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    My daughter is in Detroit airport waiting on her flight back to Dayton. She called me and said she thinks she sees Devon Still, I tell her to go ask him. So she does and tells him a big fan and gives him the phone. I asked how he was doing and how his daughter was doing. Said she's 5 years in remission and thanks for asking about her. I told him his jersey was the only former player jersey that's always allowed to wear to a game. I told him I should have had my daughter carrying his jersey so I could have it signed, he said he'll giver an address I can send it to and he'll sign it. Cool guy.
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    ...and you thought that she loved you.
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    The problem I have with the game is that it's a pattern for the Bengals. They play a game with an edge and are competitive. (They lack talent, so the results shouldn't be surprising.) The next week they feel good about themselves, relax, don't come prepared to compete and you see the results. This happened over and over while Marvin was the coach. It's seems to be instilled in the team. They need some leadership on the player side to not allow this to happen. The coach shouldn't be complaining about the players in public, the leaders like Dunlop, Kirkpatrick, etc. should be saying it out loud themselves. The fact that they aren't suggests they are part of the problem.
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    If Cordy Glenn does not return I cant see us competitive in most games. Our defense and lack of linebackers has been figured out. EDIT:The Bengals have allowed an opponent passer rating of 133.2 through losses to the Seahawks and 49ers, and if that doesn't improve soon, it won't matter how much of a difference Zac Taylor's offensive designs can make.
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    100% this.. But nobody is getting fired because as long as they have enough bodies to play on Sundays the NFL checks keep coming. The primary goal of the Cincinnati Bengals is making sure none of the extended Brown family ever have to hold a real job. All this football stuff is just something they need to make a show of for a few months a year so the gravy train keeps running. We talk about how they should trade for this guy or sign that free agent next year but what player worth a damn would want to come to this team? All we get are washed up vets looking for that last paycheck & low expectations. No team seriously trying to win games would start the season with 2 LB's and Andre Smith at LT. They clearly don't give a shit. A couple of more games like yesterday & I won't either - another season of maybe putting the Bengals games on the TV as background noise while I do other stuff I enjoy.
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    Uhhhh...wait...what??? Did I detect some optimism in that post sir??? Sorry LT, but I just had to bust your chops a bit since you've been taking some grief lately about being negative. FWIW I agree...I sure hope we're more like the team from the Seattle game than yesterday...and I think we've been shown the high and low peaks. Although some commentator last night suggested that something in between is still a loss, I'm trying to remain optimistic about the team this season.
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    I am no Dalton fan, but putting any young QB behind this OL will just get you Klingler II.
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    Not the first time I've talked about this but Marvin's reaction (or lack of) during the 2015 WC game is when I think he lost whatever credibility he still had with the players. I don't want a HC whining constantly like Harbawww or someone like that but if the other guy is headhunting your players it's time to stop fucking clapping.
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    Take Fat Randy out of the equation and the average drops significantly.
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    Hopefully after today Zac Taylor never has a losing record for his career again. One thing is certain, all of the love and hope he was getting will quickly erode without a win today. So with that said JUST WIN WITH NO INJURIES!!! FUCK THE 9ERS!!! WHO-DEY!!!
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    Openly? That's different. TO quit on many occasions. This discussion has gotten off the rails. My point was that these guys aren't a different breed. They are more like us than we realize. Some are absolute workaholics, but some are just very talented guys that have other interests and motivations that vary, just like you see at your job. The big difference is professional athletes get paid more than their "bosses." Coaches have to convince them to do what they want. Their leverage is limited. The best teams have leadership from within. I'm sure Bill Belichick is a good coach, but Tom Brady is the real deal. Even AB seems to be behaving because he gets to play with the best QB to ever lace 'em up.
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    Terrell Owens? The dude that played in a Super Bowl with a broken leg and kicked ass? You need to accept the fact this team is woefully lacking talent at too many positions. Good coaching can’t fix a serious lack of talent at the professional level. You simply can’t have the worst offensive line and linebackers on the same team and win much. It just isn’t possible
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    Lovely. Why did we let burfict go???
