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    Deserved more IMHO... grow up or go away Jones.
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    And please don't feed the animals. It not only encourages them but they senselessly counter your logic and insight with bullshit statistics that prove nothing.
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    Yeah it's hilarious to me how all these folks who like to consider themselves such die-hard patriots have no issue at all with a Russian former KGB agent meddling in our elections. Tell us more about the dire need for "Voter ID" laws, why don't you? Here we have some dude claiming that they weren't really discussing election tampering, they just used that as a pretense to discuss something totally harmless. Dude.. What are you smoking? Hey speaking of which, maybe we could meet up to discuss you selling me some of that crack rock BUT OH WHAT I REALLY MEAN IS I'D LIKE TO PURCHASE YOUR USED LAWNMOWER. I just said that stuff about the crack so nobody got suspicious about the totally legal thing we're really doing! LOL nothing to see here folks! Fucking listen to your bullshit for a moment and ask why anyone without Trump and/or Putin's balls on their chin would actually believe that. I mean I understand that y'all really identify with a self-absorbed megadouche and envy him because he's rich and can get away with saying the horribly ignorant shit you only dare to think, but are you really that committed to going down with his ship?
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    Since the Browns only sell 10 or so season tickets, total, not difficult for them to get them out early and quick.
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    Mike Brown wouldn't give Jonathan Joseph a free Gatorade and you want a hat? Good luck with that.
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    Spicy is out and Herr Trump appoints another Goldman Sachs plutocrat. Millions of Trump faithful throughout the Midwest struggle to find new ways to identify themselves with a petulant NYC billionaire.
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    Remembering games from the 60's and upward, part of the playing through pain came from guys having to do so to earn a paycheck. It wasn't like today, where the rookies average salary for 2017 is expected to be around $365,000. In 1970 (after a brief lockout) the average total salary for NFL players was $23,000. Supposedly that equates to $115,000 in today's money, but I question that. They wouldn't have had to work real jobs in the off-season to pay their bills if that were true. I think that was a huge reason for them playing hurt. You didn't even hear of guys taking off a game or even a practice for a strain or muscle pull. They just played through it, albeit not at their normal speed. I am one of those people that DO think the previous generations were WAY tougher... physically, mentally, and emotionally because they didn't have the conveniences that are available today. Best example I can give for that is I spent 20 years in the USN. The living and working conditions I saw when I started were drastically different than when I retired. We did more with less than the kids starting 20 years later, and the same goes for the squids who started 20 years ahead of me. Good input all around and I definitely don't mind learning or changing my viewpoint. I appreciate being able to talk like adults with those capable of doing so.
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    Trivia that I am sure you know but special teams players were/are referred to as the "taxi squad". From St. Paul Brown and his early days with Cleveland before they moved to Baltimore. He would get the non-starterd jobs driving cabs in the off season and probably during the season, too, to supplement their income. Thus the taxi squad.
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    Got the season tickets today, pretty nice with some of the old players on them. Also got a 50th flag with them, don't know if this is only for Club tickets or not.
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    Fred: You and omg are attempting to prove points on issues that are not being questioned, but then are attempting to cornerstone these in the other areas--rendering all of it rhetorical at best. Concession of the obvious--that NFL players are of different sizes and speeds now compared to 50-60 years ago--is not the alpha/omega point. Your buddy keeps wanting to play this make-believe subjective game of placing JJ Watt against Chuck Bednarik, and demanding that everyone believe JJ would simply dominate. I would still laugh in his face. What is a point of more believability--albeit rhetorical in its own right (I at least see rhetorical and subjective content as opposed to absolutes based on rhetoric and subjectivity)--is exactly what USN and I have been saying: the game was more real back then, because there were no oppressive regulatory burdens to interfere with the game. And His Highness can bloviate all he wishes about how this isn't so at all--but all one has to do is watch film of games back then, and compare to the present circus side-shows, in order to see reality.
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    I don't agree that Parrish was a better player. He was a great kick returner and a good CB. Riley was totally underappreciated as a CB. He was named all pro in 1983, his final year, at age 36! Do you think he suddenly got better? Nope. 65 interceptions. 5th all time. Should be in HoF, but was a quiet guy and played on more than a few terrible teams. Definitely #3. I agree about Trumpy and Dillon.
