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*** [RD 2] Bengals Select ~ KRIS JENKINS, DT ***

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from CBS Sports 


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Kris Jenkins does a good job holding his ground in the run game but could still stand to add mass. He needs to develop more pass-rush moves and create a better pass-rush plan. There is some stack-and-shed ability in the run game. His athletic qualities and NFL pedigree suggest he could improve as an interior rusher.


  • 2023: CFP national champion and third-team All-American (AP)
  • Season-high 3 pressures in 2023 CFP national championship vs. Washington
  • Does a good job maintaining at the point of attack
  • Showcases some stack-and-shed ability
  • Athletic qualities that allow him to develop as an interior rusher
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Hmmm maybe my intense desire for the Bengals to go get his dad all those years ago finally manifested itself now?  :laugh:


I especially like Michael Weston's post in the other thread how he's so quickly grown in size and strength and it doesn't look like it's stopped yet... man oh man if he can be anything like his dad...


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Jenkins writeup on freaks list

. Kris Jenkins, Michigan, defensive tackle

The Wolverines defensive line under Jim Harbaugh and strength coach Ben Herbert has been a gold mine for the Freaks List, and Jenkins is next in line. The former three-star recruit, the son of former NFL star Kris Jenkins, arrived in Ann Arbor at 257 pounds, and he played last season in the mid-280s. He made 54 tackles, 3.5 TFLs and had 20 QB pressures. According to PFF, he led all defensive linemen in the country in run stops. But people inside the Michigan program think he’s now ready to take a huge step forward as an impact guy. He’s up to 307 pounds and is more powerful and explosive than ever. He did 32 reps of 225 on the bench and did 760 pounds on the combo twist. Only last year’s top Freak, Mazi Smith, some 30 pounds heavier, did more slinging around 800 pounds.


Jenkins recently did a Turkish get-up with a 170-pound dumbbell — the heaviest Herbert has ever witnessed. Jenkins does pull-ups with a 100-pound weight strapped to his waist. He also moves incredibly well for being a 300-plus pounder, running a 7.16 3-cone, a 4.33 shuttle, broad-jumping 9-8 and vertical-jumping 34 inches.


Jenkins’ shuttle and 3-cone times are both almost two-tenths of a second faster than the quickest interior defensive lineman did at this year’s NFL combine. His broad jump would be tied for the best. His vertical jump would be second-best, and only Smith topped his number on the bench press.


“He’s the mutant of all mutants,” Harbaugh tells The Athletic. “He just keeps going and going. He’s No. 1 in our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). He’s over 300. He’s the poster child for enthusiasm unknown to mankind. Watch him become a top-10 pick.”

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33 minutes ago, BlackJesus said:


29 reps (great for longer arms)



Good enough for 2nd place among DT's that were at the combine.  His shuttle & 3-cone times were all top 10 as well. Athlete


Sortable Combine results


Can see why Lou called him a 3-down player. Maybe wasn't expected to pass rush, rather than can't.


He'll compete with Rankins for the starting job.

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Kris Jenkins Sr gained about 50 lbs after entering the NFL. Junior might still be able to add more weight. He was in the 250s when he arrived at MIchigan, and the 280s after his junior year. So he's shown he can add weight without slowing down. Reader was about 335 and I could see Jenkins at 325 in a couple of years with even more strength and not losing speed. 

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