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    I for one am SO SUPER GLAD Oldschooler is back, in full motherfucking force, no less. I couldn't imagine a happier time between now and training camp (fuck the draft, we will get a WR in every round).
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    https://agingmillennialengineer.com/2018/02/15/fuck-you-i-like-guns-2/ My Step-Brother (20+ years in the military) posted a link to the the other day and I thought it was a good read. **Sorry if this was posted elsewhere...didn't go back through the thread.
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    Written after Newtown, but still relevant: From "Operation Wetback" To Newtown: Tracing The Hick Fascism Of The NRA
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    It was Orange Fanta and I was at an Insane Clown Posse concert with people covered in Juggalo tatoos. But otherwise, yes, exactly the same, minus the acid. Mostly the acid.
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    What we said: We need common sense legislation to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. What you heard: We are confiscating all guns, melting them down and making a statue of Colin Kaepernick kneeling
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    And you saw my reply and had nothing to say for almost a year. The first thing you said to this thread, after this latest mass shooting, without my prompting was this ... You tell me "it's time to choose sides" in a message. Next time I see you say anything, it is that. Yet, I spew rhetoric that backs you in to a corner? This is the post I made about morality... I posted that in general, yet you took it that I directed it straight at you. That's my fault? Also, I don't know why you keep missing what I am saying. I don't have a problem with people owning guns. I have a problem with idiots owning guns. That is my stance. How you continually turn that into I want to take away your right to defend your family, is beyond me. If you see kids getting killed at school, people getting killed at concerts, at movie theaters, clubs, churches and you don't see a problem, want to fix it and only care about your guns, then what do you call that? Lack of empathy? Morality? What? This has to be hyperbole. Well I didn't vote for Trump. I'm looking forward to his impeachment. The dude isn't even a good human being. And he is without the worst President in the history of this country. I can't wrap my head around the Hillary is evil shit. She had a great resume, but she was a horrible candidate. I wish Bernie had won. Why was Obama so bad in your eyes? Was it the saving the economy, shit? Wanting to make healthcare better? The fact he didn't have a scandal? Didn't grab pussies? Didn't get rich off the backs of others? Wasn't a narcissistic, lying asshole? Didn't try to make the rich richer and poor poorer? Didn't try and fuck up the environment? Didn't kiss Putin's ass? Wasn't bought and paid for by the NRA? I haven't insulted you at all.
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    Why mandate training, licensing, and insurance to drive a motor vehicle? Why mandate licensure and training for medical professionals? Hey, I think I'm capable of driving a fully loaded 18-wheeler, give me a crack at it! We do so to ensure that people with certain responsibilities are capable of performing those tasks in a manner that is safe for the general public. Look, you're the type of guy I want owning weapons; you're smart, you're even keel, and you're well trained, but there is no way to paint you as the typical gun owner because you're certainly not. You ask why we would burden the "Overwhelming majority of law-abiding Americans" with requirements I listed above. You can talk about citizens being "law-abiding" all you want, it doesn't mean that they aren't dipshits with impulse control problems that have no business owning a firearm. I think it's common sense to root those people out and exclude them. As for the criminal aspect: I have no answer, but I did touch on it in my response to T-Dub's comment, and when you speak out against criminality, you're really speaking out against violence. I do believe that the source of that violence is rooted in institutional racism, poverty, and income disparity, but again I have no solution aside from a good plague. We have crime here, but it's mainly pick-pockets and petty theft. Violent crime is very rare, murders are extremely rare (and I live in the capital city). That's a cultural difference. The Czechs are decidedly non-confrontational, which is a cultural mark, just like violence and oppression are hallmarks of the American culture, starting with eradicating the native inhabitants on the continent, to shipping in other human beings from across the globe as chattel for economic gain, to the storied violence of the "Wild West" (though they did have gun control then, just FYI). Does that mean every American is a murderous douchebag? Of course not, but violence has been a running thread since the founding of the country, and I've no delusions of it ever changing. That said, I'm not even sure why I continue to discuss this topic, aside from the fact that you're a good egg and I value your opinion. I do not believe that anything will ever change in my lifetime, and I'm just glad that we didn't procreate...
