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Donald Trump to launch exploratory committee for a potenital 2016 run

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Donald Trump is set to launch a presidential exploratory committee Wednesday, a day before he returns to the early voting state of New Hampshire, according to a pair of reports.


Trump will not renew his NBC contract for the "Apprentice" reality TV series, the New Hampshire Union Leader reported late Tuesday, citing an unidentified senior adviser. WMUR confirmed the news Tuesday.


In a statement obtained by the Union Leader announcing the committee, Trump mentions politicians who are "all talk and no action," points to his own business record and casts himself as "the only one who can make America truly great again!"


Trump, who has flirted with a presidential bid, is expected to list job creation, improved manufacturing and border security among his priorities should he launch a bid, according to the Union Leader.


The real estate mogul visits the Granite State on Thursday to meet with local business owners and leaders and will attend a summit hosted by the state GOP's next month.


Trump has remained vocal blasting President Obama in recent years and has said he is weighing a potential run.


In 2013, the New York Post reported that Trump had spent more than $1 million to research a potential 2016 bid. Announcing an exploratory committee is his most concrete step toward launching a campaign.

Should he launch a bid, he'd likely join a crowded GOP field of around two dozen potential candidates.


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Kind of sad isnt it?



Yes, but still a little bit entertaining.  Who will froth at the mouth the most? Who will prove themselves the most ignorant of basic science and biology? Who will suffer a complete psychotic breakdown before the primary? Who will take the most cringe-inducing awkward "Just a regular Joe" campaign photo?

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There are some other articles out there about this.




Media Matters VP Accuses Trump Of Hiring 'Actors' For Campaign Launch


A vice president of the liberal watchdog Media Matters For America accused newly-minted presidential candidate Donald Trump of hiring actors to appear at the mogul's campaign launch on Tuesday.

In a post on Medium, executive VP Angelo Carusone wrote that Trump "seemingly paid some actors to participate in his presidential campaign launch."

He based the accusation on anonymous "sources" as well as an Instagram post, which has since been taken down, that he said showed a person who is a "paid actor who regularly posts photos from his gigs on social media" and who was at the Trump rally.

Carusone wrote that another person in the same Instagram post was also an actor.

According to sources: some actors were hired to attend and participate in the event; and, a company called Extra Mile NYC connected Trump’s campaign/event organizers with the paid actors.


I reached out to Extra Mile NYC for comment, but they did not respond.


"So there you have it," Carusone concluded.

Trump's press secretary did not immediately respond to request from TPM for comment on Wednesday.



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A former New Hampshire governor and White House chief of staff are urging the GOP to keep billionaire businessman Donald Trump out of the presidential debates limited to just the top 10 most popular because it would turn the serious affairs into a "reality show."


John Sununu, who was former President George H.W. Bush's top aide, told PoliticKING host Larry King that the party would be making an error to let Trump participate and not long-time politicians such as Ohio Gov. John Kasich and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham.

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If Donald Trump keeps it up, Jon Stewart might just enjoy the next three weeks as much as he enjoyed his vacation.


“I feel like he’s some sort of Jewish holiday waiting to happen,” Stewart said on Monday’s The Daily Show, gleefully catching viewers up to speed on the man he calls “the patron saint of topical comedians who are just running out the clock.”


Specifically, Stewart focused on Trump’s recent declaration that Senator John McCain is “not a war hero” because he spent five and a half years as a POW, which Stewart said was akin to insulting someone for getting cancer. The comedian also took a look at Trump’s response to the controversy — which involved defending his own hair — and shamed the rest of the GOP for jumping on these comments in a way they never jumped on Trump’s other controversial statements.


“Yes,” Stewart said, “at long last does the man who accused the vast majority of Mexicans of being drug-addicted rapists have no sense of decency.”

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