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    Special live in person on field half time appearance at today's game of High School Harry & Son. As part of the celebration for the 100th year of the NFL the Bengals are recognizing veteran players and long time season ticket holders. Son and I are accompanying Anthony Munoz and Ickey Woods. I'm sure with about a few hundred other people but looking forward to it.
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    Another depth addition? He’ll probably be starting by next week.
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    The Bengals are going to come out smelling like the bad guys on this one but, I'm starting to believe this is all about Cordy Glenn. His replacement gets drafted and suddenly he self reports a concussion. Then he's out 8 weeks. The Bengals didn't just clear him, he was cleared by an Independent Neurological Consultant and he's still complaining they rushed him back. As dumb as the Bengals can be, I have to think they had pretty strong evidence he was ready to get to the point of fining him $200,000. I think this asshole just didn't want to come back for a throw away season and wanted to collect a paycheck. This isn't the first time Cordy Glenn has been put under the microscope for slow playing a return from injury. Same thing happened on the Bills with a foot injury a few years back. At this point, trade his tubby ass down the line for the best draft pick you can get and move on.
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    ^ Not even a little bit. I just wish we'd get rid of his protégé, too. Last thing we need is DreSwagYoloLookAtMe passing that attitude on to the next generation.
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    Is it the Mike Brown Home for Wayward Youth
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    well....sure.....it sounds bad when you put it that way
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    ...and the laundry duties are assigned by position groups. Of course, that creates some friction within the team. When it's the Tight Ends' turn to do the laundry, Clark Harris says that he's with the kicking team...and when it's the kicking team's turn to do the laundry, he says that he's a tight end. That bum.
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    there's just really not very much talent on this team overall and then throw the worst OL in the league in on top of it....I'm not really sure how we can get much of an idea of what kind of coach we truly have right now....and that would have applied to any coach they would have brought in. I mean coaching is great to have and all but obviously you need some talent as well. No one they could have brought in was going to change that here. either way, I'd rather go 0-16 with a new young coach like Taylor than 8-8 with an old stale coach like Marvin.
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    I am 100% ready to draft a new QB this year, but you guys acting like Andy is the biggest problem are hilarious...
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    im on the lack of talent opinion. aside from choosing staff the HC has very little to do with on the field success, its like a management position, putting good people in place for success, he may not be doing that, i dunno, but ill give him time to prove one way or another.. injuries are a factor of option 3 IMO, obviously with AJ and a full healthy line and healthy defense we wouldnt be winless, but we still arent a playoff contender, IMO.
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    Oh shit I missed that post, that is awesome! Glad you're getting something for the money.
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    A little bit??? bro your a extremest. you stood behind that dude after a decade of shitting his pants
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    Yeah I wonder.. I assume the burden of proof is on the team but if their NFL-sanctioned doctors clear him (as they are no doub paid to do) and he refuses to practice, is that enough? It's a total sideshow regardless but hey, at least we're relevant again!
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    I just want them to win a game, any game. I don't care that much about draft order because it's such a crapshoot anyway. This season is a wash. This is simply not a competitive roster and my concern now is that they blame a bunch of entirely-predictable injuries instead of making the upgrades that are needed. You can't play NFL ball with no OT's and no LB's.
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    that is freaking awesome dude!!!!!!
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    The reason he didn't get the job was because Katie wasn't sleeping with Bieneimy.
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    PBS isn't all that bad. From a pure viewing standpoint, there really is not a bad seat in the house. I've been to the Mega Pleasure Palaces--like JerryWorld. All kinds of glittery things and stimulation--but the seats/views are about the same all things being equal.
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    The fact he has seen multiple independent doctors is not protected health information. The prognosis of those doctors is.
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    i think maimi dolphins and a college team or 2 and every failed bengal coaching staff has 1 thing in common,...... the bengals management. and normally it follows the next 4-10 years they allow the OL to be decimated by the refusal to simply buck up a few millions for their veteran players. i cannot believe they still havent figured out if the offensive front line holds its own then the offense has better success even if it does not score points simply by staying on the field , which makes every aspect of the team better.
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    "The hell I did! I'm not that kind of coach...and he'll vouch for me"
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    Does this mean he doesn't get paid? Otherwise What a total shitshow. It's the classic "you can't fire me! I quit!" but in reverse. This is the end result of years of hapless flailing by the Bengals FO. It's entertaining even though I doubt they'll learn anything from it. At worst Glenn is merely the agent parting the fool from his money.
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    His team is valued around $2 billion, he could sell it and keep right on doing whatever he wants but that would deprive him of a soapbox.
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    They have to form a tunnel with their arms to make the players happy too.
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    Ultimately Glenn is just following the lead of the Bengals ownership, they're fleecing the city and their fans, and Glenn is doing the same thing to them. Turnabout is fair play.
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    This is a top tier football organization. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
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    Washington could get Williams on the field first thing tomorrow by threatening to trade him here
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    I don't know what happened but if I was a Bengal injured player I would always want a second opinion from a real medical doctor. Of course maybe they wanted Glenn to get a second opinion and he refused.
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    Jim Turner, strikes again. The line being a shit-show, between the "retirements", the guys who have flat quit, the injuries and the WEIRD FUCKING DECISION to go all in on Hart goes back to Taylor's decision to hire his bullying friend who has never actually coached a good offensive line. This is lower than lost decade kinda stuff.
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    This is the most interesting story out of the team so far this year I like how they said "obviously not at practice" like they normally have a look-alike for missing players or some other crafty deception. The guy is 6'6" and 350lbs yeah I should think it's obvious if he's not there.
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    Yeah, he's actually looked fairly decent considering. He's not dominating or anything but I haven't seen him rolling around on his back like an overturned tortoise all game, which is something. IDK that he's a long-term answer yet but at least there's one spot on the OL that's not a total disaster.
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    Whatever it takes! Give them red cards and that would stop that nonsense tomorrow. FIFA is weak. I would have said Salah but he is better than "good".
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    Sounds great but even Mikey knows it takes 2 to trade but if the Bengals get a first round pick offer for Geno they would be insane to pass. I just don't see any team willing to do it. Same thoughts on AJ.
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    Sure would, how long are his arms?
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    I think he wants to win as validation. He wants to be proven right; that his performative "Nice Guy" Redeemer shit has merit & his stubborn refusal to change was the right move all along. It's about the vindication that would come from winning a SB. Given a choice between admitting he has no clue or losing, well.. Here we are.
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    Not only are those tattoos just a horrible idea, the artwork is terrible as well. They look like shit.
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    Pretty hard on the guy, but that is what happens when QB-Save-Us-Fever takes over. Begets this irrational hatred of the former hope-for, and reduces any qualities they had down to waste bin rubbish. Old enough to remember the same thing falling on Norman, and even now-sainted Kenny.
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    I don't know if those were all Duke moves but yeah... I wouldn't give up on Hopkins yet & one of Jordan or Price should lock down a guard spot this year. If Jerry can hang on at LT he might make a good swing back-up player. Good backs & WR's, the TE group is fine for now. We need OT's & CB/LB on defense or anyone that can tackle FFS.
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    6'7", 300+ lbs. I wonder if he can play Tackle? That would be nice.
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    No question they've dug themselves into one hell of a hole. The bigger problem is a stubborn refusal to admit it,
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    yeah..... but he's so much younger.
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