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    I got a different impression from the interview. Or I am misunderstanding you guys. I didn't get victim mentality at all. Seems to me he knows he had a bad attitude and wants to make amends. If you think that too and still think "F him", then I'm glad I don't know many of you guys.
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    I don't think I want to relive anything from 1994-2002.
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    Yeah it's hilarious to me how all these folks who like to consider themselves such die-hard patriots have no issue at all with a Russian former KGB agent meddling in our elections. Tell us more about the dire need for "Voter ID" laws, why don't you? Here we have some dude claiming that they weren't really discussing election tampering, they just used that as a pretense to discuss something totally harmless. Dude.. What are you smoking? Hey speaking of which, maybe we could meet up to discuss you selling me some of that crack rock BUT OH WHAT I REALLY MEAN IS I'D LIKE TO PURCHASE YOUR USED LAWNMOWER. I just said that stuff about the crack so nobody got suspicious about the totally legal thing we're really doing! LOL nothing to see here folks! Fucking listen to your bullshit for a moment and ask why anyone without Trump and/or Putin's balls on their chin would actually believe that. I mean I understand that y'all really identify with a self-absorbed megadouche and envy him because he's rich and can get away with saying the horribly ignorant shit you only dare to think, but are you really that committed to going down with his ship?
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    If you really don't see the problem there is no explaining it to you.
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    That is hands down the most inane post I have seen on here and there's been plenty to choose from. Anything you post from now on will be associated with this stupidity.
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    Since the Browns only sell 10 or so season tickets, total, not difficult for them to get them out early and quick.
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    Mike Brown wouldn't give Jonathan Joseph a free Gatorade and you want a hat? Good luck with that.
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    I still say that Burfict's greatest crime in the eyes of the NFL is daring to play by the same rules as the Stealers. In case current events in general haven't already convinced you that self-awareness is at an all time low.
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    I am probably in the minority, but I still have love for Dillon. He was a rare bright spot during the darkest period in team history, along with Willie and Takeo. Sure, he left town on a sour note and he said plenty of things that put himself in a bad light. I think alot of it had to do with the emergence of Rudi Johnson as a fan favorite in 2003 seemingly from nowhere when Dillon got hurt. I was happy that he won a Super Bowl after he was traded, especially when he scored the clinching TD in the AFC championship against the stealers. At the end of the day, Dillon is one of the best players in franchise history. I wish his career had resulted in more victories and it's good that he wants to make peace. Personally, I will always remember his record setting performances against the Oilers and Broncos among the greatest Bengals games I have ever watched.
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    I am not.. that team was a cluster fuck when he was here.. One of the best players in the NFL then.. I am with you that you pretty much always have the best avi though....
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    I compiled a bunch of stats in another thread a while back showing the Bengals defense vs. types of receivers over the years compared to NFL averages. Our problem clearly isn't our starting outside CBs, we have some good ones. We rank at league average or better almost every year against #1/2 WRs in terms of how often they're thrown to and yardage. Top WRs just don't get open a lot against us compared to the rest of the NFL. I won't argue the semantics of Adam being top 10 or not, but our problems in pass defense are vs. TEs, RBs, and sometimes #3-5 WRs.
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    Got the season tickets today, pretty nice with some of the old players on them. Also got a 50th flag with them, don't know if this is only for Club tickets or not.
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    Well, now that you mention it... i knew there was a reason you always win in Vegas.
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    No, it's not crooked, there is an Angel hanging on it. lol. I saw that and started to crop the picture then thought what the heck. I could use that picture for one of those find it in the picture games. Can you find the King in that picture.
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    You beat me to it! Just got mine, too, with the flag. (yes, I have Club Seats, too) and your lampshade is crooked.
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    My recollection of the older players versus modern players is this. They seemed to have had tougher mentalities and overall toughness. They seemed to play through pain/injuries a lot more frequently than today's players. Why? Idk. Perhaps today's players are more reluctant due to fears of damaging a newer bigger payday.
