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    Thank you guys for your feedback. From the sounds of it, you guys are sold on Burrow and I cant blame you. I would want him too. Hopefully both of our teams land a franchise QB this year. The draft is a crap shoot but Burrow seems like the real deal. I'm not sold on Tua, Herbert and Love but it sounds like I'm gonna have to support one of them going forward. At least Brady is out of our conference, we can all celebrate that. PS the hot chick from Pittsburgh photo had me lmao
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    Dont want to be redundant but this is why Miami wants to give up so much for him... The media keeps on about trading him.. Why? They dont want to cover Cincinnat primetime but theyll have to.. I love it!!!
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    Yes, MrChadRico, I would love to trade. I want the #5, #18, #39 and your second first round pick for next year. Don't listen to all these "Get off My Lawn" grumpy old men with their ball sacks hanging around their knees.
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    to be completely honest i am just hoping i dont die i have asthma and. a few other minor conditions that would have me at a significant risk. i havent left my house in over a week, but my wifes job is "essential", so 5 days a week someone is leaving the house and coming in some contact with 10 others, and coming home. i think its possible that she, and both of my kids have already had it, all 3 got pretty sick early in march, all for about 7 days or so. I had my wife move into the guest bedroom, i have her coming home tossing clothes in washer and washing up before interacting with everyone.. my kids are in some important formative years, one will border on being good enough to play college sports, the other is going through adjusting to the middle school to soon be in high school transition, i dont want to die from this because we ordered some food out or we ran out of toilet paper or whatever the fuck yanks us into contact with the general public.
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    It can be so tempting to think about stockpiling all those early draft picks, simply for trading away one of ours, but most Bengal fans would be up in arms at the very thought of Joe Burrow being in any uni but a Bengals' uni next year....fans'd storm PB head office looking for the head of the dolt who ruined their vision of Bengals glory for the next 10 years, lead by one Joseph Lee Burrow.
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    It’s still on. I’m fortunate that my company is considered essential and I’m still getting paid in full. The contest will open for guesses on the morning of April 11 (assuming the NFL doesn’t move the draft between now and then) when I post the official contest thread. It will close on the evening of April 19. If you’re “lurking” and want to participate you must be a full member of the board as of April 10, and a Bengals fan. Remember, this year the contest will be based on the Bengals SECOND pick.
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    Joe Burrow just ‘what the doctor ordered’ for Bengals in NFL Draft
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    I'm more concerned about what Monday Morning QBs call inaction. Acosta wouldn't let it go. Trump's first act was to stop travel to and from China. Jim Acosta and Joe Biden, among many others, called him a Xenophobe. What exactly should he have done earlier?
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    It does seem a little early to me too. Trade back a few spots and pick up a 4, and I like it a lot. He does seem to be a Jim Turner guy, and it would bother me less than Sample did.
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    When a coach has an "unorthodox system" and his players aren't consistently outperforming others the writing is on the wall. For all Marvin's faults, being saddled with untouchables in this guy & Bratfailski really set him up to fail. I don't think it's entirely their fault any more than it is his, but they certainly weren't helping anything. Stubborn loyalty to bad coaches has been a theme here. I hope they give Skippy the power to make those calls for himself & he has the sense to put the team over personal loyalty. Despite appearances this isn't meant to be a country club for everyone's friends and family. Yet another example of how an organization follows the lead of the people at the top.
