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Bengals @ Pats - Gameday thread

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3 hours ago, Cat said:

My heart is still beating too fast. That was too close.


And yeah that WAS a fumble. Also didn't like that PI call on us.

Thought for sure they were going to overturn that fumble due to forward progress.  

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1 minute ago, Jungletiger said:

The main take away I got from this game?  It is easier for us to adjust and come from behind than it is for us to keep a lead.  Probably and obvious observation, but I think it's true.

Just a weird game.  

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I love how the ESPN analysts say things like "The Bengals survived the Patriots". Horse shit, the Bengals slaughtered them. They had 3 TD's. One was a fucking pick 6, another a legit TD and the last a fucking miracle that God from Heaven dropped in their laps. They talk like they were dominating the Bengals and then the Bengals somehow got lucky and won. Fuck them!!

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