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    I think that most sane people have begun to accommodate themselves to the idea that there probably will be no football this year. It sucks but there it is. Consider and try to visualize: --Paul Brown stadium capacity is 65,515. Fill it up twice and that's how many people have died from this (130,224 as of 7-7.) And that's quite likely an under count. --Again, also probably an under count, but as of 7-7, there are 2,936, 077 people who have confirmed cases. That would fill Paul Brown just under 45 times. Source: Johns Hopkins Clearly this is a very serious virus despite what some poorly informed people would have you believe. We don't know a lot about it even six months in and what we will learn over time will probably cast an ever darker picture. What we do know thus far is this: The response in the US could have been better. Not only from our government(s) but most especially from a subset of our citizens. Instead of coming together and doing some things that, in reality, are minor inconveniences, like social distancing and wearing masks, many have chosen to flaunt their stupidity by making this a political issue. The worst aspect of this is that many people have decided to completely abandon the first premise of our notion of liberty: Do no harm to others. In fact, to the contrary, there have been untold instances where infantile members of our society have asserted their so-called "right" to actively do harm to others. Let me repeat that. Instead of doing the proper things to stomp this pandemic down and get back to some semblance of normality, a crazed portion of our citizenry has actually prolonged this crisis by who knows how long. So, in brief, if you want to see some football again any time soon, then put on a fucking mask and keep your distance. And stop whining. Jesus, a lot of you people would never be allowed in a foxhole with me.
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    I have a good high school friend that came REAL close to dying due to Covid-19...and just did pull through. I’ll be sure to tell him that he was brainwashed.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Butina FYI "hoax" does not mean "fact I refuse to acknowledge" . If your idea of a credible news source is the President's own Twitter account you may be confused by things like this.
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    I did read the whole thread which is why I'm confident the guy is an idiot. The large majority of the increase in cases is due to increased testing (which other things equal will find more positive results). The increase in hospitalizations is driven by hospitals trying to maximize their occupancy numbers. They also test everyone admitted and if that person tests positive for covid, it's considered a covid hospitalization, even if they are there for something else. We're not close to having hospitals overrun. The army will set up field hospitals again before that happens. See this piece from some hospital CEOs in Houston as to why things aren't nearly as bad as the media is portraying. https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/coronavirus/texas-government-counting-every-covid-positive-hospital-case
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    That guy's an idiot if he really believes we're about to have dozens of cities experiencing what NYC went through in March/April. It's not paradoxical that deaths are falling while case counts rise. The newly infected are much younger than the people previously infected, on average. They have much lower rates of hospitalization and death.
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    This is ridiculous. The NFL has leverage in this situation. The NFLPA is representing a group that notoriously doesn't put money away for times like this. The players need this season to go on as scheduled in order to keep up with their expenses. Use that leverage to ensure adequate practice time and exhibition games take place. With no practice time, the product on the field is going to be atrocious, leading to fewer viewers, and even less revenue this season. I don't understand what the average player is wary about. COVID cases are up, and truthfully, that might be a good thing. We can inch closer to eventual herd immunity. Deaths peaked in mid-April and have been relatively flat for awhile. The death rate has proven to be extremely small. Furthermore, the methods being used to count positive tests are flimsy. I've seen examples of people going in for elective surgery, testing positive for COVID, and being classified as a "hospitalization". We also now have "probable cases", which indicates anyone who may have been in contact with a confirmed case, who shows any symptoms. So if my neighbor tests positive, and my child has a cough, that can now be considered a positive case. In addition, positive antibody tests are being considered "new cases". That's insane. Someone may have had it in February or March and never showed a symptom. Now they're being counted as an additional case.
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    With that hair maybe his options were limited no matter how cool a rocker he was? Love that panhead though, awesome scoot.
