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Keeping our enemies close

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48 minutes ago, T-Dub said:

WTF were the Browns thinking?


Seeing the Bengals in the Super Bowl and knowing Burrow will be a threat to be there every year for the next decade made them lose their minds.


Deshaun doesn't even dispute that he called 100 different women for massages and offered to pay the 22 women 100k a piece to settle. Not the look of an innocent person. 


I actually think there will be others in Cleveland soon. You don't change from being that kind of serial assaulter who gets off by poking scared women with your dick and jerking off on them as they stand there scared. A total fucking degenerate.

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6 minutes ago, membengal said:

Yes. But that source is claiming the existence of a 24th person coming forward was a surprise to the browns/league 

At Watson's introductory press conference, didn't the Browns GM say they felt comfortable because they "did their homework"? What a GD circus!

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4 hours ago, BlackJesus said:

I would be ok with Deshaun playing with no suspension if the civil suits gave the women a 230 million $ settlement (9.5 million a piece), and he was basically playing for free and only to pay them


I like that, but I would rather him give up that $230 million and still get suspended.. Fuck Watson and Cleveland 

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What can they even do if this goes the way it looks to be going?  Trade someone like Garrett so they can get back into the 1st and have a shot at a top QB prospect?  Even if, is there anyone in the organization you'd trust to choose a QB at this point?


Sure does put a relative value on Mayfield in hindsight.  

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Man, this dude is a multimillionaire famous football player, it would take like 2 hrs to find some banging ass chick willing to rub his taint whenever the fuck he wants to be his chick, and he is doing this shit?


who is this fucking stupid.

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I'm starting to have doubts he even makes it to training camp. And even if he does and plays, what are the chances he does this shit again? Probably close to 100% and it will blow up again. A 3 year old could see it coming and the Browns acted like everything is just peachy keen.


I dislike the Browns as much as anyone but it  pains me to watch so-called professionals act this abysmally stupid. Half of me wants to look away and the other half is like "PASS THE POPCORN IT'S PARTY TIME!!!".


I'd like to hear SheBengals views, her hubby and son are bigtime Browns fans (We forgive you She!!) and  might be able to add some local color.

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