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    Will they suck more if they pick Chase Young? Maybe. Even if he is the second coming of Reggie White he doesn't make them a playoff team. If Burrow is the real deal he makes them better big time. Pick the best player, period. Chase Young sucked balls in the Fiesta Bowl. Are you trying to tell us that the guy that blew chunks in the biggest game he ever played in college would be a better pick than a guy that rose to the moment in the college football playoffs?
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    Exactly. Cats acting like players all play at the same level. Like nobody can be transcendent. Its crazy. Whats the fucking purpose of new players coming out every year if thats the case? Get a grip. Nobody is saying he is the God. They're simply saying that he can potentially make up for some shortcomings that Andy couldnt because he seems to be a much more gifted fucking player. My eyes tell me that he is. So in essence, i am compelled to believe, based on what my eyes have told me, watching sports the last 30 years, that skill level varies on all players. And based on that, it can be determined, that if Player A has more skills + intangibles than Player B, he might, JUST MIGHT, not only play better but make his team better in the process. Why is this a hard concept to grasp? Christ.
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    When Chad left so did the team's personality. Since then it's pretty much been cold oatmeal punctuated by Adam Jones getting arrested.
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    I live in Athens as an OU grad student, and it’s remarkable. Joe Burrow is everywhere here, in store windows, on pub signs, on the campus graffiti wall, and in the grocery store. And you can be certain many of these people were Bengals fans already.
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    Actually, Jameis Winston would be the perfect replacement for Ben
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    In the very post I quoted you said: Any QB would fail behind this oline. It's made up, you have 0 idea if any QB (including Joe) could succeed behind this line. I provided to recent examples of QBs doing so. Hell I didn't even mention the rookie last year who tied Russell for most sacks behind a garbage oline and managed a passer rating 10 points higher than Andy and his best WR is a member of the AARP. Any team that has the worst rated QB in the NFL has a problem at QB and it is their biggest. If we magically got 5 HOF Olinemen then Andy would probably do pretty good behind it, but that ain't happening. What can happen is we have the opportunity to take a QB that just had a college season that has never been matched in the history of college football; yet some will question the pick and stand behind our mediocre QB.
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    And it's refreshing to have yet another Burrow thread.
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    The PFF folks were recently on Sirius NFL radio the other day and was giving their 2 highest grades at every position since they've start rating college players. Their 2 OTs were Laramy Tunstil and Jonah Williams. They said ideal length was the only thing that stopped Williams from being among the highest they rated at any position. Does that mean he's going to excel in the NFL? No. Is it good to hear? Yes
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    I loved me some Burfict, even at the end. Helped keep me engaged.
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    You know those Bengals home games when its the end of the season, they have 5 wins and The Stealers in town and their asshole fans have taken over the stadium? That's Miami all season long.
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    Sources tell me that Burrow will be a Bengal, the Palmer Bros. and TJ are hypocrites, and Mike Florio is a gossip girl
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    Everything you say here is true, but one thing the NFL has going for them is they dominate the players. The last thing the NFL wants is for players to have more "leverage" negotiating with teams. Yes, short-term everyone would like to see Burrow somewhere other than Cincinnati. Long-term players having the ability to screw with the system is bad for the NFL.
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    Not unless he learns to beat press coverage & the bigger/more physical DB's that have been roughing him up. Honestly though haven't we wasted enough time & money on this guy? There are good receivers on this team who deserve the ball 100x more than Ross.
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    Ive continued to believe that with an accurate passer Ross will be that threat to keep saties honest and be that touchdown waiting to happen...
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    On an up note, he’s working , so snark aside - that’s a good thing. And with Burrow, so that’s an even better thing, no?
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    Hue Jackson definitely held him in check in 2005.
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    Hope he isn't planning to take him to Skyline Chili.
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    Any reasonable time looking deeply at these things tells us we shouldn't pay any attention to the national media on this issue. He is friends with Sam Hubbard, he is from Ohio and his family is excited about him playing nearby, his GF lives nearby and one of his coaches from college is on the Bengals staff. www.bengals.com/team/coaches-roster/brad-kragthorpe. AND somehow another team that would pick him in the top ten is a great organization? Why in the world does Miami get credit for trading away 2 young quality players at 2 of the most important positions of need in the league to acquire draft picks that are very likely to be nowhere near as good as the players they traded. The National media is awful.
