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Dalton Released


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People have strong negative opinions on Dalton, and I get it - we never won a playoff game with him. But you know what? He NEVER quit on this team or the city.

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18 hours ago, Griever said:

Good move by the 'Boys honestly. They either upgraded their backup situation or they have a good contingency plan in case Dak doesn't sign for whatever reason.

You'll never convince the Dullards!

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On 4/30/2020 at 8:28 AM, GoBengals said:

fuck him.


wasted a decade of my life, wasted a top 10 defense, wasted the prime of AJs career.


he got paid $83,000,000 to drop the ball.... i mean literally and figuratively...


good fucking riddance. 


worst 10 years of my sports life.


what could possibly be worse than know you had no chance to win it all? after two playoff games, you knew he couldnt do it.. the dfense outscored him in one of them. 


and to sit there for 7 more season with that nightmare looming, knowing the defense and weapons would drag him into the playoffs 3 more time... (one he didnt play, and unironically thats the one we technically won if the refs didnt fuck us 3 times.


no more backfield screen pass interceptions..... no more throwing a pick and hurting yourslf making a tackle. no more fumbling with no one around you in the playoffs. no more squeeky girly voice in pre game hype talks or playoffs after throwing a pick.


its. finally. fucking. over.



This is  the glory I needed to see, everyone else here mouth is full or red pubes right now, kill yallselfs if you were happy he happened to us

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