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***Go-Bengals Gameday Giveaway #4 of 4***(Thursday-8:20PM)

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Welcome to the Go-Bengals Gameday Giveaway contest. We want to know your best guess for the score at halftime in the Bengals vs Eagles game. The winner will be announced at halftime in the Gameday Thread.

The prize:


[b]Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3[/b]
[b] [/b]
[b](available for digital download only via email)[/b]

The winner will be able to keep this game for themselves or re-gift to someone else (not a good idea to use the term "re-gift" when gifting someone). Just keep in mind once the game link is opened then that person owns it.

This digital game is available for console or PC.

So, ...what is your best guess for the HALFTIME score? Post your answer here along with the tiebreaker.

Tiebreaker - 1st half total yards for Bengals.
(If two or more players tie and win then the tiebreaker will decide the winner, if none of the tied winning players has a tiebreaker posted then all are disqualified, if one tied winning player has a tiebreaker posted and the other doesn't then the player with the tiebreaker posted is the winner)

Contestants: (Bengals - Eagles score, and Bengals yards Tiebreaker) (example: ...Atom 10-6, 147 yards)
esjbh2 14-3, 175 yards
Atom 17-7, 186 yards
AmishBengalFan 10-9, 174 yards
fluhartz 24-3, 193 yards
JJWhoDey 17-6, 191 yards
bubba 21-0, 170 yards
gatorclaws 20-6, 200 yards
BigDawgBengal 17-10, 189 yards
BengalBacker 14-6, 213 yards
Tigers Johnson 14-7, 150 yards
Numbers 14-10, 175 yards
Mullichicken25 17-3, 180 yards
alleycat 20-7, 225 yards
Harley 17-6, 188 yards
IKOTA 17-9, 195 yards
Elijah15 10-10, 189 yards
JC 31-3, 259 yards
USN Bengal 20-3, 264 yards
bengalbutch 10-6, 159 yards
Bunghole 20-6, 211 yards
Arkansas Bengal 10-10, 133 yards
Montecore 21-9, 165 yards
BengalBeliever 14-10, 215 yards
Tigris 24-0, 270 yards
Bengal27 21-3, 234 yards
Kochman 14-13, 169 yards
GoCommando 17-6, 206 yards


(This thread will lock at the beginning of the Bengals game)


Let me explain the points system I used to declare the winner. The contest is to pick the correct halftime score. If no contestant picks the actual "true" score numbers then I move on to a point differential system.

Point differential system:

True score at halftime : 7-17 (Bengals-Browns)

Example #1 (2 players had this pick)

10-10 = 3 points differential - 7 points differential
3+7=10 points differential

Example #2 (2 players had this pick)

7-10 = (one number is already true=no change or 0) 7 points differential
0+7 = 7 points differential

Winning example (1 player had this pick)

13-17 = 6 points
6+0 = 6 points differential
Steam Big Picture:


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Since I loathe MW3, the only way I want to win is if this happens..:

JC: Bengals 31-Eagles 3 259 yards.

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