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    Old, I apologize to you for any ill will or upset I may have caused with the way I moderated the “Eric Reid” thread last week. While moderating is a thankless job and I do my best, I did let my personal feelings get to me in the end, and that was completely unfair to you. You ARE a valuable member here and the board is better place with you on it. I will continue to monitor my actions and improve the way I handle these situations in the future. USN Bengal
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    For my benefit, as well as Hooky's:
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    There was no need for a public apology. But I really do appreciate it. I apologize for bringing politics into the football forum and any disrespect to you or any one else. I know being a moderator here isn't worth the pay. Who-Dey
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    fixed. sorry that took so long(vacation plus a ton of work shit to do once i got home), i eventually just removed the purchased ssl and used auto SSL provided by host. same fucking company........ so all should be good. let me know if issues persist..
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    I pop in from time to time. Good to see you old. I did one again this year though it's admittedly not as thorough as years' past.
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    New helmet approved for Steeler use only:
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    Worked on my phone and now my desktop is working. I did try Go-Broncos......just in case.......
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    Contest is now closed for guesses. Good luck everyone. Except those who guessed Kolton Miller. Especially those who guessed McGlinchey or one of the centers.
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    I get the hate for the Ross pick after how last season went, but he was the type of player that this team needed opposite Green. In college, he was a good WR at all three levels of the defense. The bengals fucked themselves with their drafts in 2014 and 2015. They missed on 3 offensive linemen in the first 4 rounds. That sets any team back, not from New England. Obviously they needed an offensive lineman last year, but how much draft capital can you use on one position in such a short amount of time? The idea of Ross wasn't flawed thinking. Letting Paul Alexander pick bums was the issue.
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    Good to see you're still around! Stop in and visit more often. Hope you are doing well.
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    Regarding the centers, I've watched some tape on each of them and this is what I come away with: Price: Easily the nastiest, good at getting to the second level from what I saw, usually technically sound. Stout when locked on. Daniels: Athletic, seems smart, determined. Seems weak as he ended up on his ass more than once, and would "slide" off blocks when trying to set an edge/turn a guy. Did his best work on double teams, which is a bit worrying. Ragnow: The "stoutest" in my opinion, very technical/methodical and and just erased people when locked on. Worked hard to get to the next level. Seems to stand far too "upright" for NFL-caliber play, but that is of course a teachable thing. To summarize, the eyeball test tells me Price or Ragnow are a better bet than Daniels, but I'd be happy going forward with any of them for one simple reason - I trust Pollack to grade the right guy.
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    John Ross was a projected 1st round pick who was compared to DeSean Jackson, not Bennie Brazell. So yeah, it is way too early to call Ross a whiff.
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    "Because I found out I can make a shitload of money from it. While I funnel bourbon down my throat."
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    Brilliant! Then he gets knocked out with his own gas as well.
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    Because if you are I will donate a can of pork n' beans to his care & feeding.
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    Whit was a second round pick and I have no objection to taking a LT at some point. I don't think the first round makes sense because you would be drafting a backup who has no guarantee to play at all. Other positions like center are bigger needs and whoever we take would be able to start immediately.
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    So a backup LT is a higher priority to you than a starter at C? I am less worried about Glenn's foot than starting TJ Johnson.
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    That's like saying "Cockroaches dislike homes that use raid."
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    You're asking for a lot aren't you?
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    I can’t emphasize enough how hopeful I am for better things in 2018 based on the change at o-line coach alone.
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    Oh please, dear God, let her sneeze.
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    I hope the new QB coach can teach Daltin how to be cool under pressure like Rodgers. I've seen Dalton check his first and second read then turn into headless chicken that either runs into a sack or makes a bad throw. As for the new and improved playbook, until they fix the blocking the scheme doesn't matter, as the great American philosopher Mike Tyson says "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth". Lazor can have the best playbook ever designed, if the oline can't block for shit it won't matter.
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    https://www.53.com/content/fifth-third/en/mkg/bengals-checking.html?elqTrackId=77d3724171354c6c9ced6ffa85408a4e&elq=f4bc63ae26cd4cc389afff372d9024d4&elqaid=162&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=24 What position group do you think the Bengals’ First Pick in the 2018 Draft will play? Predict the position played by the Bengals’ first pick on Draft Day for a chance to win a VIP mini-camp experience and to meet the first draft pick. Grand Prize Winner Will Get: The chance to meet and get a photo taken with the first player the Bengals select in the 2018 NFL Draft To attend a private Bengals Mini Camp practice in June A behind-the-scenes tour of Paul Brown Stadium for them and 3 guests A Bengals helmet autographed by the team’s first pick Five Runner-Ups Will Get: A $100 gift card to the Bengals Pro Shop
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    He has played meaningful snaps. But he sucked while doing it.
