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Wyatt Hubert


Prospect Info
Kansas State
Topeka, KS
6' 3"
258 lbs
Hubert stayed in-state for college after excelling at Shawnee Heights High School in Topeka. After redshirting the 2017 season, he garnered Freshman All-American honors the following fall (34 tackles, 8.5 for loss, with 4.5 sacks in 12 games, seven starts). Hubert was named a first-team All-Big 12 honoree as a sophomore (33 tackles, 12.5 for loss, with seven sacks in 12 starts) and then put up even better numbers in 2020 even though the team played just 10 games, tying for eighth in the FBS with 8.5 sacks (also 27 tackles, 13 for loss, two forced fumbles). He accepted an invitation to the Senior Bowl. -- by Chad Reuter
Defensive end who plays on the "wild man" setting with a white-hot motor and consistent play speed in attacking up the field. Hubert's play strength is NFL-ready and he has a plus first step, which benefits his darts into the gaps. While he has some disruptive qualities that fit into a one-gapping scheme, he also has limited change-of-direction agility, which leads to a higher number of missed tackle opportunities. That issue could be exacerbated in the league. He's a face-up edge rusher with a basic approach and a lack of athleticism to flip the corner so look for teams to reduce him inside on passing downs, where his approach could benefit him in matchups against guards. He has backup potential that will range from average to above average depending on scheme fit.
  • Revs his engine from snap to whistle.
  • Spent plenty of time in the opposing backfield.
  • More than 36 percent of his career tackles went for a loss.
  • Good first-step quickness and aggressive charge into neutral zone.
  • Knee-bend and shoulder-dip to dart under blocker into gap.
  • Possesses desired hip flexion for longer lateral movements.
  • Strong base to play through blocker's edge.
  • Has enough anchor to set a strong post against down blocks.
  • Capable of setting a firm edge.
  • Sudden inside on two-way rush goes.
  • Leg drive to flatten the edge and squeeze pocket at top of rush.
  • Personal protector on punt team.
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53 minutes ago, High School Harry said:

Counting on players returning, returning from IR and Covid stuff and the new draftees, how many D linemen do

we have going into camp?  A bunch and they all can't stick.

Thats a good problem to have..😊

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On 5/1/2021 at 3:40 PM, High School Harry said:

Counting on players returning, returning from IR and Covid stuff and the new draftees, how many D linemen do

we have going into camp?  A bunch and they all can't stick.


First of all there are always injuries, especially with this team, so this kind of stuff can't be projected in early May. But quite realistically the best a guy like this can hope for is a chance on the practice squad where he can develop and possibly be added to the active roster sometime down the road

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for whatever reason............this guy is intriguing.

Most likely because he plays like his hair is on fire and it's fun to watch.

His highlight tape (I know - they all look great there) is pretty damn impressive.

Reminds me a little of a young Burfict (maybe).

Here's hoping for a late round jackpot!


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I really like this dude. I thought early on that he’d end up being a 3rd-5th round pick.
I think this kid not only makes the team but gets a pretty significant role on D. 

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Great read on Hubert, ultimately it compares him to Rob Nicovich, best case scenario. He's an under rated athlete with short arms, 30 inches, that plays with his hair on fire. He's going to have to get some counter moves if he's going to have a long career.  


If Hubert is used in a hybrid DE/LB role, similar to Ossai, he can have success early in his career in certain situations. Also, I think he's a core special teams guy becauseof his motor and reported love of the game, I can see him blocking a punt or causing fumbles on returns.

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"Hubert is an excellent college rusher who has filled up the stat sheet in the Big 12. Since 2019, Hubert has racked up 98 pressures, 20 QB hits, and 17 sacks. He plays with a relentless motor and good play strength. His weapon of choice is a strong bull rush. He earned a 90.7 pass-rush grade from Pro Football Focus while producing a pass-rush win rate of 19.3%, well above-average."



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