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    He's also our worst fuck-up & a terrible role model for young players. He has consistently proven he's unable to control himself on & off the field. Father Brown's refusing to cut him is the most glaring example of why this franchise is stuck in "could've been" mode. He is exactly the kind of jackass that championship teams do not tolerate. In Cincinnati he's a team captain.
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    Old... I should have clarified about Obama’s “gun control “ law... the people affected by this law are NOT the school shooters, mass murderers, and the problem area that need to be addressed. That’s why I call it a fucking joke. T-Dub - good points all around, and I guarantee that you and I could sit down and have a common sense debate about any subject.
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    Fred and Barney here, lol I love the Flintstones!
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    Here you go pervs: https://heavy.com/sports/2014/11/andy-dalton-wife-son-jordan-jones-photos-bikini/6/ wasn’t able to copy And paste the pic.
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    Yeah Lapierre is a jackass.... Socalism? I'm so sick of these Red Scare assholes.
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    WHAT A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT The last thing he says is "Be sure to drink your Kool-Aid".
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    Dude - I got my concealed handgun license a few years ago - I carry a 9mm, it's what I used to carry as an AF cop. I'm well trained and drilled in safety, shoot/no-shoot situations and even then - I have a tremendous respect for the power and responsibility that comes with it. That said, when I took the class - I scored 100% across the board. Not because I am a genius, but because of what I mentioned. You wouldn't believe some of the MORONS who also took the class and "passed". And the instructor took our paper targets for qualification, and said "I'm going to go grade these now" with an over-animated wink to the group. So there are dozens of classes every week, week after week, year after year of people who probably shouldn't even OWN a weapon, that are now legally carrying them on their person daily.
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    That flag should have been on Joey Porter. Can't help it if the refs are in the stealers' hip pockets.
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    Carson didn't refuse to re-sign... In fact, he happily took a giant signing bonus and then bragged about how much money he had in the bank when asking for a trade. Hell, he was the one who wanted TO. The whole "circus" only came to town to keep the widdle baby happy in the first damn place. See, I'm a "fuck Mike Brown" guy, and totally don't blame guys for finding greener pastures. But when a guy takes that big extension... He's not really allowed to become a "fuck Mike Brown" guy. When he does it while shitting on the fanbase and generally acting like a petulant diva... Then fuck that guy. When Carson "Pick Six" Palmer brags about having $50 Million in the bank... Hell, I'm not even in or from Cincy and it's piss-poor taste to shit all over the fans who bought the tickets that put that $50 Million in your fucking bank account. Cincy's a shithole racist burg whose only contribution to the world is disgusting chili. But the people of Cincy aren't buying MY jersey, lining up for MY autographs, or defending ME as the best QB in the league for 6 years straight. "Waaah, they threw garbage on my lawn because I suck..." Take the fucking tampon out already. Give yer nutsack a tug ya titfucker. All Carson ever got was free blow-jobs and back rubs from this city. Meanwhile Andy Dalton has grown 3 inches from all of the fertilizer spread on him and he just shows up and does his damn job. Maybe not as well as Carson "Second coming of Peyton Manning" Palmer... But what the fuck has Carson done in his stints away from the Bengals? So quit acting like you're Mariah Carey when you're Fergie. Mmmmkay? Carson's a little hind teat sucking bitch. We all knew it before he showed us his ass and most of us were afraid to admit it. All of those blow-jobs left a bad taste in the mouth of the fans who wanted to believe that the Bengals were ever simply the victims of bad luck and not bad management. Fuck Carson Palmer because I once wanted so badly to believe in him, and he wasn't worth it. Fuck Carson Palmer for all for the love he gets when Andy Dalton's jock would be three sizes too big for his mincy little balls.
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    I would love to have Cushing. Anyone that is crazy enough to head-butt an opposing helmeted player while himself not wearing a helmet should be a Bengal. We need guys like that, often suspended, on drugs, crazy as a shithouse rat, old and injury prone, and in need of redeeming. He's perfect.