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    From a Athletic article this morning: Why does the national media seem to think the Bengals are the worst landing spot possible for Joe Burrow, yet they’ve outperformed half the league over the last decade, Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton had a lot of success, and while they don’t sign big-name free agents, they spend tons of money to retain their own. Is the narrative fair? — Eric S. It’s not just the media who act like the Bengals are some sort of NFL outlier. That’s the feeling from many people in the league, from agents to executives who deal with the Bengals. Cincinnati just operates differently than most teams; its scouting staff is small and it doesn’t engage in free agency in the same way most teams do. Marvin Lewis performed a miracle to make that team relevant for as long as he did, and Zac Taylor inherited a pretty bad situation in his first year as a head coach. I don’t want to write off Taylor yet, but I believe Burrow (an Ohio native) sees those things and is hearing those things, which would explain his lukewarm reaction to questions about the Bengals.
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    Last year's #1 pick got a $23M signing bonus. Joe Burrow staying home and doing ads for LSU fans might net him $100K. No national company is going to ink him if he isn't playing and aren't stupid enough not to have conditions in their contracts. If he refuses to play in "X" city there will be many who will despise him for doing it. It would probably hurt his earning power forever. Yes, he has some leverage. He could screw himself and refuse to sign giving up a ton of money. These guys only have so many years to play and pissing away somewhere between $10 and $20M one year is dumb as hell.
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    That is a great question and can be debated either way. I would say that because we are about to get a QB, possible franchise QB for 4-5 years at a low cap amount we should re-sign him as we need to help take the pressure off. The second reason I would re-sign him is he is a baller, max effort even when the team was brutal. We need more of this type and less of the Cordy Glenn types.
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    I don't think any of that is unreasonable. I'd be surprised if Burrow gives a poop about whatever pressure is manufactured by fan hype -- it comes with the territory for any #1 pick going to any shit team. Still, he's [ideally] the biggest jigsaw piece in a puzzle that obviously does contain other pieces too. I don't figure anyone here is keen on the Bengals doing nothing with the offensive line and then relying on Burrow to save it on his own. Is there potential that his skillset could to some extent offset the poor play of the line? Sure, that's plausible. I don't think that acknowledging such a thing amounts to "we're not worried about upgrading a bad line to support our franchise player". This franchise put Andy Dalton in a great position over a 3-5 year window. It didn't work out our way in the end, but if they can perform comparably with a player of Burrow's [potential] caliber, then the sky is the limit. That's the whole point, right?
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    That's the best part about it for me, at least until he does something noteworthy as a Bengal. If this guy is really all people say he is, they've got to do everything in their power to make sure he delivers. It's this notion that he fixes everything that I have a big problem with, it's not a knock on Burrow himself. I know KC got by with an average offensive line but ours was dead last and the only possible difference-maker right now spent the year on IR. Asking him to eat 50 sacks as a rookie is insane, like why would we risk that even if he is good enough to overcome it? For an organization mocked for being cheap to squander the investment in a first overall pick again? Maybe take just a little pressure off the guy, if we could? Just one fan's opinion here
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    Jake Fromm Statefarm.. How many times a day does he hear that?
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    I think a lot of pundits are just groupthinking on two points: 1.) If Tua was healthy, he'd be at Burrow's level. 2.) Burrow is the #1 pick, but Chase Young is the #1 prospect. I think both of those things are wrong. Any team in the top five (including NYG and WAS with their recent first round QBs) who would pass on Burrow given the opportunity would be very foolish.
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    That when a new head coach benches the veteran starter midway through a winless season it's pretty clear they intend to bring in a new one., Also that the excuse that they were tanking & not just losing is pretty funny
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    Do you have an actual point? Asking for a friend.
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    Yeah they burned that bridge when they sent him to the bench... and then they ran him back out there! Comedy... Taylor was just playing 4d chess though.. Who are we kidding?
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    blahblah ad hominem bullshit trolling, tl;dr.. just put me on ignore, i dgaf
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    I'd say Andy did pretty damned well behind a slightly less shitty OL. Obviously he tended to melt down once we got there but making the postseason 5 years in a row doesn't happen with a garbage QB. I also think it's clear the entire team melted down in those situations, and while that does fall on a lack of leadership I think it went a lot deeper than QB. I mean, at this point I'm just repeating myself but I think benching him convinced everyone that a new QB is going to come in here and turn it all around, and that seems incredibly foolish to me given the circumstances. If I'm wrong about that, great, but I suspect that even if the losing continues this franchise won't make the major changes that are necessary. To put it another way, let's say you're right and Burrow can play well while taking 50+ sacks a year. How long do you think he's going to stay healthy, enduring a beating like that? Those examples you gave are statistical outliers. Wilson for example; you wouldn't say that talent is being wasted? Last thing I think any of us want to see is a generational talent sitting on IR because our bullshit ownership doesn't want to invest in correcting a series of mistakes on the OL, or a complete & total lack of a defense behind some standout defensive linemen, not to mention some really questionable playcalling and borderline mutiny in the locker room. Instead of saying "damn these are some great players we've stumbled into, let's get some at least halfassed-average guys around them and we could really do something", they just shrug it off as good enough & hope to get lucky... If they even consider it between cashing those fat NFL checks. So I'll say it yet again: The problems with this team go much deeper than QB. Asking Burrow to fix everything wrong here isn't fair to him, let alone realistic.
