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Keeping our enemies close: 2023

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52 minutes ago, T-Dub said:


I think he means playing for Burrow would come with expectations. In Miami he can be a scrub and nobody will notice.

I think he means Burrow would torch him everyday in practice, and he would probably be looking for work. Guess both scenarios sound about the same. Either way, guy should be drug tested.

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Stains at Stealers next week means something good should come from it. Either the Stains fall back to 1-1 or the Stealers start 0-2. I don't ever root for Pittsburgh unless is it certain to help the Bengals, so I guess I'll be hoping Cleveland wins, despite how I feel about them right now. 

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3 hours ago, BlackJesus said:

I'm shocked Burrow isn't on this list ...




* Kenny Pickett also got sacked 5 times but is missing from the list. 

So, let me get this straight. The wunderkind “running QBs” like Jackson, Watson, and Justin Fields, all got sacked more than Burrow did???



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