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    Only when it comes to industries that Capitalism is impossible, like healthcare and utilities. Wait what we're we talking about again?
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    I hear you... frustrating t say the least. Definitely a helluva lot less violence overall in Europe.
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    As Chicago Bengal said on draft day, "Those are some first round tits".
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    My God she's so cute, I just wanna wear matching pajamas and spoon with her on the couch while binge watching Greys Anatomy.
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    Can’t argue the truth you’re laying down brother... and while I believe they ALL have been colluding, it has never been so evident as it is now with the Stay Puft Cheetoh pulling his childish antics day after day. I feel much the same as you, although my “jaded“ outlook stated in the mid 80s.... Thanks for replying my friend.
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    I'm an Independent. Trump and the Republicans control all of Congress and the White House. If Hillary and the Dems were in the same position and wearing the same shoes, then yes. If it is found Hillary conspired with the Russians, then yes, hold her accountable. Right now Hillary is an ordinary citizen signing books at Barnes and Noble. I actually used to be farther to the Right than Left. But what moved me to the Left was how the Republicans and their supporters started acting after "the black guy" was elected President. The dirtier than became, the more they pushed me away. Anyway, Trump goes out of his way to blame everyone but Russia for the meddling. When Obama imposed sanctions on Russia, Michael Flynn was on the phone the same day saying "don't worry about it. a new team is coming in and we'll remove them. Trump hasn't imposed sanctions that were voted on overwhelmingly by Congress. He signed them, which made them law. But when the deadline came he said they weren't needed. That's not how it is supposed to work. He has had staff meet with and lie to the FBI about talking to Russians. He hides contact with Russians to the point we only know about it because Russia made it known. For someone that calls shit a "hoax" and "fake news"he sure does nothing to help his case. Quite the opposite actually. I personally think Trump has laundered money for decades for the Russians. I think his administration wants to undo the sanctions from Russia invading Ukraine. And get all of that oil Exxon made a deal for before those sanctions. I truly, honestly believe we have a Benedict Donald in the White House. By the way, fuck Hillary, she is shady as hell and was a horrible candidate.Our country would be in a shit storm right now too if she had won. But mostly because of how dirty the Republicans are.
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    I think there is some redeeming to be done!
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    This is a great read and accurately describes where reasonable people land on this issue. https://brenebrown.com/blog/2017/11/08/gun-reform-speaking-truth-bullshit-practicing-civility-affecting-change/
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    I like what MJ brings off the field and his production as a DT in passing situations justify his roster spot. I would have cut Pacman years ago, I could care less about a few good punt returns.
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    That can be a challenge when you're dealing with someone that would spit in the face of Mother Teresa. He had a really tough childhood y'know, so much worse than anyone else ever. Particularly those not-famous people who still manage to get up and go to work every day without getting into fights with bar flies. They all had it easy, every single one. Poor, poor Pacman. It's not his fault.
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    I shall be attending this, I'm sure there will be satellite marches as well. https://www.marchforourlives.com
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    Found this about the arbitrator (I assume it's the same guy): MLB fires arbitrator Shyam Das Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Email comment May 15, 2012 Associated Press NEW YORK -- Major League Baseball management has fired Shyam Das, the arbitrator who overturned Ryan Braun's drug suspension in February. MLB informed Das and the players' association of its decision last week. Das had been baseball's permanent arbitrator since 1999, part of what technically is a three-man panel that also includes a representative of management and labor. ADVERTISEMENT "Shyam is the longest-tenured panel chair in our bargaining relationship," union head Michael Weiner said. "For 13 years, from the beginning to the end of his tenure, he served the parties with professionalism and distinction." Baseball's collective bargaining agreement says the arbitrator can be removed by the players' association or management at any time with written notice. "I had the distinct privilege to serve as chair of the MLB-MLBPA arbitration panel for almost 13 years," Das wrote in an email to The Associated Press. "I have the