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    Thank you! I enjoy it but your acknowledgment is appreciated! Don't drag how you feel about me from the political forum to this forum. Thanks.
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    Thanks for this thread. So tired of the constant doom and sadness. Frankly, I am super interested in what a fresh approach and new coaches and new coaching might do to breathe life back into what is still, at its core, a group of very talented players.
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    Friday Random Thought of the Day
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    This is where I’m at. The big thing is seeing if a fresh, younger coaching staff can manage to gameplan and scheme based on the talent in the building. That is, acknowledging round pegs and creating round holes for them to play within. It’s tough to tell how shitty or lackluster some of our guys truly were the past couple seasons and how much of it was just shitty, uninspired and unbending coaching. I am a believer that good coaching and teaching actually can make a difference, even at the NFL level. Time and time again New England, for instance, has been able to weather tough mid season injuries and still win championships.
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    @Jamie_B Wrong kind of birb
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    ..and with that, I guess it's officially another Bengals football season!
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    Thanks, oldschooler! Your hard work makes this site the best place to get team-related information.
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    If he's too shitty to make the roster otherwise who cares if some other team plucks him off the PS? The NFL doesn't give the draft pick back if we play the shitty guy we wasted it on. I think Brown would once again rather double down on a bad bet than admit to a mistake. Being a Redeemer really takes a toll on the self-awareness.
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    It it probably won’t matter. Did you read the quote in my post? My post was in reply to SF2’s assertion that the Bengals haven’t added “a single new player (one that will play this year) to a bad offensive line.” Unless Miller and the guard from OSU are (or will be) hurt and out for the season, SF2’s assertion is simply not true, correct? I would hope that Trump-like tactics of just making statements that included false information would not permeate into the general population, because when a person does that, it’s hard to believe anything he/she says.
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    The 2005 team holds a place in many of our hearts since it had been the first playoff team in 15 years but that team was never going far with that shitty defense and the offense dropped off fairly quickly after 2006. Marvin sitting Palmer his entire 1st year simply wasted his development and that of a young team at the time. Trying to squeak into the playoffs with Jon Kitna in 2003 was fucking dumb considering we had the 28th ranked defense. He sat a franchise QB and Heisman winner the entire year in favor of a guy who lost his job in Seattle to Matt Hasselbeck. What better way to build excitement with the fan base after a 2-14 season than to sit the #1 pick in the draft the ENTIRE season. So glad he is gone.
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    Boo! I’ll be be heading to Chicago in a couple of hours to help our Cincinnati Half Century Club’s over-60 team defend its title in the 7v7 Days of Glory Soccer Tournament. ⚽️
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    Fuck Yahoo we are better than 6th!! What a stupid list, they have the Giants as the most tortured. They have won 2 Super Bowls in the last 12 years.
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    Yeah, Old - thanks for getting AJ injured. Jerk!
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    I told my son yesterday that he'll have 6 weeks of heartache and headaches if he worries about who's going to get injured in pre-season. Just wait and see what we have for the season and root for what we've got. The problem with that philosophy is that unlike the consistently successful teams, we haven't had the coaching staff that has the strategy to win with backups and other adversity. We need everything to be perfectly in place, the stars have to align and have serious devine intervention. Maybe the new coaching staff will eventually instill more faith. Maybe they will actually change their game plan based on who is available in the line-up. And actually game plan differently for each opponent.
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    I agree with the old man about the 18 game schedule. Part of what makes the NFL so great is it's novelty. You have 16 games, each one is so meaningful in the grand scheme of a season. It isn't like baseball or basketball where you lose two, three in a row at the beginning of the season and it feels like nothing. In football, it means a hell of a lot. Thu Night football is already ruining the novelty aspect of it enough, lets not water it down even more. Another thing that I tend to think of is just the historical nature of the game. I understand that there have been changes throughout history (like, goal posts in the front of the end zone). I just feel like some aspects of football should be kept same so that its...you know...still recognizable football. All the talk about removing Kick offs, PATs, increasing the number of games...idk man just leave that stuff alone.
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    I said a little better because I'm a hopeless optimistic homer who wants to believe somehow. I actually do think the coaches see something in Hart and feel they can coach him up some. Westerman finally gets a real shot. We brought it a couple guys who needed a change of scenery. Other guys are arguably given a chance to snag a spot that otherwise would have been filled without the injury/retirement issues, so maybe they make the best of it. I also feel like even if the talent is the same, there will be improvement just based on all enthusiasm of changed coaching and attitudes. I know LeTigre will have a field day with that statement. I know, wishing in one hand...
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    No question, roster management here loves the sunk cost fallacy. Not saying they should cut him after one bad OTA session but if it comes down to risking him on the PS for the sake of a more capable back-up QB I hope they look at AD's injury history & make the smart decision instead of the strictly frugal one. No I mean it could happen tho

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