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    Andy B. is handling this in a very competent way; he has been calm, non-partisan, and an effective leader under these difficult circumstances. In turn, he's been both gentle and stern when appropriate and has adopted measures in a proactive way which will save many lives. I'm guessing that the majority of Kentuckians are happy with how he has been governing and thank their lucky stars that that unhinged lunatic Bevin is not in power. I know I am. Remember when we met for dinner at the Hofbrauhaus some years ago? The pal who came with me that night died of ARDS, which in many ways resembles how Covid-19 progresses. It is an absolutely horrific way to die; he went from feeling "really tired" to being dead in roughly ten days. It was gruesome: he couldn't breathe, was induced into a coma, his organs shut down, they needed to put him on kidney dialysis but couldn't because simply putting him on dialysis would have killed him--and at the end he was bloated to a point of almost non-recognition. (I posted about it here when it happened and I sure miss him and the occasional BBQs we had on Bengals Sundays.) So, my behavior has been informed by my understanding of how my friend died, multiplied out by the tens of 1,000s (soon to be over 100,000 and who knows how many before this is under control.) I'm grateful for the courage of medical and other people on the front lines and who are laboring under trying circumstances. Especially considering that the responses of a significant portion of our so-called leadership have been bumbling and downright evil at times. There is a special place in Dante's Hell for that louche galoot in the White House and His Merry Band of Grifters. And many Democrats in DC are no better, either. We are in the middle of an economic breakdown crisis, precipitated by this white (not black) swan event, but the seeds of this disaster go way way back. And as I suggested it would be back during the 2007-8 crisis, this time it is worse because those dipshits didn't fix problems of their own creation, instead focusing on rebuilding Frankenstein. And they are doing it again. Go, my heart and thoughts go out to you and to everyone here and their families.
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    Stay safe...god bless
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    Not many animals as beautiful looking as a Bengal tiger..
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    Fuck no! GTFOH with that shit! If the Miami brass wants Burrow so bad, why the fuck wouldn't we want him?
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    Paul is stilled pissed he wasn't a 24 year Bengal.
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    With you there - that's terrifying when you hear what people without those conditions who got the virus describe. I'm asthmatic as well and we have been staying home, but the wife had to travel because her mother is dying - and they have a LOT of family visiting and helping. Just hoping when she comes back that I am not fucked.
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    "As a 23-year Bengal ... I'm a pretty solid source." He sounds like he is desperately trying to be relevant, but he is failing and full of well-earned self-doubt.
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    Is anyone that criticizes Trump a liberal, or how do you make that distinction? I think it's an "interesting dynamic" that some people would rather dig for these Gotcha Moments & focus on perceived hypocrisy rather than the total void in leadership.
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    Oh please let Josh Jones fall to #33. Bookend tackles for the next decade would be a nice insurance policy for our new QB.
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    Sounds like our kind of guy...
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    Aside from being a morale booster (and that's if you're a baseball fan), I don't really see the point of this. The only way the owners profit is if they show the games on TV on their respective networks. They would still have to pay the players. I don't see it providing much of an economic boom to the Phoenix area, aside from the income tax they would collect from the players, because it's not like the players and essential staff are going to be going out to restaurants, etc. Also, I don't know how many ballparks are in Arizona, but I would imagine that you might have to play more than one game per day in the facilities. And it doesn't help the food and beer vendors, ticket staff, etc. in the home towns.
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    Well, the obvious answer would be Trump, but if I said something like that it could be considered political and belonging in another forum, so forget I said anything, lol.
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    Lol... I have tuned all the shows out now.. They ralk about Brady, Dallas, the LA teams and alot of filler nonsense... So tired of most of them.... I get my news and info on here.. At least its interesting..
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    I would change your bad forecast that passing on Jackson would haunt the Bengals. We ended up with Burrow.
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    I don't know if I've ever heard an ostensibly grown man whine as much as him, let alone a POTUS. Golly it's almost like the position comes with intense scrutiny and criticism? Every other thing he says is "wahh unfair" and "the Democrats" or the "fake news media" and blah blah fucking blah everyone is out to get him. He's a textbook malignant narcissist and nothing is ever his fault. Every perceived slight against him is the worst miscarriage of justice in history, but any accomplishment he can possibly claim credit for is also the greatest thing ever. It's childish and embarrassing. So yeah, listening to you constantly parrot the same sort of "The Left" bogeyman apologia is becoming tiresome and contributes nothing. If it's not just trolling whatever greater point you're trying to make is entirely lost on me. also at calling anyone "divisive" when his entire base was built on demonizing various groups of people while crybullying with a constant victim "endangered white people" narrative. Did we ever win the "War on Christmas"? Don't throw gasoline on simmering racial/religious tensions & then call for unity when it suits you.
