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    For anybody to make a statement like that it shows just how little you actually know about this individual much as it reflects you are talking straight out of your ass. I have never heard a more inaccurate statement made about Billy Price, who I have followed since he was a prospect being drafted out of high school by The Ohio State Buckeyes. I feel a bit dumber for having read what you just posted here!
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    It's always refreshing to see troll memes posted by actual bengal fans.
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    Update: Michael Redeemer Brown found some old number 19 jerseys with the nameplate saying "Tate" and assigned the number to Auden Tate as a cost cutting move. Smart guy, that Mike. Just like new.
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    FWIW, Lapham has watched tape of Hart and he says he can be a solid starter if healthy. I trust his opinion more than say, Michael Weston's opinion. At least he has NFL experience unlike a 4th or 5th round pick would have. Fisher is also an option and I have not written him off either. I like both of the players who should compete at RG and think Westerman in particular has been underutilized to this point. Bottom line, the entire line wasn't getting completely overhauled and fixed in one off-season. We have to give Pollack a chance to work with the guys we have and try to get more out of them. It's not an easy fix but we need to see improvement.
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    ESPN is upset. Bengals trading a pick has screwed up their commercial schedule.
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    With Price's bald head, it's only fair that the first time the Bengals play in Shittsburgh, he wears a Bane mask ... (blowing up the stadium works too)
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    Oh you better believe I have the jizz-explosion pics ready! My living room is going to look like a snow globe!
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    QB1: 9 yrs, 0-3 in the playoffs, record of 60-65, 62% completion rate, passer rating 88.3. QB2: 7yrs, 0-4 in the playoffs, record of 63-44-2, 62.3% completion rate, passer rating of 88.7 QB1 signed a 5 year $135mil contract with $60 mil guaranteed. Most analysts want to have his children QB2 gets shit on by almost all analysts who seem to think he is one of the worst QBs in the league. QB1: Matt Stafford QB2: Andy Dalton.
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    Bahaha Peter King. One of the worst human beings in sports journalism. The guy who doubled down on lying to/scamming a little kid out of a preseason foul ball, the guy who thinks that everyone gives a shit about his daughter's softball team, what coffee he drinks, and what hotel he stays at. And despite this, despite all the things that make him terrible, the worst might be his complete and utter lack of football knowledge or insight. This is the guy who said Antowain Smith would lead the AFC in rushing one day. Even if Jackson becomes a star, the worst thing for the Bengals to do right now is try to "push" Dalton with a big "maybe" QB, and with no o-line to boot. He's thinking like a couch-surfing fantasy football know-it-all who only knows online stats and blind opinion... which is actually an upgrade for him. Nothing he says should ever be taken seriously, about football or otherwise.
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    Where is Mrs. Fleischman and her Chrysler when you need her?
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    This seems to be a little dramatic. We upgraded the 2 worst starters on the line already. Boling is solid at LG. Now the right side is unsettled sure. But Westerman and Redmond did well in limited action last year. One or both of them could start on the right side. We saw enough in Hart to trade for him. I still have hope in Fisher. Plus there's a long way to go before rosters are set. Still possible we sign a cap casualty or trade for someone.
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    It's not that I LIKE midget porn, I just can't get normal porn to fit on my phone screen.
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    His girlfriend's arms are too short
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    Eric Reid should already be signed... dumb ass Mike Brown chooses politics over performance.
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    I think they take Ragnow if available but let's quit pretending like Price is chopped liver. Even Lapham said it was a super close call between the two. Price will be a day one starter just like Ragnow. This isn't the end of the world. Our biggest need was still met.
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    BJ.... How will you react if you finally get it right?
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    Why are people worried about the browns taking Baker Manziel? Or the rats taking LJIII? Better them than us.
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    In other news. Thor has just been fired for giving the Stealers a C
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    That's why you know it's pretty good!
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    Price: When phone rang I was like holy shit, it's Cincinnati. This is exactly what I wanted, to stay in Ohio and bring the Ohio State brand to Cincinnati. #Bengals
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    Why is it when goods are moved by vehicles it's called a shipment, but if it's moved by a boat it's called cargo? Why do our feet smell and our nose runs? Why aren't blueberries blue? Why do we call it a pair of pants when there is only one? Why do they make scented toilet paper?
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    Why does BJ suddenly re-appear just before the draft to jinx every thing?

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