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    I think it's all a misunderstanding; the Bengals want him to come in to sing the National Anthem.
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    stfu....goof ball..don't you have Andy Dalton stats to research so you can defend him this week. Your shoulders should be sore from carrying so much water for Dalton and the Bengals.
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    I am 66.....my idea of a nooner is taking a nap and dreaming about knocking one off.....or maybe it is the tool sale at Lowe's....I can't remember.
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    Bottom line: there was no way the NFL was going to let one of its flagship franchises, one of its marquee QB's and its national game... lose to the Milwaukee Bucks. The calls/non-calls were in full NFL glory. I had this one called from the second quarter on. I was not surprised in the slightest. An eternal pox on this farce of a sport.
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    Almost every NFL QB ever to stride the gridiron has worse performances when his surrounding casts suck. This is why the few that do well under those circumstances stand out beyond the others. Dalton is not one of those men, and neither are most of the NFL QB's that have ever played. What's your point (and now I see you are suspended so I feel stupid for even asking but maybe the peanut gallery will chime in). Andy, like most NFL QB's not named Brady or Manning, suck without weapons. I'm here. This may be true. How much longer can the window be open for guys like AJ Green before they bail? Or become too expensive for Mike Brown? Geno Atkins is the best DT in the league. What games were you watching? Or maybe just the first halves of them. The saddest thing of this is that the Bengals had the cap room to resign BOTH of those guys, and failed to do so. Facepalm. But they continue to devise ways to NOT spend near the cap despite the newly invoked cap floor rules. We have lots of money floating around, we SHOULD have resigned Whitworth. Um...yes? Yes it is. Look, we are all Bengals fans, but the existence of an NFL team IS to win the Superbowl. We haven't even won a SINGLE playoff game under Marvin. It's stale, it's old, he needs fired, we need to make changes. I am SO sick of this shit. Sorry if I'm emotionally invested, it's called being a fan, which is shorthand for "fanatic". Why does Brady's postseason percentage matter when he clearly wins games, regardless of his talent or that of whomever fills the roster when he takes a snap? Like Barry Sanders behind a shitty oline, he just gets shit done. I realize that he's a generational talent and that Dalton will never be him or even close to it, but why the ratings? They are meaningless to winning games. What was the Rapists QBR in the first SB he won? A rapey 2.5 or something? Let's end with this: intangibles. Brady replaced Bledsoe, whom was a first round pick and much loved for his TANGIBLES. 6'5", could throw the ball around the yard, etc. A prototype QB (very much like Carson Palmer). Destiny, history and injury have a funny way of granting blessings to an unknown and unproven rookie from Bitchagain. Brady lacked ALL THE THINGS Bledsoe had. Yet...he marshalled his troops to victory, and continues to do so. Dalton LACKS that innate ability to slide step and stay in the pocket. He takes off running, sometimes for success, sometimes not. The ultimate point here is that yes, Dalton isn't elite, and it has nothing to do with stats. It has to do with cool-headedness under pressure, the ability to look off receivers, not lock in on first reads, and find the open man. Brady is a MASTER of that, as much as I hate him, and that's despite an all-star roster. Dalton doesn't have that ability, hence, our outcome.
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    I always want the Bengals to win, but it you put a gun to my head and say my life depends on the most accurate prediction, here it is. Marvin leaves Andy in and sticks to his guns across the board. The team plays much better and has a chance to win. They blow a few key plays, a couple borderline calls go against them, Marvin makes a couple questionable at best moves, and they find a way to lose. I hope I'm wrong. Also, someone will post how they're number 6 in completion percentage when playing above 44 degrees latitude. Number 4 when the moon is in a waxing crescent phase.
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    More likely we are the most "who gives a shit" team in the league.
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    It's like Chris Perry, Ben Utecht & Derrick Rose had an orgy and created a super baby.
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    and I really hope we have a new coach next year. Ialong with a lot of others here wanted Marvin Lewis gone after the home playoff loss to San Diego
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    the refs want GB to win this game so bad
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    The only thing I want to hear out of Tony Romo is what Jessica Simpson's pussy tasted like.
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    Perfectly fine if you're coming in from Kentucky. They like that shit down there.
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    Not to belabor the point, but if you carefully read your first post I responded to, and also this one here, you will see several punctuation and plurality errors. I was just fucking around with you anyway, but I also have a degree in English. And being a dick.
