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    Marvin said he expects him to be ready for opening day after the amputation heals.
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    Fuck the stats. I have seen the Marvengals come out of the locker room after half time looking like the cast of extras from the Walking Dead. Give up on the running game that was working, try to sit on a two point lead for two quarters, and other Marvin chicken shit stuff.
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    TJ cleaning his cleats with a "Terrible Towel"
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    Why don't you quit your crying and go buy a "#6 in Come for Behind Victories" t shirt like the rest of us? I wear it when my "Playoffs: 5 Years in a Row, Bitches" shirt is in the wash.
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    Putting words in my mouth? I didn't say that. Quit trolling.
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    You fail at humor. I blame that omgdrdoom guy, he starts talking about "logic" all the time and now everyone's running around here in togas with this "if the subset of not x is defined by b where x" >= the height of my pile of bullshit"... We're talking about a practice field for a football team FFS. Nobody is being graded on it.
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    Personally, I don't give a shit what Peko says or thinks. He is gone and the Bengals are better for it. Bottom line, he was a member (actually team captain) on multiple teams that didn't get it done. He shares equally in that failure.
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    And Mixon hit a woman. And Mike Brown is cheap. Therefore everyone Dre knows is a drugged out criminal because every black guy who makes a rap video is a total piece of shit.
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    Only 3 less than the NFL's Sons of Light, Western PA Edition. Think what they could be if they had the League's assistance?
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    Don't forget about speaking with their fist, both guys will smack a woman if she gets too mouthy
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    Every team in the league would have been practicing outside under those conditions. it was not a deluge. How do you think a team would perform playing outside during the season if they had never seen a drop of rain in practice? Fact is that unless there is lightening or it is raining hard enough to cause damage to the field to practice on it every team practices outside this time of year. But don't let facts get in the way of a chance to bitch and whimper.
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    I might take Eddie Edwards over Justin Smith. Reggie Williams over James Francis As for CB, how can you not even mention LeMar Parrish?
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    First you'll have to forgive me if I do not click on the link provided; as I chose not to get my "news" from sites such as Huffington Post, Mother Jones, Breitbart. ect.... But given the source I'd assume the content is Liberals are awesome, conservatives suck. I get that you feel your stance is the "correct one' and will boldly say "shuuuuuuut the fuck up" to those that find fault in it. Just don't be surprised when they just shake their heads. It does seem that you are suggesting that the right advocates using guns when they disagree with folks. If you truly believe that then I can understand your dislike of them. This is just me shaking my head.
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    It amazes me the short term memory you conservatives have, once it's your guys in power. The 2nd Amendment Solutions - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/06/16/sharron-angle-floated-2nd_n_614003.html OR 'The point isnt about guns, it's about the suggestion of using them on folks you disagree with when you dont get your way That was a hallmark threat of the right these past few years So when folks suggest this is a left issue.... I say again .... shuuuuuuut the fuck up
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    I would suggest that there is a clear difference between whether or not an Investigation or Lawsuit should go forward on tax payer money, if it has merit, because after all, what is the point of having checks and balances, if we dont't use them? Or if partisan motives on tax payer dollars cause Investigations and hearings.....after hearings.....after hearings.... when the first one found no fault. #Benghazi
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    Elite level pass rushing is also extremely important. How many 4-3 LDEs are better than Carlos Dunlap? Maybe 1? The dude is insanely underrated even by Bengals fans. His pressures per snap have come at a ridiculous rate throughout his career and nobody comes close to batting balls at the line like he did last year. His sack numbers have been fine for a few years but you don't need 20 sacks to be a good DE regardless of what the shock jock sports analysts and casual NFL fans on Facebook want to see. Dunlap is one of our best players by a wide margin IMO. If you told me we absolutely HAVE to keep Andy as 1 of the 3, as crazy as this sounds, I'd probably say to keep Dunlap over Green in that case. Dunlap and Atkins are special talents at their respective positions, as is Green, but keeping your top tier LDE with no depth behind him is more important than keeping Green when we do have WR depth. I'm honestly not sure you'd need to protect Andy. He isn't some young developmental QB anymore. He's going to be 30 this year and has pretty much been a middle of the road to fringe top 10-12 QB his entire career outside of 2015 where he looked great. Some teams have young(er), elite, non-QB players (like us) so it's not like Andy would be the only unprotected starting QB out there. I'm not trying to bash the guy or say that we don't need him, but I'm just not sure he'd be the choice for the expansion team even if we did leave him available. We have a ton of young, upcoming players that I'm sure a new team would love to have. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttt again, this right here is why the "you can only protect 3" would NEVER happen in the NFL and why this hypothetical would make more sense if the list had to be a lot longer. There's a 0% chance they would let an expansion team be made up of players of Dalton, Dunlap, Burfict, Green, etc. caliber.
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    If I wear any Bengals gear I usually just get a sad look and sometimes a free bowl of soup!
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    It is the dead part of the offseason. The haters have to work extra hard to find something to squeal about.
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    Those are probably better shirts than the "I'm a Bengals fan, Ask about my Sandy Vagina" shirts that some of you wear daily.
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    Any hypothetical is moot , so just answer Jason's question. Hahaha jmwy
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    No doubt he will. I suppose I still have some '90's era recollections of trying to make Reinard Wilson a LB when he had no ability to be one.
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    In that case, let's bring back Nugent for a few days.
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    Kids, let this be a lesson. Don't huff paint in your formative years.
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    I thought about suggesting they put down Fred instead of dogs but i didnt want the kickers to intentionally miss.
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    Yes Fred..the Bengals FO came to go-bengals.com and read this thread and decided to draft Willis and Lawson.