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    Everyone knows what Dalton is. If he was the weakest link we could discuss moving on but this team now has multiple weak links due to recent poor drafting and personnel decisions. Throwing a good young prospect into this shit show will only make things worse not better. Young QB's have to be put in a position to succeed. Right now, we cant even get a veteran in a position to succeed.
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    Ummm, that is 'culture'. It is the organization creating the winning environment. So players who come into the locker room KNOW the expectations. There has never been any of this since Mikey took over. If the players feel the organization does not prioritize winning it won't matter if 10 of them really want to win, others in the room will simply drop their level of commitment to match the organization. it is human nature. Think of it this way - Companies like Google and Apple are driven from the top down to be leading edge winning organizations. If you are a lackluster employee you will either be forced to up your game or you will be gone. Conversely, we all know how lackluster government departments are run, if they have a few keen performers they will simply be swallowed up by the greater volume of under performers because the culture is one of *meh*. This is basic human nature. Good luck to ZT in terms of changing this teams culture - if there is no message from the top that they will do whatever it takes to win i can't see the culture changing in the long term. We may get a little spurt of new energy but it won't last. Ask yourselves this - would you be more excited and engaged in your job if you worked for Robert Kraft of Mike Brown? It makes a huge difference in the attitude and performance of the people and players below them. Kraft has built a culture of winning, Mikey has a culture of simply existing.
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    I never bought into that culture BS. That puts it on the players like they don't want to win or don't know how. Every player in the NFL is familiar with winning in their football career. It comes down to the coaches and org creating a team that's consistently better than the other teams.
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    Andy isn't the worst issue but this is spot on, he needs to be accountable as an 8 year pro making some of these mistakes. Never dumped on him before but I'm concerned what I'm seeing out of him. Throwing beyond the los is inexcusable behind any line no matter how terrible. Missing wide open guys with no pressure. Misreading the defense for the open guy numerous times. Bengals need to think QB in the next draft after rebuilding an oline.
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    P-Dork is the last thing I need to read right now. He is probably still giddy from the loss.
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    So much this ☝ And I'm not 100% sold on Cordy Glenn. He's a placeholder until they can get someone better. Considering the Bengals buzzard luck with first round draft picks, I can see Jonah the Whale going belly up and being meh at best. As far as Andy, we all know there is Good Andy and Bad Andy. I thought Bad Andy was most apparent with overthrows of Sample and Tate that should have been nice gains or even TD's (if there were no penalties on the O Line ... a big IF) if catchable. Speaking of catchable, Ross needs to hold on to a few more before being anointed the second coming of Joe Willie Mammyjammer. Andy had a horrible game. No question. But we don't have anything close to a linebacker who can prevent big gains outside the ends. Where was Pratt after all the preseason hoo-ha? Andy isn't a rifle, he's a roller coaster. And we're along for the ride.
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    I wasn't there but from watching the game on TV it seemed like some guys weren't laying it all out, specifically #27 &#52. That was a pitiful defensive performance, one of the worst of all time and the stats back that up. The defensive alignments worked well in Seattle, it was the effort and the tackling that wasn't the same. As for the booing, atleast it shows that the fans are emotionally invested in the outcome of the game.
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    The game was lost in Free Agency and recent drafts.
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    From my field view yesterday, he was indeed cheating one way or the other--depending on where the "missing LB" should have been. SF would give looks as to inside plays...Jessie would edge towards the line. They would spread out...he would shift back. Same with Williams. In both cases, Jimmy looked them down and went to where they were not (LB's that is). That left wide open spaces all across the middle of the field. Running or throwing, once they escaped the front, they ran forever. Jessie played the best he could. It isn't him...its this dumb 2-LB package.
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    I'm expecting this to get ugly quickly. We're gonna make Gore look ten years younger. And a part of me wonders if Glenn is coming back period. That'd be pretty fitting to have another retirement on our OL.
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    Out 6 to 8 weeks. Bridgewater will probably keep them at .500 until Brees returns. Their division sucks. Watch Trent Williams go to SF.