greatest respect for the representatives of both parties I worked with during that period, and I wish the parties well in their ongoing relationship." MLB executive vice president Rob Manfred declined comment, spokesman Pat Courtney said. The sides will now try to select a successor. If they cannot agree, baseball's collective bargaining agreement calls for them to ask the American Arbitration Association for a list of "prominent, professional arbitrators." The sides would then alternate striking names from the list until one remains. One of the first cases the new arbitrator could hear is a grievance over a 100-game suspension issued last week to San Francisco reliever Guillermo Mota. The pitcher's agent, Adam Katz, said the positive test was caused by a banned substance contained in children's cough medicine. Das, a graduate of Harvard and Yale University Law School, also has been an arbitrator for the NFL since 2004 and is scheduled to hear a grievance in the New Orleans Saints bounty case on Wednesday. The baseball situation, "does not impact his role at an arbitrator for our CBA," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said. Following a grievance hearing, Das decided in February to overturn the 50-game suspension of Braun for a positive drug test. Lawyers for the Milwaukee outfielder, the reigning NL MVP, argued that the collection procedures specified in baseball's drug agreement for the urine sample were not followed with Braun's sample last Oct. 1 because it was not immediately left at a Federal Express office. The collector testified that because the sample was taken on a Saturday and could not have been shipped that day to the testing laboratory outside Montreal, he concluded the sample would be more secure at his home. He then took it to a FedEx office on the following Monday. Baseball's drug agreement states that "absent unusual circumstances, the specimens should be sent by FedEx to the laboratory on the same day they are collected." Management loudly and publicly disagreed with his decision. The sides asked Das to hold off on issuing a written decision while they negotiated changes to the drug agreement. The 100-game suspension of Colorado Rockies catcher Eliezer Alfonzo for a second positive test, announced last Sept. 14, was rescinded in an agreement between management and the union on Monday. "Alfonzo's grievance challenging his suspension raised issues that were nearly identical to those resolved in the arbitration involving Ryan Braun," MLB said in a statement. "It is not anticipated that any other future cases will be impacted by the circumstances raised in the grievances of these two players." Under baseball's drug agreement, grievances are heard before initial suspensions are announced. In the case of penalties for a second or third positive test, the cases are argued after the suspensions are made public. Alfonzo was designated for assignment by the Rockies on May 7 and sent outright to Triple-A Colorado Springs in the Pacific Coast League two days later. Das took over as baseball's permanent arbitrator from Cornell professor Dana Eischen, who was hired in December 1997 but quit after ruling the following May against J.D. Drew's grievance seeking free agency. Many of baseball's grievance arbitrators have had brief tenures, with the list including Lewis Gill (1970-72), Gabriel Alexander (1972-74), Peter Seitz (1974-75), Alexander Porter (1977-79), Raymond Goetz (1979-83), Richard Bloch (1983-85), Thomas Roberts (1985-86), George Nicolau (1986-95), Nicholas Zumas (1995-97) and Eischen (1997-98). Joseph Sickles heard one case in 1976, and temporary arbitrators were used between Eischen and Das. Seitz was fired after he ruled against owners in the Andy Messersmith-Dave McNally reserve clause case that led to free agency. Roberts was fired after deciding management colluded against free agents between the 1985 and 1986 seasons.
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    Hahaha me too! I thought he was Mr Flintstone now though.
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    2018 cap hit: $14.45 million Salary due: $9.25 million For a guy who has missed 16 games in the past 2 seasons? FML, they could have signed a VERY durable guy the Rams picked up last year for that kind of coin. Can't remember his name right now...
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    These are the people we are worried about having guns. Maybe that's why they have a kung fu grip. Sorry to hear rough times man. Glad to have you back. You are a part of the fabric of this place.
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    It's clearly partially the NRA's fault and your inability to be balanced on the internet tells me I am not sure you should be a gun owner.
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    You said "they played us" .... Barney. So you think they just talked about making a trade because they were bored with all of that losing? I don't really get your mentality on this topic. Oh never mind. I don't get it on really any topic
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    I never said the Browns knew he would be a UFA,..Fred. They were going to give up a 2nd and 3rd to test drive him behind a shitty o line? LOL. Hue Jackson is stupid, thank God he is gone.