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    Folks around here are going crazy over Queen and hoping he'll make it to 33. Chinn is just as big, faster, stronger, and better in coverage. He's a hard hitter; I want one of our new sayings to be "sweet Chinn Music" when he make a hit.
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    I just had a glance over at Finsheaven, and it seems quite a few of them don’t want to give up their draft capital anymore than most of us want to give up Burrow. So let’s just call it a day on that.
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    Paul the Ketchup Whisperer couldn't find his own ass with both hands and a kick-start. He's trolling.
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    The media cant stand the idea of us drafting JB.. They dont want to cover the Bengals and would love to see him in a glitzy city like Miami or elswhere.. Theyll have to put them on a primetime game or two as well... Hes got all the essentials to be a bigtime face in the league...but in Cincinnati? Theyll keep trying to make us believe "its for the best" .. Not gonna happen..he's our face of the future. Get used to it!
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    No that's not bias. Bias is more like applauding one person while condemning another when the basically are doing the same thing.
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    The only way this would make sense is if we traded out of the top-5 and got a HAUL to do it. I’m talking 5 1st rounders, 3 2nd rounders and a 2 3rds just for fun...and maybe we swap 7th round picks so it’s not too lopsided.
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    Gorgeous car dude, congrats
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    No chance. Zero. Latest Hobs with ZT continues to show no chance. If there was ANY lean that way he would be signaling it in his columns. Basically latest column said they are spending max allowable of three hours a week with him on zoom - my guess is he already has the offense... here’s that Hobson piece and two excerpts from it on point: https://www.bengals.com/news/zac-adjusting-to-first-draft-of-the-zooming-20s
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    Cards on the table, I just went and looked at a bunch of my saved TDN drafts and here is the range of players I have considered or taken the most often in rounds 2 - 4. Post FA spending spree, I sorted out CBs, S, and IDL from my considerations - after they spent $135 million to shore up those positions I am hoping they are looking WR, OL, and LB in rounds 2-4 in some order. I would be super grumpy over a TE in those rounds. BPA, but targeted BPA given the areas of need remaining would be my hope. Note, some set of the players I have listed below are unavailable in each given simulation, but sometimes are available - enough that I get to choose from them every so often. Assuming no massive falling from the top 20 players, here is who I am looking at usually for pick 33: WRs - Mims, Reagor, Higgins ( note - J. Jefferson almost never makes it to 33 on the mocks I do, and I don't really want Shenault) LBs - Queen, Baun, Murray (altho I admit to being not as high on Murray as some of the experts are and often pass on him for other positions) OL - Ruiz, Cleveland, Josh Jones (I REALLY don't like Austin Jackson based on some of what I have read and Niang is probably a reach here - Jones doesn't fall to 33 a ton, but just enough that I hold out hope that he's there for them to consider at start of day 2) That's my big board of preferred players for top of round 2 - unless something crazy happens with one of the top WR or OT falling from top 20. At top of round 3 I am usually choosing from amongst this crew in the mocks I do on TDN and Fan Speak: WR: Aiyuk, Peoples-Jones, Pittman Jr. Claypool (Aiyuk could go as high as round 1 or as low as 3 - I would prefer him here - I am not as high on Peoples- Jones and Claypool as others arebut this is where they likely would have to be taken if not already gone) LB: M. Harrison, W. Gay Jr., J. Brooks, ADG (not a one of these four seems to be sliding to round 4 now, so if you want one of this group, this is the spot) OL: Isaiah Wilson, Prince Wonogho, R. Hunt, N. Muti, Josh Jackson, D. Lewis, L. Niang, L. Cushenberry (there's a lot of variability here in the mocks, but some combo of the names on this list will be there in 3 but most often only one or none slips to top of 4 - and any of this crew immediately decidedly upgrades the OL) And the players generally available around top of round 4 that I like (this got harder when those damn comp picks were assigned and we slipped to pick 107: WR: Van Jefferson, D. Duverney (often Duverney slips to round 5 in my mocks but I think come draft that is unlikely) LB: Logan Wilson, T. Dye (MAYBE on each of these guys- very possible to get here and both have already been taken - I would kill for Dye at top of 4 but that is only every so often) OL: S. Lemieux, S. Kindley, B. Bredesen, J. Simpson, L. Stenberg, B. Bartch (these are all IOL except for Bartch and Bartch may play best there in the NFL) My general conclusions/working theories from six weeks of running mocks: If you want an OT to challenge to play this year, has to come from a selection in rounds 2 or 3. IOL is deep enough that you can find someone at top of four (and RARELY 5) who might be able to challenge to start. As deep as WR is, the true difference making depth at the top of the WR class are gone by middle of round 3 in almost every mock unless you are higher on Van Jefferson than I am. I think he and Duverney could immediately help, but I have them a good tier below the crew I have listed in rounds 2 and 3. LB is deeper than we thought back in January (at least deeper than I thought) , but still no guarantee that there will be someone there in round 4 that we can count on day 1.