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    The whole "If Andy can't do it, nobody can" assertion is just folks making things up. In 2018 DeShaun Watson had an absolutely terrible Oline, he was sacked 62 times yet he threw for over 4,000 yards and had a passer rating of 103.1. Last year Russell Wilson led the league by being sack 48 times behind a garbage oline, yet he threw for over 4100 yards and had a passer rating of over 106. He led a team with nothing but a rookie WR to a great season. So in short: Anyone who says "If Andy can't do it, no one can" has their objectivity called into question.
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    Around when he starts lighting it up for them. Not saying he will, I mean obviously there's no difference between us and NE that might make it a better situation for a QB. Dalton was obviously holding back our OL, who are obviously closer to top 20 than bottom 3 in Division 2 college teams. Probably. But since you asked, that would be a good time, if that somehow happens. Which it won't, since QB's can only make a team better, whereas the team has no bearing on QB performance. Still, that would be the time.
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    Pocket presence is great if you have a pocket. The few times Dalton saw one of those recently he looked just as surprised by it as anyone. Burrow's not going to magically avoid untouched pass rushers blowing through our OL like it's not even there. Nobody would. I understand the draft hype does this to people but this shit is out of control. If they don't significantly upgrade this OL he will fail, as any QB would. I swear by the time April rolls around Burrow will be taking over as GM & choreographing the cheerleaders.
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    How the team has been run for the last 30 years? Recwnt moves like extending Hart & calling him "phenomenal" despite being one of the worst RT's in the league? This team's FO has a very shaky grasp on reality & refuses to admit mistakes, let alone hold anyone accountable for them. What indications have you seen that they're going to do anything differently? Stop listening to what they say and watch what they do. Like telling everyone they're going to build a high-character team & then making scumbag Turner one of their first hires. Also, before you start thinking of excuses for those examples, consider how many other examples there are & how they form a pattern of behavior stretching back literal decades. "New Dey" is a catchy slogan but they're still doing things the way they've always done them. Honestly, anyone that's been a fan of this team for more than a week should already know all this so if I sound a little annoyed at having to spell it out it's because I think you know better. The only reason people want to have this argument is so they can try to convince themselves otherwise.
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    Most recent Ross Tucker pod is well worth a listen - he had Greg Cosell on and entire pod was discussion of Burrow, Tua and Herbert with some dalton talk as a bonus. Let’s just say after listening to that I am even more reticent about idea of trading back. Listen to it - but upshot is that even if Tua were healthy Cosell’s opinion after film review is that Burrow is qb1 easily, the comp is Brady if he hits his high end potential, and the flags he raises over Herbert make me itchy if god forbid we traded back and took him.
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    Oh I'm fine with moving on, it's just this idea that a new QB is going to fix the OL through sheer awesomeness that I disagree with. It would really suck if they don't bother to build a team around this guy but that's kind of sounding like the plan.
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    Dalton is not the problem or the solution , not sure why guys here are arguing. He needs a lot of help to be good whereas Burrows has potential to be good with less help. And it is potential only at this point. Dalton is 100% known commodity - streaky, poor pocket presence, and his overall play diminishes in bigger games. 100% known and this will not change. Time to move on
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    WTF back. If they pick Chase Young, they will suck more? The statistic isn't stupid, it's quite telling. People here are making ridiculous statements like Burrow will make the OL better and the OL won't get him killed. Rationalizing because they want the most exciting pick. Let's talk in a year or two and I can tell you I told you so.
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    Hopefully they don't pick Burrow. 2 Heisman QBs have won a SB. Only a couple more have played in one. Out of 24? At least half of them were flat out busts. It probably has to do with the bad teams that picked first in the draft that weren't ready for a rookie QB. And unfortunately, the Bengals will be the next to fall into that trap if they succomb to the pressure from all of the talking heads and draft "experts". There seems to be a rule that a QB has to be the first pick. But to play along with the thread topic, it should be Dalton unless they get a really good trade offer for him.
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    They'll be idiots if they pick him and he's a total bust at the NFL level. Which would be just dandy for the bengal hating sports pundits since they will say it's obviously be the Bengals' fault. Everybody is jacking off over the shiny new toy while our defense needs a lot of help and the OL isn't ready for a new franchise QB. It sucks that they don't have a choice with this pick. Let's talk in a couple of years when we're looking for a new QB.
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