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    To celebrate the Bengals 50 year history I am going to do a highlight of the greatest Bengal games for each week of the season. The greatest week 3 game was in 1969 when the Bengals, in just their second year in existence, defeated that year's Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs 24-19. The Bengals had only won 3 games the previous season while the Chiefs had the best record in the AFL (12-2). Kansas City was missing Hall of Fame QB Len Dawson, but they went 6-0 in the other games he missed that year. The Bengals were also missing their starting QB, Greg Cook, in the second half of the game due to an injury. The Chiefs took a 13-7 lead in the second quarter on an 11 yard pass from Jacky Lee to Gloster Richardson. The Bengals were still trailing in the fourth quarter when back up QB Sam Wyche hit TE Bob Trumpy with an 80 yard TD strike to take a 17-13 lead. Jess Phillips added a 10 yard td run and the Bengal defense held the Chiefs to a FG to secure the win. The victory boosted the Bengals record to 3-0. Unfortunately they only won one more game the rest of the year to finish 4-9-1, but their future looked bright behind rookie sensation Greg Cook. Cook finished as the highest rated QB in the league and posted and incredible 9.4 yards per pass attempt which still ranks as the 9th best in NFL/AFL history. Other notable week 3 wins in Bengal history. 1986..Bengals blow out Division Champion Cleveland Browns 30-13 (the year they lost to Denver in the AFC Championship game on "The Drive") behind career high 3 rushing TDS by Larry Kinnebrew. Bengals won 10 games that year but missed the playoffs. Interesting to note that this was a Thursday night game. I do not remember there being Thursday night games in 1986. 1989..Boomer Esiason throws 3 tds in another prime time victory (21-14 Monday Night) against a Browns team that would again win the division and lose to the Broncos in the Conference Championship Game. 2005..Bengals force 6 turnovers and blow out NFC North Champion Chicago Bears 24-7 despite gaining only 244 yards on offense. 2013..Bengals trail NFC North Champion Green Bay Packers by 16 points (30-14) with only 5 minutes left in the third quarter. Andy Dalton goes insane (9-10, 132 yds, 2 tds) while Aaron Rodgers chokes (2 ints), and Terrance Newman completes the comeback with a 58 yard fumble return with less than 4 minutes leftin the game. Bengals win 34-30.
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    Everybody's Records in Pleasant Ridge and Shake It Records in Northside. Phil's in Latonia.
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    Where Are the Brave Military Voices Against Forever War?
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    If we're down 12-0 at halftime I start thinking if I want to go to O'Charley's or Friday's for dinner. Make that O'Charley's because the only TV in the place is a waitress named Foxy who doesn't care about football and needs a shave. I also wonder if the Marvengals have set a new NFL record for most consecutive quarters without scoring an offensive touchdown and what Dave Shula is doing these days.
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    That is fine. You keep riding your unicorn and follow that rainbow, eventually, maybe in Marvin's 18th or 20th year, we will win that elusive playoff game. Robert E. Lee won a lot battles, he also got his ass kicked in the most important one: Gettysburg. Only someone like me who studied the Civil War can name battles Lee won but almost everyone knows about Gettysburg, its his legacy. I remember how many would point to Peyton Manning talking about how long it took him win a playoff game. The Colts played in the AFC title game in Manning's 6th year. Last year, Dalton's 6th, we were 24th in points scored and won 6 games. That was with Whit and Zeitler. BTW, I don't think McCarron is any better than Dalton, I just don't want to see that frightened deer at QB anymore. It has been close to two years since he has played well for more than a game. The terrible games stand out due to them being so horrible. Can you name another QB who has had a passer rating of 2 in a home loss(to the Browns)? How about the OT loss to the Dolphins in 2013? Drop back 8 yards into the endzone and get sacked in OT? Dalton is so Jekyl and Hyde. You never know what the hell you are getting. Eli Manning got his ass kicked yesterday. He kept getting back up and tried to make plays. Stood in the pocket like he has his whole career and tried to make plays knowing his left tackle was garbage and he was going to get hit. I think he is close to done but at least he is going out like a football player. Baltimore and Pitt are both 2-0 and both are better teams than we are. The AFC West has Denver, KC and Oakland. It would be a miracle to win 10 of the next 14 games and somehow get a wildcard at this point.
