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    Your right, the coaching staff was having a hard time trying to figure out if the 6-5 230lb Heisman Trophy winning, pro offense set trained, USC record shattering, #1 oveall pick QB was better than the 6-2 pixie handed noodle armed reject from Seattle. Kitna got dumped for Matt Hasselbeck for Christ's sake. I am sure giving Carson the starter's job in 2004 took countless weeks of analysis, debate and trips to a Tarot card reader.
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    Forgot the "All of the Above"Meme Version thx to @Numbers:
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    I don't like Goodell, but I like Jerry Jones even less.. Dude is a grade A... rich fuck.... bully... asshole.. He loved Goodell until the man disciplined his team.. now he wants to bitch and moan about it and wants him out... it's hilarious and fuck jerry jones
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    Watching Mike Zimmer today just makes me even more sad about what could have been. His passion on the side lines is undeniable, and for me, that is the biggest flaw Marvin has. Getting in players faces, letting the refs know how he thinks about certain calls and not looking like a deer in the headlights is something is so refreshing to see. And it helps he built his team into a contender as well. Sigh...
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    A couple of nuggets and borderline rumor stuff for food for thought... Yeah, Marvin did bring the team to respectability but, to me, seemed to peak and level off. I am still seeing the same flaws with the team that have always been there and little or no change. (Please, Fred, spare me the stats to the contrary). Lack of motivation, playing down to the level of the other team, poor clock management, no halftime adjustments, not prepared/players not into it (ie Lawson's two off side penalties, too many presnap brain farts), sometimes seemingly playing protect the lead/ not finishing the game/letting up when we get the lead, etc. He has improved with the challenges but stupid time outs early in the game still occur. I could say drafting and using players (John Ross healthy inactive). No, not all his fault but his fingers, as head coach, are in all the pies and at least on field he is where the buck stops. For as much as I bash him, I genuinely like the guy and wish him nothing but the best but think his time as head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals has ended. A time for a fresh start at that position all the way around. One of the talking heads said Mike Zimmer's abrasive personality is beginning to grate in Minnesota. He may be on thinner ice than thought. Just passing it along, 100% hear say and speculation from someone else. Would Mike Brown bring the same abrasive personality back here? Who knows? The speculation that Vance Joseph is losing his popularity in Denver and with the living saint, John Elway. Losing to us at home did nothing to improve his popularity. If fired, would he be brought back here? I would hope so. The key thing about both is ties to the Brown family and familiarity with the team and organization. Both have that. Being fired elsewhere and brought in here would make them beholding to the Brown family ala Forrest Greg (my all time favorite Bengal coach) and we see how that worked out. Before Sunday's game I caught a pregame interview with long forgotten Brock Gutierrez (yes, I surfed up the correct spelling of his name). He was talking about Paul Alexander with whom he has a good and long relationship. Paul recruited him for college ball. Good guy, excellent coach, etc. but ... time may be passing him by and maybe not as in tune with the game today. I found this an interesting comment from someone who would know. Maybe being noticed in the Inner Sanctum, too. Move along from Marvin and Paul, bring in Vance or possibly even Zimmer and some more new blood without blowing up the entire staff would be good, imho, and maybe even acceptable to MikeandKatie. On a personal note, they are going to have to do something major and progressive or I am not renewing my season tickets. Not boycotting or anything like that, but simply not worth the bang for my entertainment buck the way things are now.
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    No one expects us to do shit but that's no reason to nail your dick to the table
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    Be upset but deal with it. My connection with the Bengals is like family. I am a Bengal fan because I was born and raised as a Bengal fan. I don't abandon my family when they make mistakes. I will call them out on their mistakes, but they are still my family. I can't just choose to be a fan of another team.
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    How I feel depends upon how much power Marvin has. Is it his idea to keep the same shitty line coaches? If so, bye then. Was it his decision to let go Whit and KZ and keep our 5 wide revolving door as an O-line? If so, bye then. With last years o-line this team could be 6-4 easily. Then the D wont kill themselves and get frustrated. AJ doesn't throw a dude to the turf. After all, this Marvin ran this team to 5 straight 10+ win seasons. If we credit him that, we have to accept that you can't keep polishing turds and it's not his fault. But if he wanted to get rid of Whit/KZ, if he loves our position coaches, then he's a muppet and should stick to drafting.
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    For all of you who claim that grown men like refs could not be jealous childish little bitches here is your proof....Assuming Lost is a grown man. Haters gonna hate. What is sad is that some people think it is perfectly okay for authority figures like refs or police to be able to punish people when they are innocent because of things that have happened in the past. Repeat offenders should be punished more severly because of their past behavior when they do something wrong, but they should not be punished when they are innocent based on past behavior.
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    The article just confirms to me how poorly the NFL is managed. Goodell may be a good negotiator, but as an administrator he sucks ass. Personally, I am rooting for the players in the next CBA. There needs to be some kind of committee handing out punishment, not the Commissioner. Thursday football needs to go. I think Jerry Jones is an asshole, but I'm on his side here.
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    Mike Brown loves the roster move. Doesn't even have to buy Brian a new jersey.