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    I'm going to stick with Trump. My taxes went WAY down, and the economy (before pandemic) is going to allow me to most likely retire in 5 years. My 401k never hit 10% under Obama, and then with Trump it was never below 17% gain per year. Biden is a joke as well. Democrats are pretty dang racist too so that will be a no from me. They keep trying to segregate everyone, and that's not how to fix things. We need to be together. Not to mention during Covid the democrats were still talking about impeachment, and some democrats said it's ok to socialize up to April when they realized they were wrong. And democrats have gone batshit crazy!!!! Impeachment was a hoax, Russia was a hoax, that stupid dossier where they approved wiretaps from was not accurate in the least. I actually used to be a democrat until I saw how they acted over 2016, and being a white male, they don't even want me in their party. Politics suck, so I am basing it on my 401k in the last 3 years. 23% / 21% / 17% in 2017/2018/2019. 2020 so far it's back to 0% so I don't expect much this year. IT was at -10% in April and I got back about 10% so it's all good. I was thinking 401k growth was supposed to be about 5-10% per year, then Trump got in office.. It's a great time for 401ks people! Democrat will crash the markets.
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    Business Insider? Not where I usually go for medical advice, but sure...I'll play. Who are these "experts?" If they aren't public health experts, infectious disease experts, or an epidemiology expert, they aren't an expert. I see ER docs and other docs shown as experts on COVID transmission. They aren't. The ER docs are on the front lines of treating COVID, but know little more than us about its transmission. They probably had some lectures about epidemiology in med school and a few maybe even did a rotation on the subject, but that isn't close to being an expert on the subject. It would be like asking your dermatologist about your knee injury. They may have some rudimentary knowledge, but you don't want to make important decisions based on their input.
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    Would like to use this as an informational thread. Op-eds can be found elsewhere.
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    My friend's daughter, 19, lives in an apartment with 3 other girls at near their college. They went to a bar 3 weeks ago that was pretty crowded. I guess some guys who had attended a big party were there and had it. Needless to say, all of them got it. Only one girl showed any symptoms which was loss of taste and smell for a few days. Cases are going up dramatically among the youth but few if any of them show much in the way of symptoms. I have my doubts about NCAA football happening to be honest but the NFL will probably play.
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    If the government epidemiologists that have dedicated their lives to studying infectious disease announced tonight that not smearing shit on your forehead helps keep you healthy, a lot of people would start smearing shit on their foreheads to prove they don't need no fancy book-learnin
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    I have two friends who have gotten it, one is a flight attendant for Delta who got it when she was repatriating people to Isreal and taking some Americans back home. Her's was the last flight out of the country allowed at that time before everything went into lockdown. She is "recovered" that is to say she still has good and bad days, and may have perminate lung damage, that hasn't come back yet to know. The other many here may remember when he was on this site is Onyx. He's still in quarantine and on medical leave from work, he's starting to come out of the tunnel, but is not remotely healthy yet and unknown what if any long term effects he will have had. Having heard first hand from both of them how bad it is and how both said it's they symptoms are so bad they thought they might die. I think alot of folks as Homer said making this political, is depressing to me. The virus doesn't care if you are a D, R, or an I.
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    You cannot run a country based upon anecdotes. You have to look at the data from a macro perspective and make decisions.
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    He'll have to go on IR with diaper rash from Jeff Ruby kissing his ass.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and say anyone who calls it a media induced panic, doesn't know anyone who has gotten it.
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    It's all a house of cards. When the Fed pumps a trillion dollars a day into the market propping it up without doing the same for the people of course people's 401's are going to be inflated beyond what they should be worth. If Congress doesn't do something soon with another round of stimulus we're gonna see mass evictions, and 2008 will look like a tea party in comparison, and good luck with retiring in 5 years if that happens. This economy is broken under both parties. It's embarrassing to me that people still believe in trickle down.
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    Were that an actual girl, and I wasn't married, and 25 years younger.
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    He’s asking if you would do the sex with that lady in the bengals jersey.
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    The first thing I noticed was the pan too.
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    It's going to be a long road to getting the money back. I'm thinking about 60 days to have the credit sent to the CC company, then another 60 to get a check from CC to add back to my account.
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    We should get the pick. The cash is nothing to Kraft, he's spent way more than that defending his Happy Endings down here in Jupiter
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    Here's the full text of Pumpkie's email.... Nice that she knows me. She should dump Troy and let me marry into NFL royalty... I mean, it's not like I'm already friends with Nancy.
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