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AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

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3 minutes ago, claptonrocks said:

I would think most would say Jackson but Tarkenton and Cunningham were exceptional runners..

Randall did everything Lamar does but he was bigger, faster, and had a much better arm. 

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2 hours ago, BlackJesus said:

What is sustaining me right now with a KC win, is the thought of 65,000 Ravens fans, living in a squalor city less safe than Baghdad, all getting back in their cars to drive home with dried tears on their face, knowing that their so-called MVP is 2-4 in the playoffs all time and a LOSER. They will go to bed tonight knowing that Shiesty is the only King of the North who has tasted the pageantry of the Super Bowl and their team of degenerate hoodrats never will.


Somewhere in the stands right now, there is a young Ravens fan whose dad saved up the 500$ to bring him to his first game, and the only memory little Johnny is going to have is the existential despair of seeing the Ravens lose on the 2nd biggest stage, while his father curses the entire ride home. I will soak up that Schadenfreude like it is heroin shot right into my veins. 


^ I'm riding the lightning !!!


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