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    Old Days vs New Times = Before Free Agency/Salary Cap vs After Free Agency/Salary Cap
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    I was just old enough to appreciate the sight of seeing some of the greatest, and slowest, players in history in this raggedy-ass college stadium called Franklin Field. Guys like Sonny Jurgenson, Sam Huff, Jim Ringo, Floyd Peters, Chuck Howley. Saw them all. And no real TV coverage to speak of, so you saw it in person. It was my inspiration to play the game. It was slow, but it was REAL. Jurgenson, with his one bar face mask, would take shots to his head enough to kill an elephant--but would just get up and spit at the defender. Jim Ringo would get scissor-kicked by defensive linemen almost every play-but just get right up and bury their butts backwards the next one. Go ahead and talk to me about JJ Watt dominating back then--I will laugh in your face. No one today would have survived in that NFL world--because there were no rules. It was just plain Mano y Mano...the toughest won. Please try and tell me that this over-regulated farce of a sport today is anywhere in the same continent in terms of reality, as that game was. You can't.
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    Munoz Anderson If we are voting for #3 it should be for someone who belongs in the HoF. Ken Riley Boomer doesn't belong in the HoF.
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    Slow...yeah gotta have that sparkling speed and other wonders for the eyes. The #3 overall pick moved like a glacier. His targets were not much faster. But without the glitz, all he did was win--and did it without NFL intervention. Back when the game was REAL. Fix that with something else if you are so inclined....doesn't alter the facts one iota.
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    Last I heard Mack was coaching high school baseball and football somewhere in Washington.
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    Yeah, I watched and hooked all over again. Liked how it was a catching up and refreshing your memory on who's zooming who. The giant White Walkers are kick ass. I still have a major crush on Cersei. Some guy I never heard of singing was kind of faggy, but ... wtf. At least it wasn't John Legend.
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    That's cool! Sorry Harry, poor choice of word on my part!
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    Corey dillion would break the all time nfl rushing record in this game.
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    Forcing him to have sex with someone other than his wife. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
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    Redskins were 3, Pitt was 7, Buffalo was 16 and Baltimore 17.
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    They hate him because even the drooling mouth breathers over there recognize "Good 'ol Stiller futbawwl" when they see it and they don't like it when it's used against their team.
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    Huh. I guess you can up your own posts. Never tried it before, just did it and my phone pinged and I looked at it and it read "Bunghole liked your post". LOL.
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    I didn't even notice that till u mentioned it.....lol Now the question for all you posters.....did I vote up his post or did he?
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    Off topic. Has one always had the option of voting up one of their own posts ??
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    Most of the people on their list have been dead for 20 years. The other three remaining finger paint with their poopie.
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    They gave up 41 sacks last year. The Bengals offense is designed around getting rid of the ball quickly and/or getting Dalton outside of a usually-nonexistent pocket. Without their check-down receivers in Eifert and then Gio - in other words, the smoke & mirrors protecting a shaky OL - they got exposed.
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    The guy seemed apologetic in his comments to me. Yeah, he acted like an ass. I challenge everyone on this board to tell me you would have been a model citizen at 20-something if you were full of cash, were one of the best in the game, and were stuck on an awful team. It doesn't mean what he did is OK, but I'm willing to let it go. You can choose not to let it go, but that puts you in the same boat with Dillon as far as I'm concerned.
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    He was a dickhead to the organization, which deserved every bit of it. Oh no, he threw his pads into the stands! Meanie. Mean to the city? The same city that had race riots 2 years earlier after the police killed a black 19 year old for outstanding traffic tickets? LOL.
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    Top 10 CB....Top 3 dumb ass. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
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    Not personality wise. No matter what he did on the field, there is nothing wrong with fans not liking a player for his actions. There is no need to let it go unless it consumes you, which doesn't seem to be the case with anybody here. There's just dislike. Personally, I still think he's a dick. And as far as being apologetic, I didn't see an apology in there. Regret and excuses, but no apology.
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    Until he (Bob) tries to sing.
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    I don't care either way but... John Dillinger > Corey Dillon Matt Dillon > Corey Dillon Dylan McKay from Beverly Hills 90210 > Corey Dillon
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    Isn't it very possible that Dillon was much better than Hill, BJGE, and Benson, Paul Alexander is out of touch with today's NFL, and/or those old lines weren't as bad as you're saying they are? I don't follow the logic of your post if you're trying to say that it's somehow hypocritical to shit on PA in 2017 while also loving Dillon's late 90's to early 2000's dominance.
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    Looking forward to seeing how much WJIII helps as well.
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    The NFL also benefits from their useful idiot fan base. Their rantings reach the ears of the fake news NFL media, which then piously rends the heartstrings of other non-aligned useful idiot bases. This leads to increased sales of Stealer gear, more advertising revenue, and demand for more everything Stealer. The NFL knows how to sow its fields.
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    I have a feeling the press conference is going to be more entertaining than the fight itself
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    It was a great interview. Corey has really matured.