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    I don't think I want to relive anything from 1994-2002.
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    If you really don't see the problem there is no explaining it to you.
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    Oh my goodness friends!!! Oh how I've missed my Bengal friends! It's been a jacked up couple of years but I'm getting there! I miss bullshitting about my Bengals and all my friends on here... I hope everyone has been doing well.. I'm climbing out of the hole and my sister and I still find ways to get our tickets... Anyway, probably should be in the general forum so move if you wish, but just wanted to say hi, it's been a while and can't wait to get involved again now that I've "almost" got my life back!!
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    Not a Hue Jackson fan? I don't think he's the best coach in the world, but I'd have rather seen what he can do with this team than Marvin for the however many-th time. Same with Gruden, he's not a Hall of Fame coach, but I think Gruden could have been an OK HC here, though I'd have preferred VJ, Hue, or Zimmer. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to have Assistant Head Coach Paul Alexander take over once Marvin finally decides to leave
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    ummmm nope...I get it... actually he's dumbass with anger issues, but I personally love his on-field intensity.. so anyway... grill me if you will.. I like him. lol
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    One game was the best case scenario for Pacman. Goodell was going to hand down something based off his history and I thought 2-4 games see med more likely. Hard to imagine the suspension being overturned if he appeals, but the depth at CB is pretty solid right now in his absence (Dre, Dennard, Shaw, Jackson, Russell, Benwikere).
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    Or, y'know.. Dead. I suspect it may have swung too far the other way, with the severely limited contact in TC & all that. Seems like guys get hurt in camp just as much but the first 2-3 regular season games look more like preseason. I would not be surprised at all if early-season injuries are up, if anything. I don't see how 300+ lb dudes are expected to condition themselves to butt heads for an hour by shadowboxing for a couple of weeks beforehand. Beyond that, "toughness" is a hard thing to quantify. By the end of the season I'm sure everyone is playing through some pain. I think it's likely that players with the reputation of being injured aren't always getting hurt more often, but are less able to play through the common injuries -sprains and such - that everyone is suffering from by December. I think it's fair to say, if the old guys weren't necessarily tougher, they were most definitely less coddled. Crap like 24/7 coverage from SportsCenter etc, million-dollar endorsement deals, & fantasy football have absolutely had an impact on how players act, what they can & can't get away with, & so on. I'd say that's obvious. I find it funny when fans act like the modern NFL is trying to set some kind of moral example and protect players from injury when it's really about liability, but either way the modern NFL player exists in a much different environment than 20+ years ago.
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    Fred is OK, Chief. It's the know it alls who think they know it all, miss the entire point of a subject...and believe they have the bully pulpit. But it means literally nothing to me in the overall picture--as this farce of a sport has been dead to me for a decade or more. #thenwhyareyouhere? Whatever...pearls before swine...great advice.
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    It is on tonight. 5-7 PM. Bengals are at 5:30, I think. Check your local listings.
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    Is it bad that part of me is happy he only got 1 game solely so I don't have to hear about how the league is out to get us?
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    I was hoping he got more, so it would kinda force the team to play the younger CBs and move away from him. Off the field, he's been the ONLY knucklehead for the past few years. I try to tell people that I work with (in Houston) but most of the country STILL thinks we have a bunch of wild thugs.
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    LT... pearls before swine my brother, pearls before swine. Good point 'Doom, although I don't believe Harry was referring to you either. Of course, the offseason means it's usually pretty dead here. Things will pick up and then there will be even MORE people to make the same accusations...LOL! Glad you brought that up about the "real job in the off-season " Westside, most people don't realize that was the case. Toast, you pick out tangents to try and make arguments about inconsequential bullshit. If you refuse to acknowledge the differences in the game, especially the mindset of the older era, then why even join the conversation? For example, NO ONE said they preferred to ignore player safety or that they disregarded the injuries that occurred... but you decide to make that one of your points with your inflammatory "explain that to the hundreds of players injured each year" remark? The "forward pass", really? Once again, nobody said anything about that, but you had to try and make some kind of smart ass remark. That is trolling my friends, disguised (poorly I might add) as an input to an adult discourse.