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    you are correct sir! You don't pick door number two when you can see where the grand prize is.
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    Not sure you really answered either question I asked: If the government pays my internet bill should they be allowed to monitor/control the content? Have countries with socialized healthcare fared better than those with private healthcare?
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    WR Michael Pittman Jr, USC WR KJ Hamler, Penn St WR KJ Hill, Ohio St TE Adam Trautman, Dayton OT Lucas Niang, TCU OT Ben Bartch, St John OT Isaiah Wilson, Georgia G Jonah Jackson, Ohio St G Netane Muti, Fresno St DE Darrell Taylor, Tennessee LB Josh Uche, Michigan LB Akeem Gaither-Davis, App St LB Troy Dye, Oregon LB Davion Taylor, Colorado CB K'von Wallace, Clemson CB Darnay Holmes, UCLA S Antoine Winfield Jr, Minnesota No idea if we've talked to any of these guys but a lot of them will be available at 65.
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    If it were my decision I would draft an OT at 33 for a few reasons: 1. Protecting Burrow is the top priority and currently the talent at OT is questionable at best. 2. This draft is not deep with quality OT prospects and normally OT go early in the draft because it's perceived to be a premium position. Waiting until the later rounds will mean significantly less talented players are available. I really like Isaiah Wilson from UGA, played 27 games at RT in the SEC and is only getting better as matures. Physically he's a beast and a great athlete. He's young and really starting to put it all together. Many scouts think he came out to would be a first round pick if he stayed another year or two. If I were drafting for the Bengals I would go OT in the 2nd and 4th, LB in the 3rd and 5th, and WR in the 6th and 7th.
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    Good points. I think he's the worst coach I have ever seen. Dave Shula included. You would think a "good" coach would have his players that he's responsible for run through a wall for him. So what has he done?? 2 guys retired rather than play for him and another (Glenn) didnt want to play at all. With all this AND his track record. He should be fired IMO.
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    The stay-at-home directive serves to “flatten the curve” so that healthcare facilities and workers are not over-whelmed at any one point in time. It also gives more time to determine the more effective treatments and for development of a vaccine before a much larger number of people become infected. The down-side of “flattening the curve” is that the spread of the virus will be taking much, much longer. It is not unreasonable to expect the shutdowns to continue into winter. I am personally hopeful that we’ll be close to being back to almost normal by the end of the summer, but I believe that to be very optimistic. I think that the most critical factor will be the development, manufacture, and distribution of the vaccine. The last estimates that I heard put that at nine to twelve months away. Hopefully there is an unexpected breakthrough that will facilitate a quicker end to the outbreak. [Full disclosure: I am no doctor, but I did once stay at a Holiday Inn Express.]
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    Hart is Turner's new (talentless) version of Richie Incognito, they're going to cover for each other's incompetence & try to be the loudest of Yes-men (while quietly casting blame everywhere else) until someone in the organization grows enough spine to take out the trash. Not only will the OL continue to struggle, but any talk about a team culture or their character is an absolute joke with these 2 jackasses on the payroll. They should've been gone right along with Cordy Glenn.
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