Hill practice facility failure in March 2022.


On Monday, council members passed the plan while referencing transparency problems, opposition comments from the public and Tepper’s deal-making history in Charlotte and Rock Hill, South Carolina.

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14 hours ago, Griever said:




The DC stadium is interesting. Until Snyder sold the team they had a tentative deal to build it about 6 miles north of my house, one of the proposed sites would have been a mile from my house and inside the neighborhood itself. 

Kind of hoping they still build it here so that I can get my house value to skyrocket so I can retire early. :lol:


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Also a Bad Weather Football Enjoyer but the change is inevitable. Too much $ invested to be canceling winter games or letting billion dollar athletes play on some frozen goat pasture. Too big a competitive advantage & differing strategery, like the DH in baseball.


Probably grandfather in one or two like Lambeau & it'll be special outdoor games like the NHL*



🏒 👇



*(amazing Stanley Cup series btw. Not often they award a pro MVP trophy to a losing player. Not often someone breaks Gretzky's postseason records. Owe it to yourself as a sports fans to at least catch some highlights.)

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On 6/25/2024 at 8:30 PM, BlackJesus said:

^ The NFL needs less roofs not more. 🤬 Football is supposed to be played outside in the elements. Hate this trend. 

It’s about making the things multi use. Cities can’t justify billions to build a limited use facility to make the local billionaire happy. 

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