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    It is hard to compare players from one era to another. There is no doubt the players from the early NFL days were a bunch of tough guys. But for most of the NFL it was a part time job trained and played during football season. Even up thru the 70's most players had real jobs during the off season. For the non-stars that was often a recruitment tool....the off-season job they were offered was why they came to town. Charlie Bednarik was one tough SOB. Who knows how good he would be if he trained under modern year round conditions. Focusing on one position he might be the greatest of all time. But to say someone like a JJ Watt or Von Miller wouldn't dominate back then is not true either. Most any modern player wouldn't have to run through those guys...they would just blow by them before they even got up out of their stance time after time.
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    I did not mean you. I am very OK with your input but feeding the animals just encourages them. However, makes for great reading.
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    I feel like part of the reason this board is so dead compared to others is because people are driven away by the constant reminder that you're "trolling" and "flaming" when trying to spark a discussion on this otherwise ghost town of a board.
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    Well, now that you mention it... i knew there was a reason you always win in Vegas.
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    No, it's not crooked, there is an Angel hanging on it. lol. I saw that and started to crop the picture then thought what the heck. I could use that picture for one of those find it in the picture games. Can you find the King in that picture.
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    You beat me to it! Just got mine, too, with the flag. (yes, I have Club Seats, too) and your lampshade is crooked.
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    Obviously the women in Cincinnati are so hot and easy there was no way Carson could help himself. That is why his wife wanted him back in So. California so he would not be surrounded by so many beautiful women of low morale character.
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    Old Days vs New Times = Before Free Agency/Salary Cap vs After Free Agency/Salary Cap
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    I was just old enough to appreciate the sight of seeing some of the greatest, and slowest, players in history in this raggedy-ass college stadium called Franklin Field. Guys like Sonny Jurgenson, Sam Huff, Jim Ringo, Floyd Peters, Chuck Howley. Saw them all. And no real TV coverage to speak of, so you saw it in person. It was my inspiration to play the game. It was slow, but it was REAL. Jurgenson, with his one bar face mask, would take shots to his head enough to kill an elephant--but would just get up and spit at the defender. Jim Ringo would get scissor-kicked by defensive linemen almost every play-but just get right up and bury their butts backwards the next one. Go ahead and talk to me about JJ Watt dominating back then--I will laugh in your face. No one today would have survived in that NFL world--because there were no rules. It was just plain Mano y Mano...the toughest won. Please try and tell me that this over-regulated farce of a sport today is anywhere in the same continent in terms of reality, as that game was. You can't.
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    Ken Riley gets the edge with me over Lemarr bc he was a Bengal his entire career.
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    I was in the "I'm okay with Marv" camp until the playoff loss v Pitt. Now I'm in "put up or shut up" land. All the good things he's done up till now are worthy of credit--he's in my top 50 Bengals of all time. Hell he's in the top 10. But if he can't take the team into the playoffs with some success this year, then it's time for a change. Nothing personal, just business.
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    Munoz Anderson If we are voting for #3 it should be for someone who belongs in the HoF. Ken Riley Boomer doesn't belong in the HoF.
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    Last I heard Mack was coaching high school baseball and football somewhere in Washington.
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    Jeff Blake throwing the deep ball to Scott and Pickens was always fun to watch.
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    Yeah, I watched and hooked all over again. Liked how it was a catching up and refreshing your memory on who's zooming who. The giant White Walkers are kick ass. I still have a major crush on Cersei. Some guy I never heard of singing was kind of faggy, but ... wtf. At least it wasn't John Legend.
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    That's cool! Sorry Harry, poor choice of word on my part!
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    Forcing him to have sex with someone other than his wife. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
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    It seems like Paul Alexander is in a win-win situation heading into this year. If the line stinks, it's not his fault because of the players they lost in free agency. If the line exceeds the already low expectations, he gets credit for making chicken salad out of chicken shit. There is no way Paul can lose or be criticized no matter what happens. Quite a charmed existence.
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    They hate him because even the drooling mouth breathers over there recognize "Good 'ol Stiller futbawwl" when they see it and they don't like it when it's used against their team.
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    For the love of God I do not know how or why, but the official Browns fan club "Browns Backers Worldwide" is one of the largest organized fan bases in all of professional sports and maybe 1st in the NFL. They have over 100k members in 350 chapters in every big USA city and 10 different countries. That is a lot of misery spread around the world.
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    I have a feeling the press conference is going to be more entertaining than the fight itself