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    He's a douche bag even if he just watches a "Say 'Yes' to the Dress" marathon.
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    Shut your whore mouth with all your expectations and such. You're lucky Mr Brown took pity on you and stumbled over his money on his way to the bank and accidentally drafted Jonah Williams.
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    Neither one of those guys said they weren’t going to watch or miss football anymore like Marvin has. Oh, and they won Championships the last time I checked.
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    Lol. No. Really ? 😅 A deep run for us is just winning the first game... No ninja needed...
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    The Brown family gave you 16 season to get it done and you didn't. Now you are going all douche bag on the franchise. If you had a spine, you would have left after the FO forced you to take back Henry and publicly humiliate you. The paycheck was too good though wasn't it?
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    "And pull up your fucking pants, douche nozzle."
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    As opposed to the other two, who appear embalmed.
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    There's lots of thing I won't miss about ML but this type of shit is right at the top. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lewis was talkative in response to most of Gelb’s questions. But the answers became short and quick when certain topics came up, like why did the Bengals fail in the postseason on his watch? “The other team ended up with more points,” Lewis said.
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    Tiger saying: "Get your bearded hobo ass off of my Rolls!"
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    Not "the team thought they didn't deserve to be thrown out with the bathwater" Not "these were coaches that Taylor wanted on his team" Not "this group was kept on to provide continuity during the transition" Nope. They had a year left on their contracts. If only Old Musty could Redeem them for some of those sweet, sweet 6th-round comp picks! Geoff's had a good run but I think he's become little more than a parrot for what he hears at the water cooler. It's easy to blame Mikey for being tone-deaf towards public opinion, but that's why he hired Hobknob. It would be nice to get some fresh blood there as well - maybe someone not so Bengalized & in lock step with the FO?
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    I really hope folks are right about the Browns imploding. But for the first time in quite awhile I worry about them. I think they have a GM that seems to know what he is doing (we will see I guess) and appeared to fix one big issue and that was meddling owners. If they win then all the head cases and drama queens might stay in line but if they don't then all bets are off. And Fuck the Stealers.....
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    Keep DD, cut DreSwagYoloHashtagLookAtMe
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    Pretty fucked up looking at old b&w photos of their bullshit and knowing they were able to cry & whine the heart of our defense out of the AFCN. Spilled milk, I know, but why wouldn't they pull the same routine the next time one of ours stands up to them?
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    I believe Ample Randall has photos of Troy&Katie at a furry convention
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    & I think that speaks to why Marv's teams couldn't beat them - this expectation that the NFL would protect our players if we turned the other cheek. They didn't and won't. Unfortunately it just encouraged Pittsburgh to push things further, to the point where the only Bengal with the balls to stand up to them was nearly blackballed out of the league & portrayed as some out-of-control psychopath for doing the same shit Pittsburgh is celebrated for by the press. It will be interesting to see how our new coaches handle them. This certainly isn't the AFC West. In fact IDK if there is another NFL team where being cheapshot artists is considered an admirable part of the franchise's culture. Oakland was long ago, & the Pats defense was very dirty during their Rise to Greatness, though it was never addressed, much less celebrated.
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    I remember that night like it was yesterday. Even from way up in Section 326, that assassination was clear as a bell. And, then that bastard Gary got up and was dancing! The Bengal linemen were on him like stink on shit...I don't know how it never escalated. The SOB got flagged and tossed...but I never recall anything from the NFL after.
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    I disagree (shocker lol) I think taking someone who's had ultimate power for so long and leaving her a shriveling, helpless, crying mess in the basement of her own castle with no hope is the ultimate justice. Sure, seeing her burned by Drogon would have been cool too, but I think the way it went down was very poetic.
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