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    I thought exactly the same, keeping Zimmer on our sidelines was a no brainer.
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    We are an otherwise good team with an awful O-line.
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    Excellent post Harry, I mostly agree. The only thing I would have to think though, is that unless it is the owner or gm that dislikes Zimmer's abrasiveness, I would have to say he isn't going anywhere. Unless they totally flop the rest of the year?!
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    The Browns are also still in the playoff hunt. That means the stakes are really high this week in a game between playoff contenders.
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    Call me classless (idonotgiveafuck), but I hope Burfict ends Jen in two weeks. I'm not sure how I'd cope with the year/lifetime suspension he would receive, but would be awesome to wear a freshly ordered Burfict jersey everywhere.
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    Honestly I call this season a massive success if we make it to the playoffs and win a game. We'll either be playing the chiefs or the Jaguars, both winnable games and we'll be coming in with that nothing to lose mentality. Now sure will be get by NE in the 2nd round? Probably not but you never know at least we fuckin got there! Something this entire fan base has been begging to see for over 25 years. Fuck next year let's go win a playoff game get the damn monkey off our back. Pick #24 and a playoff win >>>>>>>>>>Pick #10
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    ...the playoffs don't start until January.
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    The only reason the Bengals are still in the playoff discussion at all is because of the widespread mediocrity of the AFC. The brutal reality though has already been mentioned on this thread. The Bengals simply cannot run the ball. The unbalanced time of possession and inability to move the chains is a direct result of their anemic running game. They will score some points because there are playmakers on offense, and because the defense will occasionally flip the field with a turnover, but right now this team is not built to compete with a squad like New England, Pittsburgh, or even Jacksonville in the AFC. And some of those high-powered NFC teams like Philly, NO and the Rams would probably throttle Cincy by 3 touchdowns. If the Bengals continue to squeak by the bad-to-middling teams on their remaining schedule (Browns, Bears, Ravens, Lions) they could finish 9-7 and maybe sneak into the 6 seed. Maybe. It's so muddy in there that it's hard to even figure out who to root for because they all play each other. I personally don't see any way they beat the Stealers at home or win in Minnesota save for a fluke or some miraculous revival of the rushing attack. Any Given Sunday, I know ... but for this team it will take more than just one given Sunday. Letting Whit and Zeitler go was suicide for this year. The performance of 70 and 74 may seal our fate for the next couple of years. Unless we hit the jackpot in the draft and sign at least one capable FA lineman, I don't see how any of this improves in the next couple of seasons. If there was ever a time to overhaul, to me, now is the time. And I'm talking from the top down. In the meantime, we can't really look to the Reds yet to salvage that taste of post-season contention, so I'll leave you with this. Go Xavier!
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    I really dont want to make the playoffs. We need a new coach
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    You win this thread.
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    A Bengals win is like Groundhogs Day. Mike Brown sees his shadow and its six more weeks of Marvin.
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    You're wrong Colonel Sanders. Momma is RIGHT.
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    Lol... the Bengals have no talent on their oline, they aren't making the playoffs.
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    I'll do the same thing I've done the previous years when we should've had another coach. Always root for the Bengals and hope for the best.
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    The refs will find horse heads in their beds.
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    Highlight of the game right there. A distant second was the fumble caused by Taze. Probably won the game.
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    Burfict would've got ejected for that Peko slam.
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    Man I hate this soft zone stuff with so much time left in the game.
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    IF AJ has that much coverage,the offense should be rolling.On the other hand,I'm supporting the NFL boycott by watching this game.
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    That was a really good throw and catch.
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    It's _ichigan week! We don't give a damn for The whole state of _ichigan, The whole state of _ichigan, the whole state of _ichigan We don't give a damn for The whole state of _ichigan, We're from O-Hi-O!
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    Fred would think so because of his stats and MikeandKatie would want him back because they've got a shit load of unsold 58 Maualuga jerseys they could take off the sale rack and sell full price again.
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    because people are assholes... I swear just the way that dude threw that flag when Tase was ejected last week made me feel this way... That dude put his arm on Taze...and as soon as he lifts his arm...the ref threw the flag like a pissed of child.... Taze made his own bed...but there are a bunch of assholes in those games...he has no chance now....
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    The ideal protest: https://thenib.com/destructive-criticism?id=matt-bors&t=author (follow link for the entire comic)
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    Who's talking about having a hissy fit? And yes I do have a clue and I haven't made anything up. What makes you think I'm speculating? Ever occur to you that possibly some on this board are related/friends with current and past players? LOL at your arrogance. Then again I should have know after lurking here for years reading your posts. Good god quit acting like you have a clue as to what is going on and what some players may or may not think.
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    Shit OL, last years's 9th overall draft pick can't get on the field, best player on offense is choke-slamming dudes out of frustration, MLB that draws a personal foul for getting out of bed in the morning, a DB core led by Dumb & Dumber, who is also a team captain, grabasstic displays of fuckery from most of the coaching staff.. And you're worried about the QB? You want to watch someone different get sacked or what?
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    This is a case where I don't blame Marvin for being upset, but at the same time I don't blame Jeremy for quitting early.

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