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    With that hair maybe his options were limited no matter how cool a rocker he was? Love that panhead though, awesome scoot.
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    I have a good high school friend that came REAL close to dying due to Covid-19...and just did pull through. I’ll be sure to tell him that he was brainwashed.
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    Got this in an email today from the Bengals. Anyone here going to take the Opt Out? We understand that everyone will have different levels of comfort with attending games. To ease any health concerns, all STMs will have the option to opt out of your season ticket commitment for this season and return for the 2021 season while maintaining your account priority and seat location. Next week expect an email providing you with the option to opt out for the 2020 season.
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    Were that an actual girl, and I wasn't married, and 25 years younger.
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    He’s asking if you would do the sex with that lady in the bengals jersey.
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    The first thing I noticed was the pan too.
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    It's going to be a long road to getting the money back. I'm thinking about 60 days to have the credit sent to the CC company, then another 60 to get a check from CC to add back to my account.
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    We should get the pick. The cash is nothing to Kraft, he's spent way more than that defending his Happy Endings down here in Jupiter
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    Here's the full text of Pumpkie's email.... Nice that she knows me. She should dump Troy and let me marry into NFL royalty... I mean, it's not like I'm already friends with Nancy.
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    No offense but I hate that excuse. They obviously felt like they needed to cheat or they wouldn't have done it. They didn't win anything. They cheated. The outcome is meaningless when someone cheats.
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    Mike Brown needs to tell this bozo to get off his synthetic lawn.
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    Yeah, pretty much the entire cornucopia of "my worldview is formed by social media" conspiracy theory dumb shit. I know he's just a (marginal) football player, but as a Bengal the team is tacitly endorsing him & providing him a much broader audience. Plus, again, he sucks at his job. Sick of this organization coddling agreeable but talentless kiss-asses, but even more so when they use their privileged position to spread bigotry and stupidity.
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    Yikes... I'm telling ya if I was a professional athlete, celebrity, anything in the public eye, I would avoid social media like the plague right now.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Butina FYI "hoax" does not mean "fact I refuse to acknowledge" . If your idea of a credible news source is the President's own Twitter account you may be confused by things like this.
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    There have been discussions with all major sport teams that moving forward all professional games will be considered a BLM rally which means that typical social distancing rules and regulations will not be required. 1/2
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