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    Like 2005 when that idiot Kimo von Oelhoffen snapped Palmer's leg, I'm stuck on 2015. It's not often enough when you're team is really good, and if they're not going to win it all, at least you're supposed to get the fun of watching them make a serious run at it. The moment I realized I was probably Charlie Brown getting ready to try and boot the football Lucy was inevitably going to pull away at the last second was the Mitchell hit on Eifert. Tyler was on a roll, as was the Bengal offensive up to that point. The hit was clearly intentional and the $23,000 fine on Mike cost the Stealers exactly zero on the field. While Burfict sits 3 games on his sofa for a hit that's a borderline penalty, Mitchell digs spare change from his sofa to pay for a hit that has cost Tyler a step that he never regained.
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    He did say in a perfect world, which I took as when healthy he's as talented.
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    Edit: you are not worth the time. Stuff it in your ass anyway.
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    LOL, Ya the Cleveland plan for QB's is the one we should follow. Get a grip man........
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    I am not sure I buy this. Marvin Lewis was a big culture change. The Bengals went from a three ring circus of players doing what they want (Pickens, Jeff Blake, etc.) to a team that prepared as played as a team, for the most part. The public comments by players (Green, Dunlop, Jones) suggest all is not well in the locker room. Maybe they did have an influence on the firing of Zampese, or maybe Marvin had already decided to do it. I thought Lewis backhandedly suggested it when he didn't support Zampese in his post game presser. While I agree Zampese has to go, it is concerning if the players feel they need to tell the coaching staff what to do. Rumors about players wanting Kaepernick may be false (I hope so) but if they aren't they definitely suggest Marvin has lost the room. This chaos may all be anger and blame that is bubbling under the surface from the Pittsburgh playoff loss. No matter what they say publicly, that was a crippling, emotional loss where there are tons of fingers that could be pointed in multiple directions. Honestly, I've been happy with how Marvin Lewis has run the Bengals, until game day. He's an awful game day coach.
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    It appears that Adam Jones has been filling some of that vacuum by reports on Bengals.com. We all know Jones is a bastion of calm, measured decisions and comments.
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    Hahahahaha.... The Oline blocked someone? Surely you jest....
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    IMO he should have been fired after the San Diego playoff game. So if he's not back, it would be too late in moving on. But I wouldn't be surprised if he does return since the Browns don't really demand accountability from their employees.
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    I agree with all of this but I will add Ugly: offensive line period. It's fucking horrible. I'm super surprised how well Andy played in spite of them. And Marvin, what the fuck is that guy on? Whatever it is I want some. Fucking clapping after missed field goals and shit like that? Standard deer in a headlights stare? Please Mike Brown, for all that's good in the world, fire this fucking clown.
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    Mixon with a little space, he is dangerous. Lawson is a beast so far hope he can continue with the pace.
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    Yeah, he's pretty good.... very insightful and actually adds to the the broadcast.... much better than Phil Simms
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    Straight to the name-calling when challenged. Are you this big of a dbag IRL? JK I don't give a fuck.
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    "Looks like we have a 60 minute game right now." -Tony Romo
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    No way. Not because I hate Mccarron. I can just never root fopr a Bengal player to do poorly.
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    If he is benched, I see him only being benched for a quarter or a few possession, before he goes back in. This is in not tangent on AJ McCarron's play, but simply letting Andy see the game from a different perspective perhaps, might motive him a little. I honestly, I don't think Andy is there Mentally this year, so far these two games, his facial expressions seem like something is on his mind. Perhaps he is not feeling the best or something personal going on, I don't know but feel like the guy is just not fully completely there as of yet for this season.
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    My tickets: Interesting to note, on the back where WE get a coupon for $5 off $20 at Gold Star, Packer fans get free beer: They're giving out free sunglasses at the entry gates. There will be a KC-135 flyover (Wisconsin ANG 128th Air Refueling Wing) after the National Anthem. Halftime will feature a High School QB Challenge between Black Hawk HS and Pecatonia/Argyle HS, plus recognition of some Packers Alumni. Weather forecast is clear and 85. (hot!)
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    Yes that 52 yards will surely be the key to victory
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    And for the record, I think most Bengals fans "hate" the Bengals more than anyone else.
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    A.J. is our last chance for a winning 2017 season. If we don’t make the switch, we will lose to Cleveland!