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    I certainly do; there's a gross disparity in how we treat these white supremacist militias despite the fact that they are incubators for angry ignorant little shits like this guy or Dylann Roof & so many others. If they were preaching jihad and killing infidels we would be shutting them down, but since they're white, call themselves "patriots" & preach killing minorities they are allowed to go on doing their thing. It's disgusting & there is no excuse for it. The NRA has gone to shit in the last 10-20 years & is now maybe 2 steps away from the racist white trash militias, but at one time they were a much less rabid, reactionary organization. Even now, you're talking about gun safety training & certification: who do you think offers these things? If you've ever taken a gun or hunter safety class the instructor was almost certainly NRA certified. They once served a purpose greater than lobbying for gun makers. That goes to my first point; who do you think tends to stockpile all this military hardware? The bad publicity from Ruby Ridge & Waco basically ended enforcement for the ATFE - unless the perps can somehow be tied to Islamic terrorists or drug cartels. If you're a white supremacist, though, it's hands-off. Really hate this "common sense" stuff. What does that actually mean? It's a nebulous term meant to squash debate. It doesn't offer anything specific enough to discuss, but if you question it then that implies you lack "common sense." It's cheap rhetoric that accomplishes nothing but a circle-jerk of assumed superiority. What specific gun laws should be enacted?
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    Sashi Brown never seriously wanted McCarron. He knew they were picking 2 times in at least the top 6 so it is almost insane to think they would have pulled the trigger on that deal (second and third rounder) for basically an unproven QB. Imagine the PR issue with having Hue Jackson's QB, AJ McCarron go 4-12 in 2018 after giving up a 2nd and 3rd rounder? Worse, McCarron plays like shit the last few games in 2017 and then is deemed an FA? No, the only intelligent option is to pick one of the young guys in this draft and now and use their surplus of draft picks to get better. The last time Jackson went out on a limb for a QB it ended horribly. I think Brown was actually trying to sabotage Hue Jackson but it backfired. In any case they were WAY OVERPAYING for McCarron. They ended up getting nothing but they didn't LOSE either. There was little chance McCarron could have proven much those final few weeks given the roster he would have been working with. Garrapolo had a far better oline to work with in SF. They may try and sign him now since he should come fairly cheap but at least they can keep what will probably be a high 2nd and third rounder to themselves. At the end of the day, the botched trade only really hurt us. I agree with OMG, I think it was a bullshit move but that is what can happen when you wait until the final day to make a move.
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    Fuck Trump and anyone that defends him! And that's all I have to say about that ...
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    And yet when you look at countries with tougher laws where citizens can't simply go to the next city to buy the gun related violence is much much lower Evidence indeed
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    Omg. Seriously folks. The subject is guns in America not suicide by whatever means is ok or bad. Now, if you want, we can change the title to read suicide by guns in America or something along those lines... Fwiw, both of my parents died of cancer. One of them just this year. I'm not so sure I agree with either Bung or Weston on this one. At that age nothing is pain free and should be IMHO kept as merciful as possible. A gun to the head would be too traumatic for most people to see or even hear about regardless of the person's background IMHO. Letting them have copious amounts of pain relieving meds might be seen alot differently than brain splattering... The action and end result would be the same.
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    You should be worrying about them.  Everyone should.  More so, everyone should be clamoring for the CURRENT GUN CONTROL LAWS TO BE ENFORCED PROPERLY.  Since the current laws are not enforced properly why should we add another law in place ?  With the exceptional answer of because we need another law to ignore...   NOTE:  Should someone decide to enforce the current laws, I would be 1000 percent behind tighter gun control.  Allowing gun owners who collect frequent flyer miles in the court system or psychiatric care departments, should not be allowed to own or even be in the vicinity of one.   As it is now, I have seen frequent flyers own, buy, shoot, display, etc... guns or other dangerous weapons.  Why are they still running loose ?  Don't ask me, ask your current legal system in your county which allows them to continue.  The Sheriff's office or Metro Police can only do so much.  They can arrest them, lock them up, and bring them to court but they can not stop them from continuing to flaunt the law.  The court systems appear to be flawed in a very bad way when they continually allow them back on the streets.

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