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    I agree. I have said before that if Ross, Glenn and Eifert stay healthy it could be the best team we have had in decades. Just need a few pieces would should be able to pick up in the draft. I just hope we can start strong given we have a new playbook, o line coach and Burfict out for the first 4.
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    Dave Rimington deja vu all over again. All those botched exchanges with Boomer. Puts me more in the Daniels/Ragnow corner than before. Meaning, we will take neither.
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    Meh, or you get #6 choice at a group of 30 guys at different positions. You can choose the guy with the best attitude, work ethic... Put it this way... You walk into a bar and there's 50 women there. There are 15 super hot chicks in there, but there's also 20 super hot dudes who are rich. Now, the other 35 girls are all solid 6's, but none of them are going to be on the cover of Vogue. You get to take each out on a date and get to know them. Now, do you really think there's no difference between the girl that gets picked #21 vs. #50? Which one are you going to want to marry? Would you just stand back and let everyone else decide who they liked best and take whomever is left over? Because you're getting the crazy cat chick with daddy issues. So, while these guys may be similar on tape, Ryan Leaf and Peyton Manning were once considered to be "similar" players. Does it make sense to say that the Colts should have traded back to #2 and picked up an extra second rounder? After all, if they're so similar, just wait and get more "value". The Bengals are in a great spot. There shouldn't be any standout BPA at #21, so they get one of the top picks of the second tier guys. They get to fill a position of need without having the agony of passing on a potentially game changing talent.
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    You are right Old...He would be a good pick also....no doubt...You don't start 55 games @ OSU if you are not a good football player...he reminds me of Nick Mangold who started 4 years at OSU also..Only thing is we need him to start from day 1..I hope if we draft him that he does...
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    It's like the SOB won't rest until every bit of possible enthusiasm for the draft or upcoming season is strangled out of us with his bare hands
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    Because we want a guy who can be an eventual quality starter?
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    Oh, right. That. Gotta draw the line somewhere. Some things just can't be Redeemed I guess.
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    The 2015 draft disagrees.
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    "Heeeeey, Eric, about that whole protesting thing.... Promise me right now that you will never do that again. Even if PBS security is in the process of killing an innocent minority, you will not make a peep. We need to make sure that you understand your place on the totem pole here. Because, you know, some guy named Rick isn't going to be buying beers next year if you keep pointing out 200 years of injustices." "Well, I'm not sure..." "Well, kick sand Fidel! There's a guy we like in the draft, and he's going to slide to the 5th round because there's video of him beating a girl up and raping her while smoking a joint. Go f*** yourself."
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    It's supposed to be full name. His first name's not Vander. It's picky, but demz da rulez.
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    RG3 played against Big 12 Defenses. Lamar Jackson has played against ACC Defenses. I think that should be taken into consideration when talking about stats and numbers. I think Lamar Jackson compares more to Michael Vick than RG3. And I think Jackson is a more NFL ready player than Vick was at this stage.
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    This Pollack guy actually sounds pretty good, even beyond the immediate advantage of not being Paul Alexander.
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    The kind of classy woman who might also put an icepick in your ear while you slept, in my estimation. No doubt iconic but also married to one shady SOB. Makes me wonder.
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    Used to watch the hell out of that show when it was on reruns.
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    I am with you. I think Daniels will be the only man standing at 21. Don't forget, he is only 20 years old. He is going to be a beast in the NFL.
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    Thanks, but no schotzee... a "big man" wouldn't have done something to apologize for in the first place.
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    Drafting Lamar Jackson would be awesome! Imagine the press we would get and the Dalton death watch that would ensue? They might even mention us on ESPN or the pre game shows other than to talk about what an evil human being Burfict is.
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    WOO HOO!!! Whatever was wrong ain't now! Could not get on last night, can this AM before work. I'm back and didn't have to play with my cookies! Lot's of catching up to do. Tonight watch finale episode of "The Waling Dead" on OnDemand and catch up with the draft yada here. tyVm to whoever fixed what was broken.
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    I have seen nothing from him that didn't make me say that
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