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Week 18 Non-Bengals Games Thread*

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What happened to that Buckeye bum who got Burrow injured ? 


Olave wasn’t the only Buckeye to score a touchdown in New Orleans on Sunday. In fact, the only two touchdowns of the Panthers’ 10-7 win over the Saints were both scored by Buckeyes – but the second Buckeye to find the end zone was a far more unlikely candidate.

It’s rare for an offensive lineman to score a touchdown, but former Ohio State offensive lineman Michael Jordan – who didn’t even start Sunday’s game for the Panthers, but substituted in at left guard after starter Brady Christensen left with an injury – got a rare moment of glory when he dove on a Sam Darnold fumble in the end zone for a touchdown recovery.

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11 minutes ago, tibor75 said:

 that Buckeye bum who got Burrow injured ?


His suckage did get us Chase though, as a healthy Burrow team is never picking #5 in the draft that off-season. 


So in a way, his ineptitude helped lay the dynasty foundation. 

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This was a really, really, tacky celebration by the Squeelers and I will acknowledge that and they are getting slammed on social media for it.


But the timing of them doing it, just as CBS announced that Miami won and knocked the Squeelers out of the playoffs, to me was just about perfect because that meant at that point that even CPR wasn't going to resuscitate the Squeelers' playoff hopes. 

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