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    You know that we have an entirely different coaching staff and haven't drafted yet? It sounds like you're assuming that our team will be exactly the same while other teams improve.
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    A fast WR with injury issues. Any player from Texas A&M
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    Can’t follow the very basic rules and then continues to ignore them? Lol how hard is it?
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    Jones doesn't really belong in the first round. What makes him better than Grier or Finley? If we take Haskins or Murray, I'd be ok with it. But passing on Haskins to take Jones is idiotic. It would confirm everyone's worst suspicions about how the team is run.
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    Talk about queer eye (not that there's anything wrong with that).
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    ArmyBengal - Chris Lindstrom - 93 Does this work Jason ?
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    Bengals sign Josh Rosen??? Must be 4/20
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    Because they care more about pissing off Liberals than they do about the integrity of the Presidency.
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    Only 2 games are determined by last year’s results. As a division winner NE gets Houston and KC. The rest is based on rotating through other divisions and 2 games against teams in their own division.
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    It's unreal to me that they can do that shit. This government is garbage and this country is just fucked. Trump is a clown and has been a thief, scumbag piece of shit his whole life and he is the fucking President of the United States... embarrassing for our country.
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    This whole thing is just sickening. Be conservative if you want - they have a lot of good ideas. Just like liberals. There ha always been division between to two, but it really seems to have just blown up since Clinton was president. Do away with the parties. That won't stop everything, but maybe over time will stop this kind of shit. Would love to put Lindsey Graham in a corner and make him explain the difference of what he said about Clinton versus now.
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    The last time they were saying we would go 0-16, we went to the playoffs 5 years in a row.
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    That is crap. Nobody knows why it took so long. Jack Del Rio supposedly wanted to come here. Don't believe the media making it out to be the worst job on earth. How are they young and inexperienced? The DL is basically the same as is CBs. Bates was a rookie but Williams is a vet and people were high on Fejedelem. The only gaping hole is LBs. Don't believe everything you read.
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    In 2018, from weeks 5 through 15, the Bengals played 7 of 10 games at home. Week 8's bye was sandwiched by two home games, meaning they didnt have to travel for a month.....they didnt do shit with it. In 2017, They opened the year at home against Baltimore and Houston and ended the year with 4 of 6 at home. In 2016, they opened with two on the road, followed by 4 of 6 at home. Some of you cats have selective memories and just like to bitch and alleviate responsibility from the team that your root for, a responsibility which is to do one thing...WIN!! Guess what, they have done very fucking little of it the past three seasons. To top that off, they have done even less when they have won in the regular season. I have said it a million times, you will not get credibility until you have earned it. No whiny ass fan base is going to change that. They need to win and win often. Period.
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    Feinstein's first book, the 1986 "A Season on the Brink" about Bob Knight and Indiana University basketball was the first book using a "whole year" format. IIRC it was the best selling sports book of all time and it is still pretty high on the list.
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    In 2017 Wilson not only led the league in TD passes, he led the Seahawks in rushing yards. They went run heavy last year and he increased his TD totals. The guy is a gamer. His career passer rating is the 2nd highest of all time. He's never missed a start. He played every QB snap for the Seahawks last year. If you don't pay a guy like that top dollar, you're making a mistake.
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    Ask the mods to delete it to make room for another draft thread. Like "What if we had a chance to trade all of our draft picks for Tom Brady?".
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    He's a stud....think Vince Wilfork in his prime good.....I'm not letting that suspension scare me off of him if I'm the Bengals.
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    Starting to really like the thought of Dexter Lawrence in the middle of our defense for the next 5-6 years.....plop his big ass down right next to Geno and don't look back. Vita Vea went 12th overall in last year's draft and Lawrence is a much better player, IMO.....fwiw.
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    Its rumored. I know it is easy to get Parma and Monterey confused.
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    I mean 5 years 374 receptions and 4994 yards while in Denver is pretty damn strong. Isn't a crying bitch either. Would have loved to have him next to AJ Green.

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