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    Going to ruin his social life for awhile and no more double dates with Antonio Brown.
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    You guys this is nothing to joke about..... he almost died.
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    I have a full on rager. I am so hard right now a cat couldn't use my dick as a scratching post.
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    Yup, surgery. I guess they will have to take a piece of his hymen to repair the elbow.
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    Rapistburger out for season is official now. https://www.Stealers.com/news/tomlin-statement-on-roethlisberger
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    I upgraded the forum finally, its a year or more late on that upgrade cause the old server kicked errors endlessly. the old theme doesnt work with this version of the forum, so im going to get the upgraded version of that and then customize it again. apologies for the blue and white colors in the meantime
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    There's nothing about this team that is surprising any of us... Andy Dalton is average at best and prone to make at least one boneheaded game altering gaffe per week The offensive line is porous and not even up to NFL caliber The LB group is the worst in the league Dre Kirkpatrick is hot garbage
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    It's a real shame that Andrew Whitworth is too old to play now.
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    They walked around all week pounding their chest "we hung with the Seahawks rah rah" in screaming at my computer screen YOU LOST!!!
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    ill for sure be updating the theme a bit more at some point, just wanted to get SOMETHING bengal-ish on here in the meantime.
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    If he's bitching about something like having to move from the slot to outside he's probably bitching about everything else, too.
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    I would put Cunningham ahead of Boomer I think - he was a motherfucker to deal with in his first few years - but the others - meh?
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    And his trainer lady, allegedly.
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    I'm not an English major but this appears to be the definition of down playing a performance. Just give credit where it's due that's it. It doesn't mean anything more for Dalton than a positive start for a new season.
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    I'm not into moral victories either, but that's not what this is. This is not getting embarrassed, which seemed to happen regularly in the Lewis era. This is not losing because your coach refuses to play the best players or didn't prepare the team, or screwed up challenges and clock management. The players actually can do this....maybe. At least the guy on the sideline wont be the reason they lose.
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    I am still kinda giddy. From my perspective: Beautiful: 1. Confirms this doesn't have to be a lost season and that this isn't a rebuild. 2. On the defense, they held the Seahawks to 72 yards running - a team that averaged 160 per game last year. So...I guess that going with only a few linebackers was NOT a problem. 3. On that note, both P. Brown and Vigil made plays at LB that were few and far between last year. The play with Brown forcing the fumble was extreme quality. If Dre doesn't trip, they score there on the defense. 4. The d-line is gonna cause problems for a LOT of teams. It looks like Hubbard is making a leap, and the combos they can run at teams are gonna be a problem. Dunlap was huge, Billings was really good, and the consistent pressure from the d-line all game was noteworthy. 5. Seattle had like, what, 6 three and outs? Felt like we didn't force that many all of last year. EXTRA BEAUTIFUL: Taylor going for it with 52 seconds and one timeout before the half. Chances Marvin does that on the road? ZERO. Good: 6. For all the worrying about the o-line, no false starts in perhaps the nastiest and loudest road atmosphere in the league. Andy got hit some, but also had enough time to do things. Get Glenn back and build from here. 7. Sounds like Seattle was doing schematically things to make it hard to run. At least we didn't force it. I assume that they will have a bit more room in future games. 8. John Ross was a revelation. This team's trajectory is a LOT different if this staff has finally unlocked him and he can stay healthy. 9. TE screens!!! Uzomah is a load too. Yes please. 10. They had some plays that were there that got blown up by good Seattle plays. Clowney knocked down what looked like would have been an enormous screen to Mixon in the first. Bad: Bullock frustrates me. He has to make that field goal in the 3rd quarter. The one thing that Taylor is really gonna miss is Zuerlein. Zuerlein hit from 56 and 49 yesterday. Need to cash points and that includes field goals. Ugly: What the fuck ever on that "fumble". I know they were not gonna win, but, c'mon. They need to go ahead and get the W next week. Somehow the 49ers are favored by 2. Whatever. We're gonna win that one. I remain bullish on this team. Get AJ back at some point and man do I want to see where this can go. This team is better than Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Right. Now.
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