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    http://www.cincyjungle.com/2017/5/16/15649088/domata-peko-jab-bengals-shortcoming Peko has been part of the problem more than the solution for most of his NFL career with the Bengals, so he has no room to talk about his former team’s playoff drought. by Jason Marcum@marcum89 May 16, 2017, 4:00pm EDT The Cincinnati Bengals don’t have to deal with Domata Peko’s shortcomings anymore. The veteran nose tackle left this offseason to sign a two-year deal with the Denver Broncos in hopes of helping upgrade their run defense. That seems like a comical statement since Peko was often one of the weakest links on the Bengals’ defense for much of his career, but he apparently doesn’t realize that. Peko decided to take a jab at his former team in talking about how the Bengals are focussed on winning a playoff game rather than a championship. The irony of this is too rich as one of the biggest reasons the Bengals have been unable to win a playoff game has been their inability to stop the run. And when your starting nose tackle is annually ranked among the worst in football, he’s part of the problem. PFF ranked him 106th out of 127 eligible interior defenders last season, which has been the range Peko has been in for most of his 11-year career. That has been a big reason why the Bengals have continuously been gashed on the ground in the postseason, whether it’s by Fitzgerald Toussaint, Jordan Todman, Ronnie Brown, Dan “Boom” Herron, Danny Woodhead, Ronnie Brown or Ryan Mathews. Let’s take a look at the Bengals’ playoff losses in which Peko was starting: 2015: 167 allowed vs Stealers’ backfield of Fitzgerald Toussaint and Jordan Todman. 2014: 114 allowed to Colts’ backfield of Dan Herron and Zurlon Tipton. 2013: 196 allowed to Chargers’ backfield of Danny Woodhead, Ryan Mathews and 32-year-old Ronnie Brown (Matthews missed most of second half due to injury). 2012: 158 allowed to Texans’ backfield of Arian Foster and Ben Tate. 2011: 188 allowed to Texans’ backfield of Arian Foster and Ben Tate. 2009: 171 allowed to Jets’ backfield of Shonn Greene and Thomas Davis. That’s not exactly a murderer’s row of running backs, but Peko’s inability to do much in the middle led to all of those backs looking like All-Pros in the most important game of the year. It’s hard to win games in the cold months of December and January when you can’t win on the ground. Peko helped ensure the Bengals lost the trench warfare more often than not in the postseason. While Peko is probably in a better position to win a championship in Denver, it’s because they have more depth and won’t have to rely as much on him as the Bengals unfortunately did. He wasn’t the only reason why Cincinnati never won a playoff game, but he was more part of the problem than the solution.
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    Keep doing that yoga buddy I'm sure you'll get there one day
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    I always take these type of stories with a grain of salt. It is easy to make claims like this after the fact. It would have been much more believable if they had made the comments before they drafted Lawson. But where ever the Bengals had him rated I am glad we ended up with him.
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    And I could just as easily ask why legitimate facts about the state of this franchise get labled as "blind homerism"? It is not the facts. It is the poster. Lots of people mention negative facts about the team, but also see the positive. Haters obsess about the negative and never mention the positive.
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    Folks look to blame Trump for everything and this shooting of a liberal against Republican officials is no different. The latest narrative is that he created "divisiveness". Never mind that Obama and Bush Jr set records for partisanship. We gots to blame this on Trump because he's not a "reasonable" person we simply disagree with http://www.gallup.com/poll/181490/obama-approval-ratings-historically-polarized.aspx Presidents have been thriving on divineness for the past 16 years; yet folks look to say this is Trump's doing 4 months into his Presidency.
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    Have I mentioned how excited I am to have yet another first round draft pick rehabbing an injury before he takes a snap as a Bengal?
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    These guys elected the Cheif Bullshitter when it came to the nonsense told about Obama then are surprised when there is blowback from the left. It wasn't like they just elected just any Republican and the left is all of a sudden showing outrage.... they elected the guy that was one of the main bullshitters.... and now they want to talk about the kind of mentality that leads to this? I mean I could buy you guys a mirror but soulless vampires cant see their reflections.
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    God damn liberal media! What kind of country are we living in where a man can't grab his coworkers by the pussy without losing his job & credibility? #MAGA
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    Does anyone want to guess what fallacy this feeble retort falls victim to?
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    Well I guess we'll jus disagree on the assertion of whether or not it was a good thing that other armed folks were there. Many witnesses say the fact that they were there saved lives; but who knows. This early in the game I'm willing to bet it will not be the last time we disagree on a point.
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    Is anyone surprised by this? Madonna calls for blowing up the White House, Kathy Griffin holds a simulated severed head of the president up in a photoshoot, you have a play of Julius Caesar where the lead character is dressed as Donald Trump and is stabbed to death and it's all blown off like no big deal and is endorsed by some on the left. So now the mentally imbalanced think hey this is the next step and go on a killing spree. And I love how the media this morning referred to this guy as a passionate citizen. Smh
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    Meh.. Any time he does it's just some oblique reference to his own career. You'll never hear him make a reference to any other era of the team unless it's a negative.
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    Peko wasn't good for couple years, he looked really bad even in limited time recently, but he used to be a solid to good player on our defense for many years. How many of our captains, All-Pros, Pro Bowlers, and general team leaders will make comments like this (or worse) until some folks admit there could be some issues here in ol' Cincinnati? There seems to be a mentality here that starts at the top. I won't go as extreme to say a "losing" mentality, but it doesn't seem like (from an NFL player perspective) having a conversation with Mikey and Marv would be anything like having a conversation with, say, Belichick and Bob Kraft. The atmosphere here isn't what it is elsewhere. I'm sure we aren't the only team in the league like this but I'd bet we're one of the only consistent playoff contenders that are viewed this way by players.
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    A: Peko confirms what many think about organization. B: Peko also lacks the self awareness to know he was part of the problem. Good luck, don't come back.