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    Well, Dalton did throw a perfect pass to Tyler Eifert in the End Zone that should have won us the Houston game. We should be 1-1. I would like to ask the defensive team leaders why Andy Dalton is using a running back by committee, didn't call more plays to AJ Green in the last game and sat our explosive rookie most of the game after 1 fumble. Oh that is right, that isn't Dalton's call. Hey defensive team leaders, how about you let Atkins and Michael Dunlap leave for free agency and replace them with two bags of potatoes? I would love to see how your fucking unit does with 2 tackling dummines on the defensive front 4. While we are at it, can you ask Adam Jones how he allowed Terry Porter to punk him in the playoff game against the Stealers which resulted in a 15 yard penalty and handed an almost guaranteed playoff victory to the bastards? Might as well ask the other defensive leader how his September vacation is going? I hope he is having a good time while his teammates play. I couldn't care less if they replaced Dalton but its pretty laughable for the "defensive leaders" to puff out their chests when it hasn't lost 4 of their best 5 players to FA in 2 years. Imagine the defense without Burfict, Dunlap, Jones and oh Iloka? Yeah, they would SUCK.
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    I'm not going to risk someone's employment for the sake of your fragile ego, I gave my word that wouldn't reveal "my source" and I intend on keeping it. I could care less if you believe me or not, but I know for a FACT that there have been issues with Andy's play for years in the lockerroom, especially after San Diego playoff game loss in 2014. If they had an issue with him then, it didn't just magically disappear. http://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/pacman_jones_rips_bengals_offense_after_loss_to_texans/s1_12740_24635508 Pacman is a team leader who speaks for others, he's a captain on this team that Mike Brown constructed and Marvin Lewis leads. Get your head out of the sand and take off the rose colored glasses, snowflake...there's a storm brewing the locker room and Dalton is in the middle of it. If you think guys who have played 7,8,9,10+ years in the NFL want to go out there every week and see Dalton play scared at home vs. some of the worse teams in the NFL then you are more out of touch than I thought.
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    Even if, in your world view, media reporters are always without fail dead on target, please count the number of "reported", "says", and "thinks". And it keeps referring back to "the report", which is never defined, nor names a soul as either the source or the "players" supposedly making the statements. There isn't even a "statement" quoted as an "unnamed" source. All of this is the embodiment of fake news. And lol @ the QB "losing the locker room". The soon-to-be 3rd all-time leading passer in franchise history hasn't "lost" anything--and makes the fake news "report" that guys he made NFL relevant would want to ditch him in favor of a has been flash-in-the-pan media attention grabbing clown.
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    I wonder how much input Zamboni had in selecting last year's book end busts at OT or even Crystal Lite Ross? That certainly couldn't have helped his situation. Still, Alexander the Great and Clueless Lewis stood around playing pocket pool rather than interceding and saying "this shit ain't working".
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    lol mutiny over Zampese? Why not over the guy that has led us to a record setting shit sandwich in primetime/playoff performances?
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    He's better than average... Which is pretty damn good. He's also been very durable, which is a sadly overlooked quality. It wasn't that long ago when people wanted to trade him for Kaepernick, because Kaepernick won playoff games. Now Kaepernick sucks. Andrew Luck is still "elite" because he was a first round draft pick. And so on... I recall a rtime when the Pats were doomed because Drew Bledsoe was hurt and he was an Elite QB. Carson Palmer was right up there with Manning. LOL. See, THIS is a narrative. Nevermind the fact that Dalton has had to lead his team in the playoffs with Rex Burkehead as his #2 receiver. That he's had to work with a sub-par running game. Because we all remember Dalton fumbling with 22 seconds to go, right? It's his fault that JJ Watt beat Andre Smith like Kuntakinte two years straight. It's his fault that Marvin's a conservative pussy who would rather kneel out a half and has clock management that The Mad Hatter would find appalling. In 2015, he had a 106.3 passer rating. In 2016, he played behind the 31st ranked line in the NFL and the running game was averaging 3.6 YPC. Slingin' Sammy Baugh couldn't have been successful in that team makeup. And it's a team game. If you really don't like Dalton - We can always go back to the Kitna/Frerotte/Akili years... Hell, we all remember Jeff Blake's playoff appearances. I bet you that Cleveland would be thrilled to have Dalton, as would 10-16 other teams in the NFL right now. Don't be all "5/10, wouldn't bang" and appreciate that he's been solid and steady after taking over a team that was expected to be the worst in the league by a long way after Captain "Elite" Pick-6 bolted on us. How did he do again in Oakland?

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